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April, 2003

Green Party Condemns US Bombardment
Merchants Of War Traffic In the Machinery Of Holocausts

Every war begins with a lie. In this one the US government has lied, and lied, and lied again. Twelve years ago the US government hired a public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, to sell to Congress the ludicrous "incubator babies" fairy tale. The government also claimed at that time that it had satellite photos of tens of thousands of Iraqi troops along the border of Kuwait, ready to march on Saudi Arabia. That, too, turned out to be complete fiction.

So, too, with the current crop of government fibs, half-truths, disinformation, rationales and outright lies. These are weapons of mass distraction the invention of Iraq's non-existent "ties to Al Qaeda" and to 9-11, fabrication of aluminum tubes for nuclear weapons, falsified reports of Iraq's current biological and chemical warfare program (which the British government lifted from a graduate student's essay written 10 years ago, and offered by Colin Powell and President Bush as "proof" of Iraq's intentions).

These, and other nonsense, are used to divert people's attention from the collapsing US economy, the massive layoffs here at home, and the real reasons for this war: War for empire, direct control of the world's oil resources, and imposition of the drastic neo-conservative agenda for reshaping the US economy.

What is not a lie is that the US is waging war against a population, half of which is under 15 years old. The suffering that has already been inflicted upon the people of Iraq through the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s (in which the US armed both sides, leaving one million dead), the 1991 massive US/UN bombardment, and 12 years of UN sanctions (including the withholding of some $8 billion worth of goods from the people of Iraq under the oil-for-food program), and the continuous bombing of Iraq under the eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration, is being compounded by the dramatic escalation of this one-sided war.

We are "shocked and stunned" but hardly "awed" by the US government's revocation of civil liberties here at home, and by what this bombardment portends for the ecology of the planet. Greens throughout the world condemn the US government's trampling on human rights and international law to kill thousands of innocent Iraqis, for the sake of oil and imperial design. Depleted Uranium

Depleted uranium weapons condemned by many scientists as weapons of mass destruction are now standard armor for US tanks, missiles and shells. Their intensive use has already irradiated the soil not only of Iraq, but Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, New Mexico and the island of Viennese, Puerto Rico, where these weapons are tested.

Depleted uranium weapons are responsible for quadrupling the number of childhood leukemia cases in Iraq, and are thought to be co-factors along with experimental, genetically engineered vaccines, and pesticides in the debilitating Gulf War Syndrome that afflicts more than 100,000 US soldiers. In addition, the US/UN's 1991 destruction of Iraq's water supply and sanitation systems with the consequent rise in cholera and other preventable diseases still plague the people of that region.

Approximately 800,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly children, have died from the lingering consequences of the 1991 war, including contamination of air, soil and water, and destruction of vital infrastructure, such as water and sewage treatment plants.

We note that targeting civilian infrastructure such as those listed above constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity under international law, for which recent US government officials need to be held accountable.

The use of nuclear weapons is too terrifying a prospect to even think about. Yet first use of nuclear weapons is precisely what the US government has publicly announced as one of its options. Clearly, this is a lawless government that purports to represent us, the people of the United States, and to speak in our name.

Already bids are being let to giant US corporations for the reconstruction and privatization of Iraq's public facilities following the bombing. $1.5 billion dollars are now being transferred out of US public funds to such enterprises as Halliburton and Bechtel and that's just for starters. Halliburton, we recall, was chaired by Dick Cheney before he became Vice-President, and Cheney still draws remuneration from that company. Bechtel was the largest single contributor to the Republican Party in 2000, donating more than $1.5 million.

Greens reject, in Daniel Ellsberg's words, these "merchants of war trafficking in the machinery of Holocausts." For these and other reasons, the Greens/Green Party USA is calling for: immediate withdrawal of all US and allied forces from the entire Mid-East / Western Asia region. emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly to debate and immediately and unequivocally rebuke the unilateral US bombardment of Iraq and end the Sanctions. An emergency special session requires either seven members of the Security Council or 50 percent of the General Assembly to enact. release of the full 12,000-page document, of which the US government censored approximately 75 percent by refusing to allow the US public to read the "missing" 9,000 pages. These pages document the extensive corporate and governmental sales of Anthrax, brucellosis, weaponry, and precursors to what are now termed weapons of mass destruction to the Iraqi military in the 1980s, over the approval signature of George H. W. Bush. support for conscientious objectors, resisters and whistle-blowers in the military, including those who refuse to allow themselves to be inoculated with experimental and genetically engineered anthrax and smallpox vaccines. form a truly independent commission to investigate 9-11 and the US government's failure to act on fore-knowledge of the tragic events of that day, which are now being used as an ongoing rationale to orchestrate mass hysteria in order to militarize society and decimate the Bill of Rights. Congress to reject the military appropriations bill now being submitted by the President. an end to the US government's development and use of its own Weapons of Mass Destruction depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, lethal gasses, biological warfare agents, etc. and for UN inspectors to supervise the decommissioning of these weapons. a worldwide consumer boycott of selected corporations. Already, international boycotts against Coca-Cola, McDonalds and other US companies are underway. Over the next few weeks, the Greens/Green Party USA will be proposing a focused campaign directed against specific multi-billion dollar corporations profiting from the development and sale of weapons of mass destruction. A walkout from schools, jobs, and business as usual to protest this horrible war for direct control of Iraq's (and soon-to-be Iran's) oil, organizing towards a worldwide general strike against war and empire. Repeal of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act, and rejection of the Emergency Health Powers Act (the latter legislation, which has been submitted to every state, directs each state to construct internment camps for those refusing to allow themselves to be vaccinated for smallpox as well as for anyone who happens to come down with that disease). Restoration of the Bill of Rights and the immediate release of all immigrants who have not been charged with violent crimes. End the deportation, mass arrests and special registration. Stop the repression of immigrant communities, and stop the racial profiling of Arabs, Muslims, South Asians and all communities of color. US senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of the state of Washington, to take the lead in pushing for a full investigation and accounting for the death of Washington peace activist Rachel Corrie at the hands of Israeli forces. Along with Direct Action for a Free Palestine (DAP), Jews Against the Occupation (JATO), and Stop US Tax Aid to Israel Now (SUSTAIN), the Greens/Green Party USA is also calling for a wider investigation of US funding of the murderous Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. In the past year and a half this has resulted in the killings of over 1,900 Palestinians and three international peace workers. the impeachment of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the firing of the non-elected officials conducting US foreign policy and supervising the decimation of civil liberties, including Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Fleischer, Powell, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft.

The Greens/Green Party USA says "Not in Our Name Not in Anybody's Name. No war for oil, no blood for Empire."



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