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February, 2003

War! What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!
By Stephen Simac

The media is portraying the Peace Movement as a quaint relic from the 60's like bell bottoms, and deliberately undercounting the numbers of marchers. Meanwhile they lavish space and time on stories about high tech weapons, military activities and the daily jostling by the Bush administration over their plans to whack Iraq.

If the media monopoly simply revealed the war mongers documented plans for decades of Total War the numbers of peace marchers would swell to massive proportions.

It's quite obvious that War is Good for some things, certainly for some industries and individuals.

It reliably boosts media profits.

Those safely out of the way of it benefit more than the hapless ones in its midst. Industries and individuals that have the most to gain from War and the least to fear have always pushed hardest for it.

Because of the nature of the Beast they have the most wealth and influence. War has always been the ultimate capitalist maneuver, risk all for everything. Those who have won reaped enormous rewards, losers are rarely even buried.

The Peace Movement is fragmented and overwhelmed by the Goliath of Death Merchants, but millions more than are marching now are behind it or will be if this venture goes badly.

While the Bushies have been blithely projecting Best Case Scenarios, the truth is that a lot can go wrong and probably will.

Like bogged down armies, massive civilian fatalities, inflamed Muslims overthrowing monarchies, attacks on Israel and nuclear weapon retaliation by the only country known to have them in the middle East, irradiating the region and causing immediate oil shutoffs, economies disintegrating from $5-10 a gallon gas.

Only disasters of their own making threaten to dislodge these Chicken Hawks from their perch, and these fools are rushing in.

Americans have always had to be prodded into entering foreign wars, even moral ones. It took the electric jolt of 9/11 to bring support for bombing Afghanistan. We did it to bring them Liberty, Peace and Democracy but missed Osama and aren't doing too much for L, P and D.

The sickening roller coaster of the Bushies is trumpeting onwards to Baghdad. This is a gameplan they've held for years, even when not in power and never let go of in their sights. The first demand by

"Rummy" Rumsfeld on 9/12 was to attack Iraq, before they pinned the blame on OBL.

The decades long conditioning of the American populace by the media has been ramped up in the last several years. The entertainment industry has put out a steady stream of war movies and video games to gear us up for Total War.

The news media has always loved to pile on Saddam, so it's no wonder that so many Americans are gung-ho to invade Iraq, although most want us to go in with UN support, as if that would somehow make it all right. Many Americans believe that this war will lead to Armageddon and the return of a mass murdering Jesus, like Revelations and best selling series of novels predict, so they are all for it.

America has gotten in the habit of using bombing and invasions to take out certain cruel dictators, many of whom were originally installed by the US.

But first they have to be made the Enemy of P, D and L. That's easy with Saddam, but his threat to the US is an unlikely stretch.

Many of the soldiers being called up to invade Iraq may believe they are somehow protecting American Freedom and Liberty but there's absolutely no evidence for their delusion.

Iraq's military is no threat to Israel now, but could be if he developed weapons of MD.

He has been giving millions to the families of Palestinian suicide bomber and that's one of the reasons he's got to go.

It's not just about the OIL, because we could buy it much cheaper than this war is going to cost.

It is partially about control of the oil reserves in Iraq.

Most of all it is part of a master plan by the Bushies to dominate the world militarily and strategically. This is well documented in their own words and plans, but virtually ignored by the news media.

Bush's most rabid advisors formulated a plan in Sept. 2000 to invade Iraq and beyond in their insane Project for a New American Century. They wrote that the "core mission of the US military is to fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars."

They realized that few Americans would support their asylum plot, "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event-like a new Pearl Harbor." A PowerPoint slide during a Defense Policy Board meeting chaired by Richard Perle, said "Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the Strategic Pivot, Egypt as the Prize." 9/11 was reportedly called "the opportunity of the ages" by Perle.

Surveys show that more than half of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein planned 9/11, even though there is less evidence for this than Osama bin Laden's involvement, meaning none. There is more evidence for Saudi Arabia or Pakistan's involvement, but don't fret the Bushies plans include "liberating" those countries, too.

Most Americans believe that Saddam gassed his own people the Kurds, who disagree that they are his own people.

However the US Army College investigated the killing of Kurds incident shortly after it happened and reported that it was an Iranian attack. A gas was used that the Iraqis did not have.

They should know because the US was selling Saddam the poison gas being used to kill Iranians during that10 year war. Back then he was actively supported by the Reagan and Bush administrations. Some of the documentation for this support is listed in the 9,000 pages that the Bush administration deleted from the official 12,000 page Iraqi declaration of their weapons. The Bush administration seized the original from the UN Security Council with Columbia's assistance and finally released the heavily edited version to most of the member countries of the Security Council.

The records and receipts show a long involvement by US firms selling Saddam the military supplies he needed to remain in power and threaten his neighbors. Foreign subsidiaries of Halliburton were selling war materials to Iraq in the 90's while Dick Cheney was head of the company.

Yes, Saddam is an evil tyrant. He was our tyrant for a decade until the first Gulf War, and he's been useful in his foreign devil role since. He's center stage for now, except for that N. Korean dictator with the bad hair trying to elbow him out of the spotlight.

"Rummy" Rumsfeld believes the US can take on Iraq and N. Korea at the same time, no problem, but without a draft he's deluded.

They plan on sending 200,000-300,000 soldiers to occupy Iraq, and estimates for a war with North Korea would require almost 700,000.

Volunteers are going to be scarce once the casualties mount.

The top advisors of Bush have planned on paper and made statements on record that could have them locked up in a psych ward by a mental health worker, if they ever got in the same room with one.

The media has studiously ignored this while gushing over their bunker busting 340 kilotons nuclear bombs that threaten to further irradiate the whole planet. The Bush Nuclear Posture Review plan calls for first strike nuclear war against Russia, China and a few dozen other countries.

Their project for a New Century is a fantasy that charts an endless war for total world domination using any means necessary, "to prevent collusion among our vassals, keep our tributaries pliant and Barbarians from coming together."

9/11 has been used to kick start their War on Terrorism without end.

Perle, AKA "The Prince of Darkness" told journalist John Pilger, "If we just let our vision of the world go Forth, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, our children will sing great songs about us."

What century are they living in?

The Chicken Hawks, Bush and most of his advisors who are pushing for Total War, have never fought in any war.

Cheney was in Divinity School during Vietnam, Bush was AWOL in the Air National Guard, Perle and Wolfowitz never enlisted yet have served on defense advisory boards or in the armaments industry for decades.

Not one member of Congress has a child fighting this war.

Most of congress rolled over like spineless chickens to support these War plans. It's a total War, which will not end in our lifetimes as Rummy said. Bush has been told by Billy Graham and Tony Evans, founder of the Christian men's scam The Promise Keepers that these are the apocalyptic end days.

Bush is certain that he is "a chosen vessel" on a mission to "rid the world of evil" and defeat the antichrist, which he's said "is among us."

To be successful stopping these lunatics from devastating the planet, the Peace Movement will have to adopt different tactics. The "wrong but strong" mentality will not be defeated head on, but tripped up in the myriad details of Total War, and the local effects of waging War instead of Peace.



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