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January, 2003

Letters To The Editor

Fireplace Smoke, Oh Yeah?

Hello readers, the following is my response to the article below that appeared in the IJ on Dec. 27 2002. The real benefactors of the story's proposition would be PG&E and not your lungs.

Fireplace health warning dampens coziness

By Mark Prado

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District estimates on an average winter day, half of the particulate pollution in the North Bay comes from wood smoke.

(This is a bad estimate made, I guess, by a stupid bureaucrat.)

"We are being more strident this year and asking people to stop using their wood-burning appliances altogether," said Luna Salaver, spokeswoman for the air district. "The smoke from fires produces contaminants and small particles. They are not only toxic, but remain airborne because they are small and fine, and they can become inhaled and trapped in the lungs."

(Kinda like cigarettes and other more natural occurrences that happen in nature all the time.)

There is no doubting the impact of wood smoke, which spews 80 to 100 grams of pollution into the atmosphere every hour. Compare that with a car traveling 60 mph, which sends 4.2 grams of pollution into the air, officials said.

(Here is that stupid official again. Do the Math, count the cars and then add up the grams. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of cars in Marin County putting away every day. Just 100,000 cars equals 210 tons of particulate per hour according to those figures! We don't burn that much dry wood per hour in the whole north bay.)

People in Marin can afford to make changes," Salaver said. "People would think twice about burning wood if they knew what they were doing to their communities."

(If the people really realized what was happening in their community, we would make changes by replacing idiots with someone with the intelligence to make good policy by speaking the truth. A good issue to put on the agenda by such an official would be to get rid of cars, not fireplaces, and actually try to

conserve our clean air.)

Michael Dunne


Abdullah Conveniently Forgets History

King Abdullah 11 of Jordan in his December 7th speech portrays a good example of what is really wrong with the Arab perception of the Israeli-Arab difficulties. His family may be descended from the Prophet Mohammed-peace be upon Him-but that in my opinion doesn't make him any smarter than the man on the street. All the world knows from history and first hand observation that when he states "our religion calls us to live and work for justice and to promote tolerance" is not quite the way it sounds. In recent times the Arabs have on countless occasions been quite brutal and bloody with their own brothers and fellow Muslims. The list is long including Iraq's destruction of Kurdish communities, the Iraq/Iran war where there has been over a million casualties and where young children are reported to have been sacrificed to clear minefields, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Syria's extermination of Arabs at Hamma, the terrible toll through bloody massacres of Algerians by Arab extremists and the King should be aware of his own countries bloody treatment of Palestinian refugees. The King has to go a long way to undo these terrible crimes of Arabs against Arabs. It is only now that the Muslim world tries desperately hard to change this image. And the world waits to see what real action the Arab world will take to suppress the extremists.

The King goes on to say that "Extremists violently reject the original moderation and openness of Islam- qualities that made the Muslim world the historical home of diversity and learning. If anything in modern times Arab Islam has been a mostly closed isolated sealed community for which I have no objection, but let's face the fact that in most if not all Arab countries there is little diversity, no freedom of religion, no political parties no welcoming the refugees and restrictions on freedom of women.

Lastly the King is off base and creates the allusion that Israel is occupying lands. "Together, we share a responsibility to prevent the abuse of religion by those who would divide us. We have a special duty to combat injustice, which is so often exploited by extremists. Nowhere is our help needed more than in the Holy Land, where Palestinians and Israelis alike are crying out for peace, stability and security. Together we must urge their leaders to hear the voices of reason and peace, end oppression and occupation, stop the violence and create a future of hope."

Here the king blithely forgets that his father King Hussein was not a man of peace when he deliberately decided to assist Egypt and other Arab states when he was deluded into thinking he could destroy Israel and attacked during the Six Day War. This is history. He was no man of peace. He occupied the Westbank and for years could have set up an independent nation but jealously guarded his treasure in spite of the fact that his and the current King's people are one and the same ethnic stock. King Hussein contributed to the plight of the Arabs of Judea, Gaza, Samaria and the Golan by viciously attacking Israel in the hopes of adding all of Israel to his domain. Methinks the King's statement concerning occupied land and oppression is a bone to the Arabs to fan their brutal attacks against Israel by legitimizing the false claim of "occupier and oppressor" of lands held by Israel. This was not the word of a peace maker but a friction maker.

