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February, 2003 - Volume 28, Number 2

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Waiting For The Missiles In Baghdad - By Norman Solomon
  BAGHDAD -- Picture yourself as an American reporter here in the Iraqi capital. You're based in one of the fraying rooms at the Al Rashid, the large hotel where most Western journalists stay.
Anti-War Rally Floods San Francisco - By Louis Nuyens
On Saturday, 18 January 2003, organized primarily via the internet, approximately 150,000 to 300,000 demonstrators poured into the streets of San Francisco in protest of the Bush administration's preparations for war on Iraq.
West Nile Virus Heading This Way: Help The Birds! - By Karen Nakamura
According to those in the know, 2003 is the year West Nile virus should reach Northern California. Not only will this disease bring sickness and possible death to humans, it will wreck havoc on far too many of our already dwindling bird population.
French Ranch Woes and Misdeeds Continue - By Louis Nuyens
Sometime during recent heavy rains the French Ranch property in San Geronimo Valley experienced a soil slide on a slope below its septic system's main leach field.
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria Recognized By US
On Saturday, December 28, 2002, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, whose ancestral territories include Marin and southern Sonoma Counties of California, successfully completed the federal recognition process establishing them as a federally recognized American tribe
GM Crops Breeding With Wild Plants
Alarming new results from official trials of GM crops are severely jeopardizing Government plans for growing them commercially in Britain.
The Draft: No Child Left Behind
There are a number of dangerous signs that the United States military is increasingly encroaching into civilian life. One of the most alarming signs is that a new law now requires all high schools to provide the Pentagon with the names, addresses and phone numbers of its juniors and seniors.
Baring Witness Stands For Peace
On January 18, Baring Witness staged a pro-peace demonstration at the National Peace March in San Francisco. The organization, which has become famous worldwide for spelling out the word PEACE with naked bodies, this time chose a different means to communicate their message.
General American Strike Feb. 14 - By Buddy Craig
My name is Buddy Craig. I am the father of a young woman who is in the Army National Guard. She has been called into active duty to serve in President non-elect G.W. Bush's war on terrorism.
Iraq and the Economy - By US Rep Dennis Kucinich
My fellow Americans, in this ceremony we recognize the power of the people in a democracy to create self-government. For you have truly lifted me, as a lowly servant, up from your midst to serve our nation. You have entrusted in me the duties of national service.
A Post Card From Ground Zero - By Jim Scanlon
I am sitting just across from New York's City Hall in a Starbuck's coffee house for the first time in my life, just two blocks from "Ground Zero", with my Mac laptop connected wirelessly to the internet for the first time.
War With Iraq Means Cancer - By Yvonne Ridley in Baghdad
British soldiers face a far more deadly legacy than bullets from Saddam's army if they invade Iraq as part of an Allied attack on the country.
War! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing! - By Stephen Simac
The media is portraying the Peace Movement as a quaint relic from the 60's like bell bottoms, and deliberately undercounting the numbers of marchers. Meanwhile they lavish space and time on stories about high tech weapons, military activities and the daily jostling by the Bush administration over their plans to whack Iraq.
American Connection To Israeli Corruption Scandal - By Jim Scanlon
A major corruption scandal involving illegal funding of the Likud party and a complex cover up by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his sons has placed in doubt the Prime Minister's substantial election lead.
Dinosaur Empire - By Frank Scott
The intellectually challenged shut-ins who run the empire and report its news would make a fascist blush. The white house gang tells the world that it will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, spitting in the face of international sovereignty.
Dreadful Times
Neither war nor peace do we have, but a "possible war" and a highly improbable peace with constant, repetitions of warnings, threats, insults and ultimatums, over and over and over.
Sowing The Dragon's Teeth - By Edward W. Miller
The Bush Administration's headlong rush into this unprovoked war against Saddam Hussein may well end as a MidEast Armageddon, and must be stopped at all cost. The Iraqi people, whose economic infrastructure we purposely destroyed with our bombs during the Gulf War in 1991 have since been dying by the thousands from the US and British "weapons of mass destruction,"
Moo Town News - By Judy Borello
A month and a half ago, I was reading a newsletter from the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin written by Executive Director Catherine Caulfield.
Get Your Voice Heard In Middle America...
Have you tired of protesting en masse in San Francisco and being pretty much ignored by the press unless you take your clothes off?
Disenchantment with West Marin Senior Services - By George Zigounakis
My parents are Mike Zigenis, age 78 and Nancy Zigenis, age 87, long term residents of Point Reyes Station.
Letters To The Editor

A Strike For Peace; Take A Long Break From War - By Alan Scott
There is a war common to all humanity and on which we are all on the same side, yes, including God in this one, and this is the war against fear, anger and greed.

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