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February, 2003

Sowing The Dragon's Teeth
By Edward W. Miller

"Our fathers and ourselves sowed dragon's teeth.
Our children know and suffer the armed men."
Stephen Vincent Benet

The Bush Administration's headlong rush into this unprovoked war against Saddam Hussein may well end as a MidEast Armageddon, and must be stopped at all cost. The Iraqi people, whose economic infrastructure we purposely destroyed with our bombs during the Gulf War in 1991 have since been dying by the thousands from the US and British "weapons of mass destruction," a scientifically-calculated plague of water-born diseases plus irradiation sickness from over 300 tons of depleted-uranium bombs, whose silent killing will continue for over a million years. This combination of plague and radiation has already destroyed over 1.6 million Iraqi lives, the majority of them children, according to studies by UNICEF, the International Red Cross and several NGO's.

Last weekend in major cities across the United States and in many foreign capitals, outraged citizens marched to express their anger and concern at the US and British Administrations intent to release their dogs of war against an impoverished country whose helpless citizens these two super powers have been killing on a daily basis since 1991. Members of the European Union as well as leaders of the Asian countries have publicly noted that both Washington and London have yet to prove that Saddam and his people pose any threat whatsoever to either the United States, or to Iraq's Arab neighbors .

The powerful interests driving the troika of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld include the oil lobby, our huge armaments industry as well as AIPAC, that behind- the-scenes agent of Israel, which, while largely hidden from the public eye, directs just how and to whom those millions of Jewish lobbying funds will be selectively delivered to assure that the interests of Bush's "man of peace," Sharon, as well as the interests of Israel will take preference over the desires and needs of the American taxpayer who for almost half a century has been footing Israel's bill.

As the Saudi's Osama Bin Laden has repeatedly stated in both his video tapes, interviews with the press and rare radio addresses, it is time for the Muslim peoples to join in a JIHAD to address the threatened colonialism of the West, particularly the assaults both militaristic and economic by the United States and Britain.

Osama has promised to use his Al Qaeda brethren to inflict on the civilian populations of the United States the same violence that the US is presently visiting on the Iraqi people as well as the egregious demolitions and killing that Sharon and his Israeli army with Washington's support are visiting on the Palestinian people. On Sunday, January 19th the Drudge Report ( e-net ) noted that Osama Bin Laden had issued a 26-page letter to his Muslims, printed in the London-based Arabic newspaper, Asharg Al-Awsat. The letter reaffirms Bin Laden's intent to counter the West's colonialism by encouraging his brethren across the Muslim world to shelve their petty grievances and present a solid face against the persecution of fellow Muslims in both Iraq and the Occupied Territories.

The Muslim world , whose many nations are members of the UN General Assembly, is also angered at Washington's repeated use of its veto in the Security Council to rescue Israel from facing up to its criminal behavior, including the repeated human rights abuses of its captive Palestinians. Just last month on December 20th, a Resolution drafted by Syria and strongly supported by all the other permanent members of the Security Council was vetoed by the US. As veteran UN reported Ian Williams reported in the MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL magazine ( 10 January, 2003 no. 691). The text of the Resolution condemned Israel's killing of members of the United Nation's staff in the Occupied Territories and Israel's "deliberate destruction of a World Food Program warehouse in the Gaza Strip." The Resolution also demanded Israel comply fully with her obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilians in time of war." Williams added: " In the end the veto verified the feelings of much of the world that Washington operates on double standards with a strong bias against the Muslim world."

Meanwhile down at the ' OK Corral" in Pyongyang, the US and North Korea's Kim Jong II were again at loggerheads. Americans may remember 1994 when Kim and Clinton faced off and Washington raised an international danger flag as the North Koreans dismantled their aging 30 megawatt atomic reactor to place it on line once more. Residual plutonium in the 8000 discarded fuel rods caught our attention and a dangerous standoff with nuclear threats by the US was diffused by such stalwarts as Ex-President Jimmy Carter and Defense Secretary William Perry. The resulting 1994" Framework" agreement , based on Kim Jong II's promise to trash his old reactor included Washington's promise to construct two 1000 megawatt "light water reactors" for Kim, supply his freezing people with 500,000 barrels of fuel oil/year until the reactors were online, and work toward "normalization" of political and economic relations.

Fast forward to October 2002: Bush Junior now president, rather than working towards the promised "normalization of economic and political relations" not only neglects North Korea, but shortly after assuming office publicly humiliates South Korea's president Kim Dae Jung during his Washington visit, since Kim's "Sunshine Policy" of eventual Korean unity runs counter to Washington's need for an excuse to keep those 37,000 US troops in Kim's country. Next move: Bush publicly announces North Korea has been advanced from a "Rogue State" to join Iraq and Iran in the "Axis of Evil."

By October 2002 North Korea's Kim Jong II , whose people have been waiting since 1994 for the electrical energy from those two promised light water reactors, noted that only the foundation of one reactor had been constructed, and in a understandable snit decided to reactivate his old 30 megawatt graphite nuclear reactor at Pyongyang while publicly acknowledging plans to extract some of the residual plutonium from the discarded rods. Kim also removed the IAEA surveillance cameras and slammed the door on further UN atomic inspections. Bush originally raised the hype on the plutonium-missile issue to encourage his Star Wars fans, but as international attention was drawn to the US' absolute failure to keep its part of the 1994 "Agreed Framework" agreement, our president has quieted down.

"North Korea has lived under the nuclear threat longer than any nation. From the Korean War when General Douglas MacArthur had to be restrained from his plan to drop "between 30 and 50 atomic bombs" through the cold war, when the US introduced nuclear artillery, mines and missiles into Korea, and after it when rehearsals continued for a nuclear bombing strike." ( Prof. Gavan McCormack, Canberra )"

As I finish this column Washington and North Korea are beginning to communicate. Rumsfeld has stopped bragging that the US could attack Kim and Saddam simultaneously, and hopefully, construction of North Korea's much-needed lightwater reactors will resume.

Washington's international bullying and mindless sowing of dragon's teeth always results in a "blowback. Will we ever learn?



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