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May, 2003

Cancer Recurrence Inspires Creativity
   Sandy Leon Vest was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on August 6, 2001 after a tumor surgically removed from her head/neck was found to be malignant.  Despite subsequent treatment in September, 2001 with a new "monoclonal" therapy (Rituxan), a new tumor was recently found on the other side of her head.
   This letter is to let Sandy's friends, students, fans, as well as community members and anyone else who knows and loves her, that Leon Vest has a concert scheduled for Saturday, May 17 at the Bolinas Community Center ( from 8-12 p.m.).  Sandy is determined to perform for the community on May 17, despite her critical health challenges. 
   Sandy is now researching more progressive treatments - possibly in Europe.  It has become a race against time, and she does not want to wait - as so many cancer patients do - until her immune system is so weakened that her body can no longer respond to any type of treatment. 
   Because her red blood count and hemoglobin/hematocrit have gone steadily down in numbers since her diagnosis and treatment, she now has chronic and severe anemia, which make her a poor candidate for repeat doses of  chemotherapy, radiation or even Rituxan, as all of these treatments cause blood counts to drop even lower, in which case the 'cure' can be worse than the disease.
   For those who don't know Sandy (Leon) and Jim (Vest) - you should.  One way to get to know them is through their music.  Also known as "Leon Vest", they are, as friend and manager Derek Tracy puts it, "a songwriting team extraordinaire," with  an incredible band of musicians.  Their original songs will warm your heart, soothe your soul and make you dance all at the same time.
   Nothing would give Sandy and Jim more support and positive energy then your attendance at the May 17 concert in Bolinas.  And it is most definitely a reciprocal experience!
   Tickets are only $10.00, so please purchase as many as you can, and bring a friend.  Leon Vest's CD, "So Blue," can also be purchased for only $10.00 with or without ticket purchase.  Come and lend your support to this wonderful event for a beautiful cause.
Friends of Sandy Leon Vest

Checks made payable to the 'Friends of Sandy Leon Vest,' and either left at Fineline Offices in Bolinas or mailed to Box 734, Bolinas, CA  94924.  All concert tickets and CD sales benefit the "Friends of Sandy Leon Vest" fund, and are on sale at Fineline, Don's Liquor, Bolinas Store, Kaleidescope, Smiley's and the Parkside Cafe in Stinson Beach.


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