The history of the past 50 years provides enough evidence of Arab Islamic intentions. They want no part of Israel in their lands. What Arabs do to Arabs is deemed non of the outside worlds business. At some point, hopefully soon, the Arabs with their kings and dictators will realize that Israel is here to stay and that they will achieve more by following the path of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Ghandi and I am confident that the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon Him will be very pleased.

Norman Mann

[email protected]

What If, Mr. President.

What if-you took your men and materiel--currently situated in the Gulf and Turkey, and instead of marching on Iraq, you could disarm all parties in the Holy Land.

What if--there was no Israel, no Palestine, but a NEW State, under which BOTH would have to live. NOT a Jewish State, NOT an Islamic State. But a government, say empowered by the World Leadership, run by the United Nations. Where the Law applies equally to all parties.

You have to disarm--Israel. And supersede that nation's body of laws--with the international legal structure of civilized peoples. Doing THAT seems a hell of a lot more important to a lot of American People that "disarming" Saddam Hussein.

In the prayers at the widely-televised Pope's Midnight mass was the plea for "Reciprocal Freedom" in the Middle East. Did you see it? People from all over the world are keenly aware of events this nation has precipitated globally.

Because of your policy decisions on secrecy---you could have NOT brought the American People with you, most of whom--GET that Osama Bin Laden and Saddam SIMPLY CANNOT STAND what is going on in The Holy Land.

And because YOU, as President, are NOT doing anything substantial to end this horrible ugly killing spree in The Holy Land, Mr. President, I truly believe most Americans feel your policies are jeopardizing their safety and the integrity of this nation. I beg you to reconsider your priorities in the coming new year.

Michelle Sura

Bolinas. California 94924

Update From The Sunset

Thanks to the financial help that was generated from the benefit for my law school fund, I have been able to focus solely on school. As a result of that I have had the best semester yet at New College. I enrolled in legal ethics, remedies, wills and trusts, civil trial skills and spirituality and the law. The most fun was had doing a mock trial in the civil trial skills class. The fact that was able to do nothing other than deal with school and my internship as enabled me to be a fully self realized law student. The whole "carpenter on the side" or "truck driver part time" was creating too much duality for me where I was doing no justice to my work nor to my education.

In order to do the mock trial properly I thought it was only wise to think of it as a real trial. I was partnered with one of my fellow classmates. Over a period of three weeks she and I worked day on putting a defense together (as we were defense counsel) as well as practicing our opening statement, direct and cross examination, and the closing argument. At the trial we were prepared, and ready. As a result we were reasonably successful but the best is we gave it our best and as a result we were confident and had a lot of fun. By the end of the mock trial there was no doubt in my mind what I am destined for.

I am also doing internships with Randy Daar of Pier 5 law Offices and Steve Olmo of the San Francisco Public defenders office. This next semester I hope to publish an article on the Marin County Drug court in our Law Journal at New College. For my spirituality and the law class my goal is to write a paper on the personal journey that lead me to what I am doing today. I believe it is a story worth telling. The fact that we had a successful benefit in order to further my little ol' education is absolute social phenomena that I feel other communities can learn from. This paper is due February 1st. My hope is that it gets published in the coastal post as well as the Hearsay News. However, I would not object to its publication any where else other the bottom of the bird cage.

I have moved to the City which has been a lot of fun for me. The only two setbacks are the parking authority and the 24 hour donut and coffee shops (the latter being the more troublesome). My friendships at school are absolute joy to me. Each one of us has our special talents and ideals. It is this fact that make us all very valuable to each other in a variety of ways. I look forward to the days when I am arguing against one of my classmates or simply calling for some advice on a particular legal issue.

