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January, 2003 - Volume 28, Number 1

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The Consequences Of An Iraqi Misadventure - Remarks by Dr. Paul Atwood
  I fear that we are embarking upon another deadly misadventure in which desires and fantasies on the part of a small number of administration advisers about private gains are overriding rational judgments about costs and long-term consequences.
County Destroying Key Environmental Protections - By Elena Belsky
A state of emergency exists for Marin's environment. Recent County proposals, led by Supervisor Steve Kinsey, are emerging as a brazen two-pronged attack on two of Marin's most important environmental protections.
What is a Stream Conservation Area? - By Elena Belksy
A Steam Conservation Area is a buffer zone between creeks, wetlands, and woodlands and human development impacts. Protection and preservation of these riparian areas are critical to our endangered species in Marin County.
Afghanistan: The Nuclear Nightmare Starts - By Davey Garland
When questions were asked in the British parliament a year ago about whether depleted uranium (DU) weapons had been used in the military strikes on Afghanistan, "It is not being used at present" was defense minister Geoff Hoon's reply.
Letter From Magallanes Part II - By Jim Scanlon
Richard Gere almost slipped into Punta Arenas unnoticed, in mid November, on his way to Antarctica to take scraps of onsite film footage to be inserted into a National Geographic documentary. In a matter of hours his hotel was surrounded by a crowd of young women eager to get a glimpse of the star of 'Mujer Bonita" (Pretty Woman) a feminist horror story.
2002-Not A Good Year To Review - By Karen Nakamura
Sometimes it's a good idea to review the past year's events to gain perspective. Little babies are still screaming in terror as Israeli missiles explode above them in the West Bank and Gaza. That is if they're still alive.
Hospice-A Quiet Revolution - By Carol Sterritt
Some twenty-six years ago a core group of Marin healthcare advocates undertook the establishment of the second hospice center in the United States and the first such center to grace the West Coast. Their hard work and dedication put Hospice of Marin on the map.
Grieving Widow Sues Fairfax Cops - By Jim Scanlon
On Friday 13, 2002, Terri Alvillar, a writer for the Coastal Post, initiated a law suit in Federal District Court in San Francisco charging that her late husband Ricardo Alvillar, "The Nicest Cop in Fairfax," was discriminated against on the basis of his ethnicity, denied due process and was retaliated against for exercising his free speech rights.
How to Know if You are on the Far Out Fringe - By Stephen Simac
If you believe that JFK was assassinated by a lone gunman, one Lee Harvey Oswald who fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Dallas Book Depot. You're in a small minority of Americans who do, only 13% in the latest poll.
Cities Say No to Federal Snooping - By Julia Scheeres
Fearing that the Patriot Act will curtail Americans' civil rights, municipalities across the country are passing resolutions to repudiate the legislation and protect their residents from a perceived abuse of authority by the federal government.
Moloka'i Versus Goliath - Submitted By Rich Zubaty
The 6000 residents of the Hawaiian island of Moloka'i are preparing to greet the December 28 arrival of the Holland America cruise ship Statendam with chants, pickets and a "No Cruise Ships in Moloka'i" 'protest party'.
Sea Turtle Hauls Out Of Tomales Bay - Submitted By Reuven Walder
Tomales Bay (November 28, 2002)--An olive ridley sea turtle surprised Tomales Bay beachgoers at Shell Beach in Inverness when it swam up to the shore, pulled itself out of the water and rested for approximately 30 minutes before re-entering the cold water and swimming away.
Inverness Garden Club Thanks
The Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund is currently supporting twenty-one West Marin students at various colleges around the country, seven of whom are from Bolinas, seven from Inverness/Point Reyes, and seven from throughout West Marin.
Martin Luther King Celebration
Marin County Youth are invited to a celebration honoring the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Record Number Of Coho Rescued In 2002 From Drying Creeks
More Than 6,000 Fish Saved In Past Four Years Marin County, CA-SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, reported today that a record number of juvenile coho salmon were rescued from drying creeks this year in the San Geronimo Valley, located in west Marin County.
News Briefs

Fear Year - By Frank Scott
We begin the new year as we ended the old ; preparing for an assault on innocent Iraqis, calling it war, as though involving equal military powers. The major context, and not a subtext of this manufactured crisis is that light skinned dominators make murderous and impossible demands on darker skinned subjects. Western history marches on.
Your Jihad, My Crusade By Edward W. Miller
"The "War on terrorism" slogan has become an ideological skeleton key that can be used to justify actions that might seem dubious from the perspective of international law and democratic norms."
Mr. And Mrs. America fall through the economic cracks... By Jeanette Pontacq
The year 2002 saw an exponential increase in the number of "invisibles" in America. The classic invisibles in this country have been the working poor, minorities and anyone else who doesn't vote and/or doesn't contribute to politicians' coffers. But the times (to paraphrase Bob Dylan) are most certainly changing.
Coastal Post Advertising Representative Needed
The Coastal Post needs a advertising rep for the print publication. Experience is preferred. A genetic predilection for sales is probably a necessity. Half-time to full time position. Call 415-868-0520 or send resume to PO Box 31, Bolinas, CA 94924.
Media Spin Can Separate War From Death - By Norman Solomon
A dozen years after the Gulf War, public perceptions of it are now very helpful to the White House. That's part of a timeworn pattern. Illusions about previous wars make the next one seem acceptable. As George Orwell observed: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."
Letters To The Editor

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