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April, 2003

Do You Want Freedom Fries Or Regime Change?
By Jeanette Pontacq

The Bushies are on a roll. You have to hand it to them...they have managed to turn America's anger with Osama bin Laden to blood-lust for Saddam Hussein, even though there is not a shred of evidence that the secular dictator had anything to do with bin Laden. The latest polls show that at least half of Americans actually believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the Twin Towers debacle. And they seem OK with Iran and North Korea next.

Those repeating that mantra rarely wonder how much all this will cost (as the deficit spirals out of control), who will die (leaving orphans and ruined lives we will never seen on the corporate media), how many new pissed-off young Muslims we create, and the real reason our long-time allies are balking. They will probably be buoyed by a quick and flashy takeover of Iraq, not understanding what long-term occupation of a splintered entity like Iraq will ultimately mean for all of us. They seem blind to their own economic, political and social self-interest.

Instead, they do warm & fuzzy things like pour French wine down the sewer, invent Freedom Fries or petition to have the bodies of our W.W. II GIs brought back from France. Even as workers lose their jobs and see their retirements funds implode, they wave their flags and brand anti-war marchers as "un-American." John Ashcroft's assault on the Constitution is also OK, since most of them don't even know what's in that document. Who ARE these people?

These people, folks, are our fellow Americans and most are eligible to vote in 2004. Potential voters are a diverse lot: such as Paul Wolfowitz, Willie Jones of Illinois, Edna and Bill Martin of Iowa, Alicia Socorro of Laguna Hills, CA and Sally Slocum of Boise. Paul, of course, is the high-profile author of Bush's Attempt To Take Over The World. He will vote for Bush. Willie Jones an African-American Teamster with three kids, a big mortgage and a sense of history. He votes Democratic. Sally is an evangelical Christian who believes abortion is murder and supports Bush because he is perceived as God-fearing and decisive in his War on Terrorism To Keep America Safe. Edna and Bill, however, don't vote... but do fly a flag on their 92 Ford Ranger, and have a sign that says "Support Our Troops" on their front window. They think Michael Savage tells it like it is in America. Alicia is a successful Latina businesswoman in southern California, second generation American, and follows "the news" on Fox. She likes Bush for his perceived resolve, but is becoming increasingly nervous about the economy, lower consumer confidence and draconian immigration crackdowns. She did not vote in the last election.

These few stereotypical descriptions only scratch the surface of the huge and diverse population that is the United States of America in 2003-4. Bush's Team understands the demographic and has a strategy to position themselves for success in 2004. Jeb Bush has also NOT fixed the voting machines in Florida, nor even reinstated the Democratic names on the voting roles that were "erased" in 2000. Florida will again be key.

November 2004 is the Big Enchilada. The DATE. The Prize (that we need to keep our eyes on, per Martin Luther King). We can, and should, do what we can to protest Bush's every move to dismantle our Constitutional protections, make us into a rogue nation with an attitude, morph our forests and national parks into clear-cuts, and turn America's back on our disabled and poor. But November 2004 is the first possible date we have to take back America. We lose this election: the Constitution will take mortal blows and probably not recover in our lifetimes. Know that.

OK, what do we do? WE, each and every one of us, takes a pledge to get at least 10 (t-e-n) potential voters to actually register to vote and then vote for a regime change (i.e. a Democrat) in other California counties AND IN ANY OF TWELVE (12) MID-WEST AND SOUTHERN STATES WITH KEY ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES. And if Nader decides to run again, we need to get him to stop. Just remember that 89,000 people in Florida voted for Nader in 2000. Connect the dots, please.

Organizations are forming now to produce serious voting programs. I will try to keep you informed, but keep your eyes out and join in. At marches, make sure the people all around you are going to vote and get others to vote. Carry registration forms in purse or pocket. Use the only weapon we have... the ballot rid ourselves of the fanatic fundamentalists now controlling the country.

Marching is good, folks, but voter registration is better. Why not do both and do it NOW.



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