Judy Molyneux has stepped up and donated quite beautiful painting. She suggested that I raffle it off. Therefore I am holding a raffle. The painting is of a reflection of the Mt. Tam in the ocean. This is the kind of painting that will make an art lover out of anyone. My goal is do this act of generosity and kindness, justice by selling as many raffle tickets as I can between now and July the fourth. More information will be forthcoming. Anyone interested in participating in the raffle can call write or e-mail me.

Tim Horvath

PO 505

Bolinas, Ca. 94924

Phone 415-504-6982/309 3604

E-mail at: [email protected]



This Government Of...

The Bush/Republican regime has made some changes in Lincoln's definition of our American democracy. The definition now reads: "this government of the special interests, by the special interests, for the special interests."

New York Times, November 29, 2002, "A Capitol Hill Mystery: Who Aided Drug Maker?" by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

In a Washington whodunit worthy of Agatha Christie, the [Eli Lilly & Company] provision has become law, as part of the domestic security legislation signed on Monday by President Bush. Yet in a city where politicians have perfected the art of claiming credit for deeds large and small, not a single member of Congress-or the Bush administration-will admit to being the author of the Lilly rider. "There's a lot of guessing, a lot of speculation as to who did this," said Dave Lemmon, spokesman for Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan.

The provision forces lawsuits over the preservative, developed by Eli Lilly and called thimerosal, into a special "vaccine court." It may result in the dismissal of thousands of cases filed by parents who contend that mercury in thimerosal has poisoned their children, causing autism and other neurological ailments.

Washington is rife with speculation about who is responsible for aiding Lilly, a major Republican donor. During the 2002 election cycle, the company gave more money to political candidates, $1.6 million, than any other pharmaceutical company, with 79 percent of it going to Republicans.

The White House has said that it did not ask Congress for the provision.

Rob Smith, a spokesman for Lilly, said: "It's a mystery to us how it got in there."

On Capitol Hill, Congressional aides have traced the emergence of the provision to the Veterans Day weekend. Flush from their party's victories on Election Day, and with a mandate from President Bush to pass a domestic security bill, Republican negotiators in the House and Senate holed up for three days in the

Capitol to hammer out the details, said Richard Diamond, spokesman for the retiring House majority leader. Mr. Diamond said all the negotiators supported the move, but would not say who was responsible.

While Washington debates the origins, [victims'] families are fuming.

Mr. Smith, the Lilly spokesman, said his company would soon go to court to seek dismissal of the suits.

Aware of the controversy, lawmakers in both parties have pledged to alter the thimerosal rider, but are arguing about how to do so. While many Democrats want it repealed, Republicans have suggested that they may simply alter the language to apply to future cases only.

"I'll believe it when I see it," said Mr. Waters, a lawyer for one family.

Editorial, New York Times, November 30, 2002, "Why Judges Should Make Court Documents Public" by Stephen Gillers, vice dean of New York University School of Law, teaches legal ethics.

"The Justice Department asked a federal judge this week to seal documents that might otherwise aid parents in lawsuits against the maker of a mercury-based vaccine preservative called thimerosal, which parents claim caused their children's autism. The department has the right to make the request, but if the court grants it, parents could by prevented from getting evidence that might prove their claims. The court should refuse."

Mr. Gillers, vice dean of New York University School of Law, continues in his editorial: "Information that alerts the public to danger or that might help prove responsibility for injuries should be publicly available once it is filed in court."

It stinks; it all stinks.

David Lockmiller

San Francisco, CA

[email protected]

Nuclear Weapons Threat

The United States is about to go to war with Iraq using the reason that Iraq has-or someday might have-nuclear weapons. At the same time North Korea - who has a working nuclear plant-and who has disabled it's nuclear surveillance devices-is clearly on the path to manufacturing nuclear weapons. So-why are we going after Iraq who isn't building nuclear weapons and not going after North Korea who clearly is? I think this artificial war with Iraq is about oil and politics and the People of America are being defrauded by our own government.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco, CA.

