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March, 2003

Space Shuttle Columbia: God As A Burning Bush

Even for an age when omens are considered superstitions, the disaster of the Columbia has obviously symbolism. Columbia is the mythical spirit of America. She is represented by a winged eagle with the olive wreath of Peace in its right talon and arrows of War in its left. This image was chosen to show the world the United States commitment to Peace first.

Currently the "sinister" talon of War is extended towards Iraq and beyond. Damage to the left wing of Columbia was the first sign of its tragic breakup. Upon reentry the combined American, Israeli and Indian crew was destroyed. Their fiery descent dropped radioactive material over much of Palestine, Texas.

All three countries have reportedly developed plans to use their nuclear weapons either preemptively or in retaliation against their enemies. The shuttle reportedly had radioactive substances aboard, and rained down like a "dirty bomb".

President Bush chose to quote the prophet Isaiah for the astronauts' wake. He read an uplifting passage from this biblical prophet's book, not from the "apocalypse" passages. Isaiah was an original "prophet in the wilderness." He attacked social injustice and foresaw doom for Israel if they did not heed the word of the Lord. "Behold the Lord will lay waste to the Earth and make it desolate, and he will twist its surface and scatter its inhabitants... The earth shall be utterly laid waste and utterly despoiled, for the Lord has spoken this word... Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched and few men left..."

Many fundamentalist Christians, including our president, believe that we are in the end days. That an invasion of Iraq may lead to Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ and this is a desirable development. Shouldn't those of us who don't share this belief have some say in the matter?

We're enraged when Muslims say it was the will of Allah for Columbia to crash, yet many Christians also claim it was the will of God. If God is in His heaven, He couldn't have delivered a more symbolic gesture to indicate the repercussions of this war to remove Saddam.

The Israeli astronaut was one of the pilots who bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1983.

He was reportedly using a "spectral telescope" aboard the Columbia that was fueled by a radioactive isotope of Americium. This unique substance promises to be the rocket fuel of the future. With this stuff we're good to go to Mars. We may need to if we've totally fukt up the earth because we didn't listen to the burning bush.



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