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March, 2003

HAARP, Chemtrails, and New War Technologies
By Carol Sterritt

As we head into a millennium of what appears to be perpetual war, new technologies are unfolding with nightmarish possibilities.

In previous years, Coastal Post writers have tackled the issue of HAARP, (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project), a research project undertaken jointly by the US military and various corporations (currently Raytheon). The project involves "over the horizon" radar applications. It also holds the ability of acting as an earth tomography instrument. Besides these activities, some observers believe that HAARP is behind the mysterious (and officially denied) "chemtrails."

Ah, those chemtrails. You see them, I see them, the planes responsible for them are clearly visible in a typical day, but according to military and governmental spokespeople, they simply are not there. On a recent December trip into Sonoma, I watched as planes painted them on the sky ahead of me, clouding in the bright horizon over the Sonoma wine country. On the trip back, they were being painted in over the Novato ridgeline, and then again, on the southeast shoulder of Mount Tam. Last night, while watching "The Bourne Identity" on video, the telltale clouds were clearly visible in the movie scenes that had been shot in Paris.

Unlike normal condensation trails, these trails do not dissipate after ten minutes or so. Instead, they expand outwards, remaining as huge cloud like projections, often the length of the sky, floating there for hours after their release. Some observers of this issue claim that these chemtrails can consist of laboratory created RNA, aluminum oxide, ethylene dibromide, barium, and other yucky things. Some chemtrails include polymer fibers. If so, they hold a plethora of risk for the humans below, including neurological disturbances, heart problems, breathing problems, etc.

Critics claim that this chemical porridge allows our DNA to be infiltrated and re-arranged, without our consent. So the activity could be acting like a vaccination program without the consent of the population upon whom it is inflicted. Some known side effects of these chemical trails are increased cases of nosebleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and upper respiratory complaints with flu-like symptoms.

There are now universal discussions, via the Web, of just how the barium salts, dimethyl bromides, etc. are being discharged into the atmosphere by military and civilian aircraft worldwide. Clifford Carnicom, an expert on chemtrails states, "the results of the current research are now sufficient to establish an analytical basis for the formal investigation of radical atmospheric changes induced by the relatively recent aircraft aerosol operations." Barium and aluminum particles were at one point in our country's history used for cloud-seeding, a practice that fell into disfavor when it was realized that such particles disrupted human health.

An airline manager agreed to talk to civilian investigators about these phenomena. "Airline companies have been participating in something call Project Cloverleaf for a few years now. The earliest date anyone remembers being briefed on it is 1998. I was briefed on it in 1999.

"They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release chemicals from commercial aircraft." The informant then detailed how the government agents would not answer directly any questions related to what the chemicals that would be released were, nor would they explain the actual purpose of this activity. All that was said was that this activity would be "in the public's best interest."

But why would our government decide to create this program? One possibility is that in a frantic campaign to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting our atmosphere by 1 to 2%, a reflective barrier needs to be established in our skies, worldwide. In other words, a way to offset global greenhouse warming.

The other possibility is that as part of the HAARP mission, a particulate grid must be created to allow for the operation of an "over-the horizon" radar system.

HAARP itself is located halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska. Its first phase was completed in 1995, and it employed a 3 by 6 grid of 18 antennas. There are three towers designed to transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. When these towers signal such beams on up through the atmosphere, into the ionosphere, they affect the electrojet (the high altitude jetstream, with ultra-high speed winds, that have a good deal to do with the weather patterns on earth below) in a controlled manner. The main strategy consists of beaming these ELF waves in such a way as to hit at right angles to the electrojet. This causes the river of electro-magnetic energy to spread sideways.

But where the discussion of chemtrails and HAARP manage to converge is in the creation and distribution of the chemically enhanced grids. Do these planes with their effluvia spreading out in patterns over our skies have to do with a shielding? Or perhaps a gridding of the planet that would enable the HAARP emissions to flow into the grid and somehow affect the radar capabilities, the weather, etc.?

It is also known that various activities related to HAARP allow for vast earth tomographic investigations. In the US war against Afghanistan, the many tunnels and caves where various Afghans hid during our bombing campaign were mapped out by various new technologies.

The Afghani War was fought mainly by the forces of the United States at night. Using night vision and other devices, we could see in the dark, the enemy could not. Nick Begich, a long-time investigator into HAARP, is predicting that as the Second Iraqi War begins, our new technologies will have completely mapped out those underground installations where Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" are hidden away.

Interestingly enough, the new technology suggests the totally interwoven structure of the military industrial complex, now a single entity and as powerful as the predicted beast that Eisenhower spoke of. Already, Haliburton, (Vice-President Dick Cheney's corporation), has used technology such as HAARP to allow that corporation to ascertain where underground oil fields exist and where they do not, so that the decisions to drill are always profitable.

Also some of those who have investigated HAARP are also concerned about other applications employing microwave technology that can be used as "mind-control" weapons over civilians. In recent months, Newsweek detailed how a vending machine already exists that can send out a subliminal "audio" signal to whatever human being may be walking by it, with the suggestion that "You are thirsty now. Wouldn't you like a soda." And as this suggestion exists below the normal conscious sensory apparatus of a human, it has an extremely powerful effect. The entire experience takes place through beaming microwave energy at the hapless human.

All over this County, phone crews are updating cable installations, optic fiber channels, and other high tech installations. Some critics have pointed out that these installations could easily carry the "mind-control" microwave pulse signal devices as well. With these devices the subliminal message might not be involved with purchasing sodas, but with causing indifference to an unwanted war.

My reporting on these activities and devices may seem crazy to some readers. However, even if there are no devices to directly manipulate us by the Powers that be, there are other concerns. These include indirect health risks that the cell phone antenna technology, the relentless ELF activity of HAARP playing with the strings of chemtrails in the sky, occurring each minute of each day, might be causing. We as a species have never experienced an onslaught of such electromagnetic pollution before. Although the earth itself operates through a giant magnetic field, the current that it puts out is direct current, not the pulsing emanations of these waves. We are now a guinea pig species. What will come of these experiments will only be known as time unfolds.



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