The Axis of Deceit

Disturbing details of the US-led War on Terror have emerged recently. These details continue to expose the complicity of our anti-terror allies: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. First, the Congressional report linking Saudi funds to terrorist activities further shows the two faces of Saudis in the US-led War on Terror. Then, as reported in an article in NY Times, Pakistan's proliferation of nuclear technology to North Korea in exchange for North Korea's missile technology questions Pakistan's shadowy role as a front-line state in the War on Terror.

The North Korea and Pakistan nuclear nexus is a major threat to the international security. By allowing Pakistan to continue proliferation of nuclear weapons technology to North Korea in exchange for missile technology, we may be undermining our own security as well as that of our democratic allies, namely, South Korea, Japan, India and Russia. Communist China, which borders both Pakistan and North Korea and has been known to supply key weapons technologies to both her rogue neighbors, has been an active

participant in this game of deception.

We have a clear choice: continue to be deceived by sweet-talking dictators or act firmly to dismantle the nuclear weapons infrastructure in Pakistan and North Korea.

Prashant Gandhi

San Jose

[email protected]

Fear Serves Both Terrorists And Tyrants

Fear is the driving force behind repression and control in every totalitarian state. Tyrants create unrelenting terror among their people. The type of fear most used to justify all other means and a methods of control is the fear of foreign enemies.

Even democratic governments sometimes spread fear to suppress dissent and extend its control. During the "cold war" we were told that communists were everywhere trying to destroy our way if life. We willingly shed some of our liberties, compromised some of our founding principles, withheld our charity and squandered our resources in response to that threat. Neighbors suspected neighbors and those accused were condemned in the same breath. We conducted foreign policies that permitted or created tyranny abroad in the name of national defense while those American industries that thrive on fear profited.

Our "cold war" foreign policies helped spawn the international terrorists we confront today. Terrorism is not a disease. Terrorists are molded from childhood through trauma, poverty, oppression and despair. We can capture them and disrupt their plans, but the spawning grounds of terrorists are only fertilized by war.

How should we respond? We should pursue the terrorists, but not use them as an excuse to invade another oil field. We should invent new ways to reach out and hear their grievances before innocent lives are lost. We should encourage peaceful dialogue with the terrorists' constituency, those desperate folks who have no voice. Our battle cry should be "Liberty and justice for all," not "let's roll."

At home we must resist the temptation to supplant "the communists threat" with "the terrorist threat." This would only erode our liberties further. Instead, we must renew our commitment America's democratic ideals and live up to our creed so that we can be a credible force for world justice and a source of hope for those oppressed and impoverished in their own land.

Brian Lynch

Mine Hill, NJ

A Billion Dollars Just Doesn't Do It; Let's Add A Few Zeros!

Who's kiddin' whom? Investor's lost a hundred billion in the Mutual Funds that took positions in this garbage. The analysts are just cogs in an institutional wheel that is corrupt and dysfunctional, an industry that needs to be stopped cold and rethunk! Don't let them get away with this simple sacrifice.

The Annual Wall Street "Window Dressing" Shell Game is bigger! Once every quarter Mutual Fund Managers rush around buying popular stocks and selling those that have "performed" poorly. This "business as usual" scenario has been a fact of life in the stock market for decades; "Bait and Switch" marketing in reverse. "Let's show our clients how smart we are by pretending that we were in the right place. These managers have to "look smart" to their bosses and to the company's clients. (That's us, and our employers, by the way.)

The sad thing is that it works. Why? These are the experts, after all, and their credentials are impressive! The Media is afraid to ruffle the feathers of famous Wall Street experts by exposing such manipulation. They don't have the "guts" to say, "hold on a minute, that's blatant fraud."

So millions of mesmerized individual investment hopefuls continue to throw their retirement dollars into an endless array of black holes. Sadly, for the most part, they have no choice. That is what needs to be changed.

