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July, 2003

Bubba Bush: The Philosopher King
By Stephen Simac

    Most people would be amazed to learn that George W. Bush is heavily influenced by philosophers. After all, during the presidential campaign he said his favorite book is The Little Engine That Could. He did claim that Jesus Christ is his favorite philosopher. It's unlikely he made it through the New Testament.  It's obvious that his reading comprehension is as low as his understanding of Christian philosophy. Of course many Americans thought that Al Gore's favorite book, The Red and Black was a primer on checkers. It doesn't take an intellectual to love wisdom or be a philosopher anyways.
   Recently the mainstream media has discovered that the voices in Georgie's head include a group of particularly virulent "philosophers". The term is used loosely, because none of these men can be accused of "loving wisdom." They are greedy for power and these "neo-conservative political philosophers" have latched on to Bush as tenaciously as Texas ticks.
   The "neo-conservative" label was coined in the 60's by their godfather, Irving Kristol, to distinguish themselves from the old-fashioned Goldwater conservatives. "Big Daddy" Krystol sits on the board of the American Enterprise Institute, which funds and promotes many of the neo-cons and their philosophizing.  His son, William "GateMouth" Kristol publishes the Weekly Standard, a neocon rant rag when he's not making the rounds of political talk and news television shows.
   Neocons are not traditional "paleo" conservatives who have espoused isolationist, small government views at least since FDR. Of course the paleos made an exception for big government, military expenditures to defeat the "Evil Empire" of international communism. Most conservatives want less government except when it comes to their pet peeves. Now the neo-cons promote big government for "the War on Terrorism."   
   Not all neo cons agree on every issue, they sometimes wear different colored ties, but "neo-conservatives" all swear fealty to the primacy of the interests of Israel in the Middle East. Of course that is true of most paleo-conservative, moderate, or liberal members of congress or presidents since the 70's.

Roadmap To War   
   Now one neocon says that even the term "neo-conservative" is anti-Semitic, although it's what they have called themselvesfor decades and many of the most influential neo-cons including Colin "House Negro" Powell, Condoleeza "Oil Queen" Rice, and Bill "High Roller" Bennett are not Jewish. Many opponents of neo cons, the War on Iraq, Zionism and the illegal actions of Israel are Jewish. The Zionists call them "self hating Jews." At some point that dog will stop hunting and only bark, run ragged from constant use.
   One of the neo-con heavies, Richard "the Dark Prince" Perle was caught red handed providing secret information to Israel in 1970 when he worked for Sen. Scoop Jackson. The Justice Department and the FBI caught him giving classified information to Israel, Kurt Nimmo reports in Counterpunch. His spying was recorded on a wiretap.
   It didn't seem to harm his career. He was made chairman of the Defense Policy Board, an influential Pentagon advisory committee, by George W. Bush, "the Lesser." Right now Perle is on the defensive after getting reamed by Sydney Hersch in a New Yorker article for having major conflicts of interest between his business of lobbying for foreign countries and various defense firms and his position on the DPB. He had to resign as chairman but is still a member. With access to classified information.
   Some of the "neo-conservative" heavies are former Trotskyites, including Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz and James Burnham. All of them are big fans of Trotsky's "permanent revolution" philosophy. Some "were liberals who got mugged by reality." Those were "youthful indiscretions", but they saw the error of their commie, socialist, Democrat ways and came over to the light of the Republican Party.
   Many of the founders of the neocons earned their stripes publishing conservative diatribes in academia or through right wing foundations. They gained favor by harping about the inefficiencies of government social welfare programs and promoting privatization of essential government services. 
   When Reagan came into power through secretive chicanery with the Iranian ayatollahs, Jeanne Kirkpatrick and other neo-cons rode in with him. Like ticks they grew fat under Reagan, then off George Bush, "the Elder."
   The "paleo-conservatives" are naturally suspicious of the true intentions of these capitalist neo-converts. There is currently a mini-war between the two conservative factions, mainly on-line and in their journals, including the Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Weekly Standard Commentary for the neo-cons. The New Republic,, and offer the paleo points of view.
    The paleos are accusing the neos of using George "Wooden Dummy" Bush to promote their true faith. The critics are split on whether this is One World Marxism or One World Zionism, but they have fundamental differences in philosophy with the neocons.
   The current star of the neo pantheon is Paul "the Jackal" Wolfowitz. He is deputy defense secretary for Donald "Choppers" Rumsfeld. Wolfowitz was the lead "chickenhawk" in the Bush administration chanting for a War on Iraq. Gary "Perpetual War" Schmitt, founder of Project for A New American Century began pushing for regime change in the middle East under the guise of a War on Terrorism in the 90's. The Jackal is his comrade in arms.

