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May, 2003

Peace Palace For Marin
Middle East. Security alert. Recession. Violent crime. Marin is in the grip of a epidemic of traumatic stress. Now, a group of community leaders will announce their plan to build a Peace Palace dedicated entirely to bringing relief to the stressed population of the county and promoting peace for a turbulent world.
The announcement comes from a team of Marin business leaders, including Phil Bombace, an investment specialist with New England Securities in San Francisco; Larry Chroman, a consultant to KFX Inc., a clean coal technology company, and Westcliff Capital Management; and Sunil Rawal,
a technology analyst with Lakshmi. These business leaders are helping to build a 12,000 square foot Peace Palace in Marin. The Peace Palace will be one of nearly 200 in the United States and 3,000 worldwide.
Mr. Bombace, Mr. Chroman, and Mr. Rawal will present plans for the Peace Palace during a news conference on Tuesday, April 22, 11 a.m., at 29 Caledonia Street in Sausalito. (Caledonia is off Bridgeway-use Johnson Street entrance at rear of building, go to second floor.) The press conference will also feature a special videotaped message on the role of the Peace Palace by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the worldwide Transcendental Meditation movement.
Mr. Bombace says that the Peace Palace will be the center for a permanent group of 100 to 200 professionally trained, peace-creating experts who will practice Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs. The peaceful influence of the group, Mr. Bombace said, will transform the county, reducing crime, violence, and conflict overnight.
Mr. Bombace said that extensive scientific research, published in the world's top journals, demonstrates that group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs reduce the acute social stress that fuels crime and violence-while promoting harmony and peace throughout society.
The Peace Palace will also offer courses in Maharishi's consciousness-based programs in health care to prevent illness and promote health; in education to promote the total brain functioning and the full creative potential of the student; and in crime reduction to neutralize the social stress that drives violence in the city and nation. The Peace Palace will be built according to the peace-promoting design principles of Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law.
 "The world will be different with these centers of peace," Maharishi said during a recent international news conference. "I encourage all the well-wishers of the county who want a better nation to quickly build a Peace Palace and establish a group of 100-200 peace-creating experts."

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