Steven R Selengut


Charleston, SC

[email protected]

Hawks Of Convenience

Communist North Korea has removed UN monitoring seals and cameras at the country's main nuclear complex, a clear signal that they fully intend to step up their efforts to build (and eventually use) nuclear weapons against people they don't like.

The UN is outraged and is blasting the North Korean government -- and well they should. However, it's interesting that the UN becomes outraged when their power is threatened, while the same understanding is not granted to the United States for its perfectly legitimate efforts to protect itself from chemical attacks from Iraq or, for that matter, nuclear attacks from North Korea.

It seems like the guiding premise of the UN is: threaten our power, and you're toast; threaten the United States, while being nice to us, and we're definitely open to discussion.

Hypocrisy seems like too kind a word here. Why do we still belong to such an organization? Exactly how does it benefit our safety? It's time to start asking these questions -- and answering them.

Michael J. Hurd Ph.D.

Chevy Chase MD

What if...

I have repeatedly read or heard zionist Jews and their pathetic prophetic eschatological doomsday Hypochristian supporters ask why it is that the twenty plus Arab countries refuse to absorb Palestinian Arabs as a tactic to suggest their ultimate hope that they should all just go away and make their home somewhere else.

A better suggestion would be that since a bloody conflict between Arabs and Jews was inevitable when the latter virtually stole Palestine from its indigenous Arab population and therefore the cause of death and doom in the Holy Land lies in the hands of the zion-Jewish intrusion of Palestine, then let them be absorbed elsewhere. The truth is that while many nations may absorb a few thousand of these now bloodthirsty and overly demanding zionist Jews, not one will ever absorb them all.

To put this matter into a more personal perspective, imagine that you are sitting in the comfort of your home one evening. You are preparing your young children for bed and the older ones are helping tidy the kitchen. A group of armed men break down your front door and at gunpoint order you and your family to vacate your house immediately. Resistance results with being beaten and rifle butted, and worse, killed.

Elsewhere in your once cozy town you hear rifle shots, screaming, demolition blasts, and the chugging of bulldozers. Word starts spreading very quickly that these marauders have taken over your town and forced every man, woman, child, and yes, baby, out of their homes. News of cold-blooded massacres of hundreds of entire families creates ineffable fear and panic and everyone rushes to escape the impending horror. The justification of these miscreants is that God gave them the right to your entire land, and after all, you were all nothing more than cockroaches, rats, and snakes, and that one fingernail of any of their fingers was worth a million of all of your worthless lives, and the world would be a better, safer, and cleaner place without you. You discover later that the same fate had struck over four hundred other towns simultaneously.

You are forced to live in squalid refugee camps in tents and makeshift lean-tos, with little or no sanitation, food, clean water, medication, or warm blankets against the forthcoming cold winter months. You all continue to resist, but in the end, they effectively have you characterized as being "terrorists" with "no regard for human life," and all of their denials and all their propagandist lies and will never change the reality of their crimes against humanity.

From the shabby tent in the squalid refugee camp on the outskirts of Martinez , you and your families are now surviving, not living, over the past 54 years, and having had lost your homes, your businesses, your dignity and purpose for living, you then read in your local newspaper that these murderers and perpetuators of crimes against humanity are asking why it is that the other 49 states do not absorb the whole lot of you. Yousef Salem


Goose And Gander

How can the US expect Iraq to obey the UN, when we openly admit that we refuse to obey it also, if it doesn't do what we like? It is hypocrisy like this that has engendered anti-American sentiment around the world. We don't even pay our UN dues on time!

Mike Vandeman

San Ramon

When America Starts Not To Give A Damn

One may not totally agree with what the Republican Party stands for but it cannot be denied of a well deserved recognition for its very impressive performance in the recently concluded midterm elections. I have been very critical of President George W. Bush to the extent that I have branded him as an illegitimate president. He may well have been one, but the results of the midterm elections clearly establish a certain form of mandate that the American people have given his administration. I continue to disapprove of his methods, beliefs and values, but in fairness to the man, I have to congratulate him for his demonstrated effectiveness as a politician.