Teacher Of The Liars
   One of their philosophy professors was Leo Strauss, who taught at the New School for Social Research, then at the University of Chicago from 1949-69. He died in 1973. Several of this philosopher's students are in positions of advising the Bush administration, and are seated in the "neo-conservative" bandwagon.
 Recently the media has discovered Strauss's lingering influence on Bush's advisors after the New York Times published an article about him. It's wholly owned subsidiary The Boston Globe then ran a three part series on philosophers influencing the Bush administration beginning with Leo Strauss.
    Irving Kristol has given Strauss credit for his influence on him. John "Holy Crisco" Ashcroft reportedly is also a Straussian. Sydney Hersch in the New Yorker reported that two of Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld aides, Abraham Schulsky, also a Richard Perle associate, head of Rummy's special defense intelligence unit, and Stephen Cambone, his top intelligence aide are both Straussians.
  They helped re-interpret murky intelligence info about Saddam Hussein, allowing Bush, Powell and Rumsfeld to claim there were definitely ties between him and Al Qaeda and that Saddam had WMD and was itching to use them on the U. S. to support a pre-emptive War on Iraq.
    Strauss was a German Jew who emigrated to America in the 1930's to teach classics and philosophy.  Jeffery Steinberg in the Executive Intelligence Review reports that even though Strauss was Jewish, he was a close collaborator with Carl Schmitt, one of Hitler's lawyers. He reports that Strauss and Schmitt were probably  Synarchists, and Hitler's banker Hjalmar Schact, definitely was.
   The Synarchists were a group funded by international bankers devoted to uniting Europe, then the world under a military/industrial/financial/academia/media run government. A New World Order to bring back the modern Roman Empire.
   Hitler was supported and favored by the Synarchists as the Hitler Project to accomplish a united Europe by military force. Hitler also had a soft spot in his heart for Zionists who called for all Jews to return to Palestine, since they both wanted to rid Europe of Jews.
   When Strauss's particular political philosophy is examined it's easy to see why he had an affinity for the Nazis. Like Hitler and his occult circle, Strauss favored a political and intellectual elite accumulating secret and esoteric knowledge, while boldly lying to the public about their true intentions. All of this for the public's own good, of course.
   Strauss was convinced that many of the ancient philosophers, especially Plato and Aristotle buried esoteric information in their writings. This could be extracted by the diligent intellectual poring over their hidden meanings. Naturally the men who studied and learned this esoteric knowledge should become influential advisors of less studied politicians, even if they had to lie to them as well as the general public.
   Strauss believed that "perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical because they need to be led" according to Shadia Drury, author of the 1999 book Leo Strauss and the American Right, quoted by Jim Lobe in an article in the Asia Times.  She also said that he thought that "those who are fit to lead are those who realize there is no morality and there is only one natural right, the right of the superior to rule over the inferior." 
   Strauss was a follower of Machiavelli, Drury wrote and believed in creating an external enemy of the state if none were available because perpetual war strengthens the control of government, which only exists to enforce order on the natural chaos of human society.
   Strauss taught that advisors to the politically powerful should deceive even their bosses if necessary to accomplish their ultimate goals. The acorn doesn't drop far from the oak tree. Schools of philosophy like religions usually believe that they have got it right, and the others are all fools.
   You wouldn't really need to lie to Georgie "Dyxlesic" Bush to get him to go along with the program. Just write the checks and tell him what to say. And that's his philosophy in a nutshell. 



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