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April, 2003

News Briefs

Share Your Interests With a Child in Foster Care

Have you ever seen a child play in the snow for the first time? Foster parents introduce children to all sorts of things. The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services is looking for stable, caring people to become foster parents.

Learn about providing a temporary home to a child at an Information Meeting on Thursday, March 27 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Facilitated by a foster parent and a social worker, the meeting will be held at the Division of Social Services located at 10 North San Pedro Rd., Room 1018, in San Rafael.

Please call 499-7118 to learn more

Planetary Emergency Action Alert

A handful of military zealots armed with American weapons of mass destruction are defying the will of the people of planet Earth. They intend to start a war in Iraq regardless of an unprecedented outcry against such precipitous action in the United States and the world. Their agenda is the most dangerous threat to the American democratic system since its inception and their commitment to warfare imperils all life on this planet.

To stop this war in this critical moment requires bold new acts of courage and sacrifice from all peace-loving people. Non-violent action is our greatest moral weapon. There are many precedents for this in the great grassroots struggles for justice and freedom.

Historically, the most potent actions in non-violent revolutions have generated economic forces against the established power structure. It is time to use these tools. At this time we urge all concerned human beings, particularly in America, to consider withdrawing their money from the financial institutions that currently stabilize the industrial-military complex and making other choices for the security of their monies.

If you feel in any way that having your money in the dominant financial system is empowering the war machine, please consider withdrawing it for safe keeping until the threat of war is over.

This is an emergency message from the heart of planet Earth. Please pass it on.

A Brief History of Volunteer Canyon

The lovely canyon known as Volunteer Canyon, at the edge of Bolinas Lagoon, contains one of the oldest homes in Marin County. The present day Land Steward's house, known as the Long House, was built in 1852 by Jose Briones. In 1860, Frederick Thompson, a Mill Valley philanthropist, built his family's home nearby, furnishing it luxuriously and living there until his death in 1927. His sister, the renown author Kathleen Norris, spent summers there. Paul Robeson, the black activist and great baritone, hid in this ranch house during the House Un-American hearings.

In 1971, a collision of an oil tanker outside Bolinas Lagoon resulted in a massive cleanup by volunteers who stayed in the Thompson House. The Lagoon was spared of destruction and the canyon was named to honor the volunteers.

Once barren of trees which had been logged for homes in San Francisco, the canyon is now surrounded by second growth redwoods and Douglas firs while the meadow is shaded by walnut and apple trees. The restored stream gurgles by with birds and butterflies galore.

In 1961, Audubon Canyon Ranch was founded to protect this priceless area from development, and a few years later Volunteer Canyon was acquired as a site for a scientific and research center and conference facility for interns and docents. It hosts scores of school children who come from the inner cities of the Bay Area for overnights, along with teachers and special guests.

The public is excluded but for very special events, such as the Annual Mother's Day BBQ, to be held Sunday, May 11, 2003. Mark your calendars now, gather your families and friends and enjoy this magnificent place as well as the marvelous food prepared, cooked and served by volunteers.



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