The American people are not stupid. They fully understand what George W. Bush is all about. They can appreciate the value of their votes in an election process. If they had wanted to repudiate their president's two year performance, this was the time to do it. Instead, only 40% of the registered voters bothered to exercise their most important right as American citizens. Sixty percent of American voters declared, loud and clear-that they did not give a damn. Those of us who went to the polls gave a damn, regardless of whether we agree with the Bush administration or not. Unfortunately, a greater number of us have chosen to give Bush more rope to do whatever he pleases to do with it and hope for the best.

One cannot however dismiss the very poor electoral participation of the American people in the recent polls as a manifestation of disinterest or disaffection. We are not a third world country where the electorate is oblivious of the nuances and consequences of their non participation in an electoral process as important as a midterm election, particularly one that follows a presidential election that was stolen. No. It is obvious that those of us who did not cast their ballots, expected exactly the results that we got.

The curious and unusual behavior of the Democratic Party during the elections betrayed such a mood. The opposition to the incumbent administration's agenda was glaringly perfunctory because the American people may not be happy with what President Bush is doing but do not necessarily disapprove of his motives.

We are beginning to ask ourselves some rather pragmatic questions. Being the most powerful country in the world, why should we not wield that power in our relationship with the international community? Why for instance, should the totalitarian governments in the Middle East dictate to the world their energy agendas. With Russia, France and China literally neutralized, and the U. K. behind us, why should we not be dictating that agenda instead? A rather imperialistic stance, one may say, but let us not kid ourselves-it is the only way to stay in power.

The recently concluded midterm election clearly shows that the American people approve of the US Oil Industry's energy agenda. It is an indirect affirmation of the American people's willingness, not only to stop international terrorism by going after the terrorists, but to make certain that the major source of their logistic support is plugged up. It is an endorsement of the long established axiom that whoever controls oil controls everything, including terrorism. It will not be easy. America will have to invest blood, money and lives in the process. But whoever said that it will be a piece of cake?

With the three branches of our government under Republican control, President George W. Bush has absolute power to carry through with his program of government. His first two years of frantic efforts, in satiating his wealthy friends will look like child's play compared to what he can now do during the balance of his term. Either he continues to do that or he starts to strengthen his chances for re-election, knowing full well that the US Supreme Court cannot always be in a position to hand him the presidency on a platter. It really all depends on what he will do with the rope that the American people have so graciously given him in the midterm election. He can either lasso them with it, or take the second option. The only caveat is whether he can overcome the intoxication of absolute power (which his detractors are hoping against) or use that power for the benefit of mankind. History is replete with sad memories of a number of great leaders who fell on their swords on account of it. It is incumbent upon the president to keep in mind that the 2002 midterm election results are a reminder to him that his administration is no longer indentured to big money alone but to the American people as well.

Antonio R. Serna

Rohnert Park

Plant Extinction

Sorry if I sent this to you twice. As the horrendous news that 50% of all plants species on Earth now face extinction reaches the newswire, and the plight of animals is the same in the face of too-seldom discussed human overpopulation and encroachment on nature, I submit this to you...

We've been here since the dawn of time, and are the latest in this fantastic journey. I looked forward to the one chance at life I have been given, yet it is rumored that something is coming...

A sound comes to my valley, one never heard before.... a yellow monster spewing death. Life that can move fast enough flees from burrowed home or tree. The young who cannot yet move, are left to die, crushed or smothered by the beast so ironically named caterpillar. Rumbling and snorting the monster comes- caring not for life or limb, heritage or history... lineage spanning back billions of years snuffed out in an instant, not to return again. Mindless destruction perversely named development, but often are lighthearted and deceptive names made to cover the truth. The REAL development of earth has taken billions of years to attain its perfect balance, beauty and harmony. Through it's wondrous animals, our planet has developed the miraculous ability to see itself, to wonder about itself, and after all that precious time and growing pains, the animals have achieved the ability to think, change their environment, and choose their own future. To visualize things that are not, and make them so.......Truly, the power of gods!

