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June, 2003

Empire Of A Racist God
By Frank Scott

   Americans fear another terrorist attack here in the USA , almost guaranteed by the policies of our court appointed regime. The potential attackers are seen as fundamentalist fanatics, but the most dangerous holy warriors are in our own  governing cult.  These zealots are an alliance of true believers whose schemes are predicated on their total faith in a god they claim to know, personally. This god represents them, and  they represent "him," as specially chosen agents for carrying out "his" wishes.
   Their imperial jihad against terrorists is really part of a continuing global war of the rich, lighter skinned  west against the poor, darker skinned  rest.  It pits the generational recipients of the benefits of colonial power against the descendants of the colonized and slaved, on whose backs and geographic wealth much of  western civilization was built.
   It conducts this war based on the political and economic power of poorly developed  democracy and richly developed  capitalism.  Its ideology relies in great part on a belief in religious and racial superiority that finds-in complete contradiction to science-some humans better, closer to god, than  others. Historically it has treated those others-the overwhelming majority-not only as lesser in the eyes of this  perverse god, but often as creatures lower in status than the domestic pets on which this enlightened civilization lavishes great affection and wealth.
   The current phase of this racial holy war began long before the events of 911. It will continue until an international democratic movement becomes politically empowered, and translates the  more benign biblical teachings and beliefs of that majority into political economics that end the control of Judeo-Christian global capital over the people of the world.
   That will mean closing the gap between the rich minority, its upper class servants, and the great mass of the world's people, now numbering more poor and suffering than ever before. This is not due to an explosion of population, as malthusians believe, but to an explosion of human and environmental  destruction. This massive assault on nature and reason is a direct result of the privately dominated system of religious marketing that has run rampant under what some call neoliberal policy, totally out of any public control, real or symbolic.
   Christian and Jewish fanatics have taken leadership of this system in the  US and Israel to form the unholy alliance of USrael. Their policies of racial and religious domination rest comfortably on a base of global corporatism.
   The rich and most powerful USA, supposedly a beacon of democracy, reduces its citizens  to  consumers-"United Shoppers of America"- whose only  exercise of choice  comes, at great cost, when  charging purchases with their credit cards.    
   Israel, a supposed nation of high ideals realized after past sufferings,  has been transformed into a tragedy of hypocrisy and crimes against humanity. As their rulers terrify and alienate the world, many Americans sink more deeply into debt and fear, while Israelis are destroying an indigenous population  in order to create a "promised Land" of peace and tranquillity. It is difficult to say which  leaders are more deranged, or which population more confused, as it follows leaders who follow a seemingly rich and racist god of merchandising. 
   The inhumanity of war is fully accepted by this god-squad leadership, since they find biblical rationale for it, whether using old or new testaments. War is also bad business, in that it kills consumers, but even this cash consciousness is unachievable in the lurid atmosphere of the empire of market god.
   The secular market, as old as the urge to communicate and trade, has been transformed into a mystical form of selfish personal aggrandizement. Instead of bringing people together in commerce, it alienates them with its gigantic size, its minority controllers, and its single minded pursuit of private profit, without regard for human and environmental costs. The democratic impulse of fair trade among humans has become anti-democratic "free" trade among the corporate inhuman. This perverse form of progress has brought the world closer to economic and ecologic  disaster.
   The USA is running its greatest deficits in history; without  imported foreign capital and a consumer credit binge, the whole economy might go up in smoke. The underground commerce of undocumented workers and "off the books" business, along with drugs, gambling and pornography, is supplying much of the dollar power of this "free" market, giving  more lies to  its religious zealot propagandists of moral value  
   The religious belief is handmaiden to the economic policy. Together, they fill a moral cesspool to overflowing and threaten to completely inundate the social and natural environment.
   The search for Iraq's invisible weapons of mass destruction  that rationalized that helpless nation's defeat has done more to reveal the empire's economics of mass disfunction, its politics of mass corruption, its media of mass distortion and its language of mass confusion. Acts of terror have increased, and the continued persecution of the Palestinians, worse since the Iraqi government was destroyed,  has  made the suffering and hopelessness that are the source of suicidal terrorism even more unbearable.
   The fundamentalist leaders of  USrael believe in the most violent biblical mythology, but ideas from antiquity and fable mixed with modern weapons of mass murder can only spell disaster, which is what these fanatics would welcome, since it is based on biblical "prophecy."
   Biblical stories of  people rising from slavery,  striving for social justice, of a prophet called a prince of peace, are  part of what create movements to change the world for the better. The religious believers in that movement  may have to call themselves something other than Judeo-Christian. The owner-controllers of that religious business are serving as executive staff for global capitalism, and represent the greatest threat to humanity.  The good news is that they are a minority. The bad news is that they are in charge.  


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