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February, 2003

Get Your Voice Heard In Middle America...

Have you tired of protesting en masse in San Francisco and being pretty much ignored by the press unless you take your clothes off? While I admit protest marches and actions have their place in the activist's tool bag, I am continuously amazed that organizers so rarely ask anything of participants other than their presence. One marches, feels solidarity with others in the march, listens to a speech or two exhorting one to "do something" about what is going on... but is never told what that "something" is other than to keep marching.

Writers on the left are equally void of ideas of "what to do." Too many writers regurgitate the bad tidings over and over to the already-converted, providing no suggestion for real action other than a vague hope that Americans will finally "do something." The end result for most rational people is a feeling of frustration, information fatigue and powerlessness.

So how about thinking up some ideas on how to reach out to the UNconverted out there? Be creative, but practical. Here are a few ideas to get the list started...

One: Enter the world of AM Talk Radio. The vast majority of talk-show hosts are of the right, and rarely get calls from people like us with important information to share with their listeners.

In the Bay Area, KGO (AM810) and KSFO (AM560) are the key players, each with multiple talk shows to choose from, some local and some national.(go to their websites and print the page with all the on-air phone numbers) KSFO, for example, hosts the Rush Limbaugh show (phone in at 1-800-282-2882 or email [email protected]). Actually, Limbaugh is syndicated via hundreds of stations around the country. So is Don Imus, Oliver North, Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity (225 stations, 1-800-941-7326). Each one of these guys has a website (easy to find) that offers access via both phone and email and even provides live web listening.

To access local Talk Radio in other areas (Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, etc.), just use Google for an easy search. In only 60 seconds, you can have a list of Talk Show hosts in Seattle, for example (of special interest is Brian Suits, 6-9 p.m. weekdays at 570KVI/Seattle, 1-888-312-5757, very pro-war). The possibilities are endless. And everyone in Talk Radio has easily accessible sites, providing all the data you would need, including bios so that you know who you are talking to and how to construct your comments.

The key to Talk Radio is to know what you are talking about. Be prepared, never lose your cool and try to inject humor. Come across as "a regular guy or gal" standing up for what you believe to be right. Remember that Middle America is listening and perhaps getting their first taste of "another way of looking at what is going on." The Unconverted want to hear from you! P.S. This same concept can be used via letters-to-the-editor in newspapers and magazines of the right.

Two. Join the Democratic Party and agitate from within. Yes, I know I have said they are on the level of pond scum for their cowardice in letting the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts through, not to mention confirming Ashcroft in the first place. But if there is to be a regime change in 2004, only a Democrat can do it. An "intervention" is needed within the Democratic Party to move them away from the right. We have a choice....we can sit by and prayerfully hope that they somehow reform themselves on their own, or we can get involved and drag them to where we want them to go. We have one year and ten months to get this done. How does one become a convention delegate? Actually, how does one even contact the Democratic Party in Marin? Where is it? When are the meetings? Does it really exist? Maybe we have to invent it. If so, let's do it.

So there are the first two ideas. If you have other ideas, please send them to me c/o the Coastal Post. And one more thing: know that the world of activism rotates around the Internet and communicates via email. The amount of information available to activists, along with the ability to be instantly in communication with other activists around the world, is astounding. The fact that the peace movement is already out there and organized is due to the web. Get on board and use the available will exponentially increase your effectiveness. End of sermon.



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