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March, 2003

Fanning The Flames Of Terrorism
By Edward W. Miller

Rather than dealing directly with those Washington policies which brought about the so called terrorist attacks against Americans in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Kenya, the USS Cole, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Bali, the government instead chose military action in Afghanistan and the cowardly and expensive "hunker down" campaign here at home.

Despite repeated warnings from the Muslim World's self-appointed spokesman, Osama Bin Laden, that his multiethnic 1.2 billion Muslims would no longer tolerate our support for Israel's daily savagery against their brethren in Palestine as well as our murderous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Washington's almost-daily killings in these two largely-Muslim countries continues unabated to this day.

In late February Sharon with some 30 tanks devastated sections of Gaza, demolishing buildings and killing eleven Palestinians. As usual, Israeli media identified those Arabs murdered by their forces as "militants"Éno questions asked. In Iraq, though rarely mentioned in our media, Washington's lethal combination of starvation, bacterial warfare, uranium-caused radiation and high-altitude bombing is still killing between 300 and 400 of Saddam's people each week, mostly the very young.

Bush's cowardly "hands-off policy in the Mideast where his "Man of peace" Sharon, is permitted to murder at will, plus our President's headlong rush into a completely-unwarranted war against Saddam Hussein and his people, is guaranteed to swell the ranks of Al Qaeda forces as the world's Muslims react to the Bush, Sharon and Blair trioka of international terrorism.

The apparent disregard and even disdain that Bush exhibited in response to the tremendous anti-war demonstrations both in this Country and across the world suggests that his Whitehouse, driven by a combination of oil interests, the religious right and our Israel lobby, is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans and the world at large.

Distortion of the news by our compliant media plus misinformation from both the Whitehouse and 10 Downing Street which is being delivered on TV in quick bites between endless adds, separates many Americans from the real world and so prevents their otherwise intelligent response.

Washington has done its best to obfuscate international attempts to find a non-military solution to Iraq and its imaginary weapons. As an early step, when Saddam's Government handed over to Hans Blix and his UNMOVIC the 12,200 page document ordered by the UN, the US seized the only copy, and after sanitizing its contents, proffered a short and much-censored version to fellow members of the Security Council. As reported on the Net (YELLOWTIMES.ORG 23 Jan.) the material censored "listed the names of individuals and organizations that would come under intensive public scrutiny and embarrassment should the contents of the document be made public." The list pages censored supposedly contained a list of those firms which had supplied Saddam and his armed forces with both biological and chemical weapons during the eight years war with Iran. There was scant public comment from the major Security Council members over this censorship, presumable because many of these countries also supplied Saddam with similar weapons.

Secretary Powell's presentation before the UN Security Council concerning Iraq's failure to comply with Resolution 1441, Saddam's hidden "weapons of mass destruction" and supposed lack of active cooperation with Bix' team, produced an obvious atmosphere of disbelief in his audience. This quiet dissent became obvious when, after France's Ambassador sharply disputed the US position, applause, which was noticeably absent following Powell's dissertation, resounded loudly throughout the auditorium.

The Bush-Blair public-relations took a further nose-dive after Britain's Prime Minister presented to the press and public, a secret dossier on Iraq, purported to contain vital and hitherto undisclosed information regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The 19-page dossier was titled: 'Iraq: its Infrastructure Of Concealment, Deception and Intimidation," It did not take long for investigative journalist, Sean Boyne to discover and publicly report that much of Tony Blair's vital dossier had actually been copied word for word, from articles Boyne himself had written in 1997. Added to these plagiarized pages, was a 5000-word thesis also plagiarized, written by a post-graduate student, Ibrahim al-Marashi, who lives in California. Ibraham's research was based on documents seized in Kuwait in the 1991 Gulf War. The Blair dossier had even copied grammatical and spelling errors in the original Thesis. Boyne and Ibraham both reported that their figures had been altered in the 19 Downing Street version Blair's fellow members in Parliament as well as the British public responded negatively to this deception. Labor MP Glenda Jackson said: "It is another example of how the Government is attempting to mislead the Country and Parliament." (see: 2/9/2003)

Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) , a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee was one of 23 Senators who voted against the Resolution authorizing Bush to use force against Iraq. Byrd's recent speech in the Senate: "On the Brink of War" was printed in full in many papers across the US. (see SF Chron 20 Feb.). The Senator noted: " many of the pronouncements made by this administration are outrageous"Éand chided his fellow senators for remaining "hauntingly silent, on what is possibly the eve of horrific infliction of death and destruction on the populationÉof Iraq." No one has said it more clearly.



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