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June, 2003 - Volume 28, Number 6

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Shocking Results In Depleted Uranium Study By Dr. Doug Rokke
  Gulf War I was the first significant use of DU in combat with at least 320 tons of DU munitions contamination left on the battlefield. During 1995 and 1996, the US Marines fired DU munitions in Okinawa then did not tell the Japanese Government for over one year.
Afghans' Uranium Levels Alarming By Alex Kirby
A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown "astonishing" levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says. He said they had the same symptoms as some veterans of the 1991 Gulf war.
American Intelligence Community Blasts War Distortions The Honorable Kofi Annan
We are former intelligence officials who have served many years at senior levels of the US intelligence community. As the role of intelligence on Iraq assumed critical importance over the past several months, we established Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) as a collegial body to monitor the unfolding of events.
Sonoma Water Expansion Beaten Back By Elena Belsky
In a long-fought battle, environmental advocates, sportfishing, and Native American groups have managed to head off the Sonoma County Water Agency's (SCWA) grab for extra water from the severely impacted Eel River, in Humbolt County.
Ice Water In Their Veins-The Estate of Ellis Bell By Terri Alvillar
Ellis Bell was a Mill Valley fixture for over 50 years. After serving in the Navy in the mid-1940s, Ellis established Bell's Clock Shop where he repaired timepieces and made custom jewelry.
Golden Gate Transit to Slash Services By Carol Sterritt
It is an institution, much of it on wheels, with more than 320 million dollars in assets. It employs countless people, everyone from secretaries to welders and painters, structural engineers, and of course, its drivers.
New Second Unit Law Eliminates Community Input by Louis Nuyens
The latest in a succession of state legislation to create greater opportunities and incentives for infill housing is about to take effect in Marin County.
News Briefs By Elena Belsky

Israel: A Conspiracy Here, A Conspiracy There By Karen Nakamura
In January 2003, a funding scandal threatened Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's re-election campaign. It involved Knesset/Likud Party vote buying.
A Health Care Plan That Will Lower Costs By Stephen Simac
I fearlessly predict that during the '04 presidential campaign each Democratic candidate will have his own health care plan "for every American." Bush possibly has one with a war theme in the works, right now he's reducing VA care and wants to privatize Medicare.
Blix Blast, Shaky War Justification, US Evidence Fabrication, Cluster Bomb Use

Kosovo: Four Years After UN Intervention By Marie-Pierre Lahaye
Albania has become a no man's land for Roma (Gypsies). The predominantly Serb-speaking Roma had to resettle in and around Serb majority areas after the US-led UN police action in the Balkans.
From Foster Homes To homeless By Keshia Harrell
One night when she was 13 years old, Laquana Knight heard her mother and her mother's boyfriend arguing in the next room. Something told Laquana to see what was going on.
Frank Pepper, Bolinas Scion
Frank Goodyear Pepper passed quietly in his sleep on May 10, 2003.
Shakespeare At Stinson: PERICLES By Jeff Smith
Having survived the combined assaults of penury, chaos, bureaucracy, schism and sundry Philistines, Shakespeare at Stinson has reached the ripe old, improbable, age of ten.
Health & Harmony Music And Arts Festival-25th Anniversary Celebration
On June 14th-15th the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California will be transformed into a multicultural park filled with gardens, temples, art, and music as thousands gather to celebrate 25 years dedicated to the ideals of Health and Harmony.
Empire Of A Racist God By Frank Scott
Americans fear another terrorist attack here in the USA , almost guaranteed by the policies of our court appointed regime. The potential attackers are seen as fundamentalist fanatics, but the most dangerous holy warriors are in our own governing cult.
So You Don't Want To Think About It?
It was a pleasure to see and hear Gore Vidal being interviewed recently on CNN at a meeting of the New York Ethical Culture Society.
Harvesting The Dragon's Teeth By Edward W. Miller
While the Saudis survey the massive destruction of their American worker's quarters in Riyadh, and bury their dead, Americans, warned earlier to leave that country, were hastily escaping by the planeload from King Faud's Kingdom.
Moo Town News - Sixty Years of Nonsense - By Judy Borello

Local Community Radio and the FCC: A Last Stand By Jeanette Pontacq
In 1993, Ben Bagdikian, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Media Monopoly, showed that the number of corporations controlling most of the nation's mass media had dropped from 50 only a decade previous to fewer than 20. In 2003, control of the nation's media network is in the hands of less than 10.
A Lethal Way To "Dispatch" The News By Norman Solomon
In times of war, journalists can serve as vital witnesses for the people of the world. So it's especially sinister when governments take aim at reporters and photographers.
Democracy Is the Free World's Whore
NEW DELHI -- Acclaimed author Arundhati Roy has blasted the US-led war in Iraq and branded democracy as "the Free World's whore" in a blistering article in a leading Indian magazine.
Corporate Media And Homeland Security Move Towards Total Information Control By Peter Phillips
Freedom of information in American society is in danger because corporate media needs to maintain access to official sources of news. Consolidation of media has brought the total news sources for most Americans to less than a handful and these news groups have an ever-increasing dependency on pre-arranged content.
Living Requires Cleaning By Harry Holdorf
As you live and breathe, at least a little cleaning has to be done on a regular basis. Goobie Dog's constant licking and cleaning gets noisy when he crunches down, trimming his toenails.
Letters To The Editor

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