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February, 2003

A Strike For Peace; Take A Long Break From War
By Alan Scott

There is a war common to all humanity and on which we are all on the same side, yes, including God in this one, and this is the war against fear, anger and greed. Instead of this message I hear the incessant drum beat for quite a different war coming out of the belligerent little group in the White House. Their war is a deceptive war not against the big three enemies of mankind but instead a war driven by them, particularly by the naked greed for oil, for territory and world domination. So this is a false war that can never be won for it demeans our spirit, lowers our highest aspirations and thoroughly negates the miracle of what it is to be born into the human context. No American soldier has ever experienced that deepest chilling "do or die" drive to fight to defend family, community or even their nation from almost certain defeat, never. This alone is such a disadvantage in battle against an enemy that is so motivated that as in Vietnam, no matter what the technical advantages they may have, they will lose in the end. The fact is they have already lost the battle and yet have still to fight the war. This false war must of necessity be based on propaganda and hype, on lies and falsehoods to motivate the soldiers since they are not stirred from their normal instinctual depths of self preservation. It becomes then a most unmanly war since the victims will be mainly unarmed women and children, and almost of necessity, slaughtered from a safe distance. The "soldiers" will never engage the "enemy" in any real way but play it as a video game at best. They and their commanders are lost before they even start. God most assuredly is not on this side.

If the underlying convoluted premise for this proposed war against Iraq is not understood and if one does not do everything possible to join the fight against greed, anger and fear then by default we support this colossal mistake. We the people, the good folks that make up the vast majority of this interwoven and interdependent world of today, yes it is we then who, by being ignorant and simply by continuing our work-a-day activities in misplaced good faith, remain unwitting citizen combatants in any war. For in the end it is this industrialized scientific world that we have created that births and maintains the military machine now aimed at all of us, particularly here in the USA. The very existence of the weapons of mass destruction are just that, instruments that are destroying us and our environment in mass no matter in whose hands they are just now, used or not, and we who support the infrastructure, the "satanic mills" that produce them and their ilk are in material breach of every good resolution of humankind. We are the real present and future war criminals, and it is us and our children and their children who will pay the ultimate price unless there is a stop to this insane, unworthy and misguided political/industrial system and its endless cycle of preparing for war and getting war as a result. Presuming that there even is a future.

We have to burst out of this old skin and grow or be strangled by it. Peace starts in the minds of men as a transformation of consciousness. Prepare for peace and you will get peace. All the great sages recommend a period of quiet and reflection as a prelude to effective peaceful permanent self transformation. This is needed on a vast scale right now before January 27th. 2003. What would be effective would be a global effort to stop, be quiet, "be still and know God" to take stock of where we are and where we might go instead of where this mere handful of lost leaders want the world to go. We should start right here at home. Here is one strategy for survival. Stock up on food staples like beans, seeds and grains and other necessary supplies and take a break from the present world. Stop participating in the system; let the system too take a break, no work, no cars for awhile, no airplanes, no electricity generation, no spending and of course no oil spills, no pollution and no more climate change either. Tend a garden or plant a tree instead and use the time to get to know the members of your own family and the neighbors, for this is your ultimate social security. Take this time to rid your life and home of weapons and your life of destructive habits, this is you best defense policy and investment portfolio. Experience love as the ultimate power and learn to use it in everything you do and give it freely, especially where you perceive a need. This is the best party platform and participatory democracy.

Have firmly in place secure relationships with your neighbors and the basic necessities of life for a few weeks safely stored ready to share, for at the end of even one month without our support, this whole tower of babel industrial/political/media/war machine encircling the fragile planet and all the infrastructure that supports it will collapse and with it those who in their great ignorance believe in it. Be ready to inherit your birthright instead, a world without violence or the means to inflict violence and the exhilarating challenge to live in harmony with the natural laws of cooperation, of thrift and the divine artistry that governs our environment and our miraculous human beingness.

There may be confusion, disruption, hardships and even chaos, but it will be manageable because we willed it and wanted it. Above all it will be ours, all or ours. Good people will still be around and able to respond and cooperate peacefully to start over and rebuild if necessary from the ground up, and it will not be from any "ground zero" either. Because it is a non violent peaceful strategy, there will be infrastructure and resources enough unharmed to rebuild a new society. We will gain strength and numbers, not lose them, and in the quiet time necessary as a prelude to this apocalyptic change, good decisions will be made about this future sharing and caring society we are birthing. How do we best share the earth's oil and other scarce resources peacefully, justly and equitably? How best educate ourselves and communicate with our fellows? How should we get about, and how maintain optimum personal and planetary health? Whatever the answers they will not be born out of the unmanageable chaos created by the use of military force, with its death and destruction and years of lethal physical and psychic aftermath. They will be answers from both the hearts and minds of peaceful, whole hearted men and women.

The modern military/industrial/political machine is obsolete, it is time to retire it. It is out of here or we are all out of here. Weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons are by far and away of greatest benefit only to an infinitesimally small number of insane and elusive terrorists. They are of no use whatsoever to any civilized society but instead are an as yet unsolved lethal toxic burden on all our backs. It is only the weak and cowardly that turn to weapons to solve their problems, and we the people are not weak nor are we cowards. To live by weapons is to die by weapons. The best armed and trained soldier is nothing but a killer and destroyer adept in the black arts of lies, secrecy and deception. Do we want to become known as a whole nation of such men and women? Do we not have already too many military style shadow governments that will eventually blacken our name, our country and our world? Is war to be our main business, economic activity, industry and export? Our legacy to the future?


After an evolution that has taken us 15 billion years and looks like it is coming to a grim end, a few weeks, or months taking a well earned break to reinvent this world is not so long don't you think?



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