Webster defines god as "one having special powers over the lives and affairs of people and the course of nature." As the pinnacle of thinkers on our planet, we have attained god status. With our knowledge, the ability to create and make virtually anything happen is now in our hands. Many religions also tell us that we are children of god, which indeed would make us gods by direct lineage. What kind of god are you? Every act you perpetrate on a less powerful being is an act of god-every act of injury or healing we impart to another being less powerful is surely seen as an act of god to them. In their eyes we are magical beings with power over their lives and deaths. Do they wonder why these gods choose to destroy them, expanding and overpopulating until there is no room for them or their young? Stripping them of the very right to exist? What kind of gods are we?

Shall we be gods enslaved to a once necessary, but no longer healthy primitive instinct, the instinct of domination? Shall we be merciless gods, destroying as needless and useless all the other life forms under our command? Gods driven by greed and profit?

Gods who would destroy the incredible ancient lineage of all that went before? A god with no room in his heart or world for the ancient connections that brought him to his power? To see as dirty the very roots that nurtured his own tree of wisdom, hacking at them, severing them one by one until the tree itself dies? Gods who would destroy their own flock?

As gods our greatest joy is to create-with this power of creation must reside wisdom, that in our passion to create, we don't destroy our roots and that which we cannot yet create. We gods have eyes to see the lives that lie bleeding, powerless beneath the wheels of our creations. We gods have ears to hear the cries of terror and dismay as we kill our one and only planet. Take not lightly the responsibility of your status. Know you, that you are a god, and you recreate the world in YOUR image.... a hell on earth, or a miracle of life adrift against all odds in an unimaginably vast and lonely ocean, a priceless showpiece of the heavens for us to cherish and protect. The time has indeed grown short and we must decide...

David Singelyn

Warner Springs

[email protected]

We Sometimes Get it Right

Bill Simon lost his race for the governor's office in 2002. During his campaign, he ran television ads claiming that, if elected, he would "clean-up Sacramento." Most coherent Californians know that Sacramento, like Washington, D.C., does indeed need a "clean-up." The voters saw that Bill Simon was not the one to bring it about.

Every now and then human beings do get it right. After more than two hundred years, the French continue to celebrate Bastille Day (July 14, 1789). Those citizens in France, back then, knew exactly where to go when they wanted to be certain that a genuine "clean-up" would be provided. They went right to the prison where they knew so many had suffered injustice. It was there (prison) where they found those with the purest of motives to "clean-up" the filth that needed to be cleaned up. As history shows, a glorious cleaning of dirt followed. Where has justice been sweeter? Not often enough.

France is very proud of Bastille Day as French people rightfully deserve to be proud of it. I wonder what those brave, spirited people of July 14, 1789 would do if they lived today in the decaying society being pimped off as twenty-first century America? Hmmm.

"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and the government to gain ground." -- Thomas Jefferson

"We shall only be governed as well as we deserve." -- George Bernard Shaw

James Samuel Kor, Jr.


Marin County Jail

1. Denial of medical treatment (previous article with my name in Coastal Post). Medicines as well.

2. No doctor present in county jail as required in Penal Code 4023. A crime which the staff at Marin County Jail continue to violate.

3. Housing disabled inmates in the hole due to injuries or disabilities thereby violating the Americans With Disabilities Act with prejudice, bias and discrimination to disabled inmates.

4. No paralegal on staff to assist inmates who are sometimes innocent and given no chance to have access to working computers or hardbound law books to research the law. Denial of Legal Law Library facilities in a pretrial facility such as Marin County Jail is would be illegal due to the fact that computers are not accessible, not user friendly, no paralegal is available, no printers work, no legal forms are available for prisoners, staff does not allow inmates to freely have rightful access to research law, act on their own behalf because of the lack of adequate Legal Law Library facilities!

I've got much information to share regarding mistreatment of prisoners in Marin.

John Alioto


Nuclear Weapons Threat

The United States is about to go to war with Iraq using the reason that Iraq has-or someday might have-nuclear weapons. At the same time North Korea - who has a working nuclear plant-and who has disabled it's nuclear surveillance devices-is clearly on the path to manufacturing nuclear weapons. So-why are we going after Iraq who isn't building nuclear weapons and not going after North Korea who clearly is? I think this artificial war with Iraq is about oil and politics and the People of America are being defrauded by our own government.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco, CA

CP True Phenomenon

Just moved up here from S. Cal., and found your exciting paper Coastal Post at the grocery at Point Reyes Station. It's worth reading in its entirety - a true phenomenon in today's world. You deserve commendation for your efforts because I know you don't make much out of this paper. I'm enclosing a check for a subscription starting with the next issue.

Meanwhile, perhaps you could use something from some letters I wrote recently to other newspapers, but have not had published. This lack of success, incidentally, is a demonstration of the fact that establishment monopolies on news do not disclose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, even when it comes to scientific truth.

In the way of background, please be advised that I am the author of Assholes Alert! The Age of Waste, The Growth Economy, The Fossil Fuel Fiction, The Waste Economy, The Chickenshit Factory, Green is Life, and Kill The Commute.

Unpublished Letter to the Editor, San Francisco Chronicle:

Congress is being conned into thinking there may be vast deposits of oil and natural gas which could be used as reserves in the mountainous interior of the North American Continent. Thank God the environmentalists are opposing plans to drill wells there.

Of course, we may be able to reach oil there, but it is far more costly and difficult than at lower elevations, off shore, or in sedimentary basins, such as we have in abundance on the east coast. For the time being we have written this source off, but times will change. When the price is right, they will be our reserves.

Meanwhile, if we wish to nationalize the oil industries, as some nations have done, we could look south, where the oil and gas are even easier to extract.

H.C. Rockey

Santa Rosa

Betrayal of Our Country

Whenever I think about George W. Bush, and hate it when I do, what comes to mind first is his getting away with stealing the election giving the conservatives a dangerous righteousness, and a seal of approval for a system of extreme right-wing dictatorship with assaults on the Constitution, immense censorship, acts of terrorism on jobs, wages, housing, education, health care, the environment, Social Security, trains and airlines, and trying to provoke Iraq into a war to achieve Bush goals: revenge for Papa, military profiteering 20 billion barrels of oil worth about $3 trillion, a message to other countries, "don't mess with us or we will give you the same as we are giving to Iraq" (similar to our dropping the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 to warn the Soviet Union not to colonize Asia), and to conquer Third World Countries, and then to control their economy and political climate, to bring in the New World Order with Bush and Sharon in charge. Will Cheney be mad! The Bush Administration is not considering the possibility of more 9/11's, lasting resentment, and World War III.

This guy deserves the Nobel War Prize and the Bah Humbug Award for the year. Read "Jews for Buchanan," by John Nichols, The New Press in New York City. For one to love our country and everything that it stands for, one must hate, fear and want to impeach the Bush Administration (aka "The Evil Empire") for the betrayal of our country.

Ed King The IV

San Francisco

CP Only One Telling Truth

(Thank God for your newspaper! You are the only one telling the truth at a time when the "corporate media" is doing nothing but lying.)

"Is Anyone Out There Listening?"

Lucas Kipp was born in San Francisco, CA on July 23, 1929.

He is a graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Fine Arts and San Francisco State University.

He is a well-known sculptor with works displayed throughout California, as well as in the Eastern part of the United States.

He is disabled; having Tourette's Syndrome, heart trouble, diverticulitis, arthritis, and PTSD (also severe dyslexia).

He is living in a senior, low-income building due to a severe accident several years ago in which he almost died and was in Marin General Hospital for months, resulting in some of the above-mentioned disabilities.

Mr. Kipp is a combat veteran of the Korean War having served as a tank commander in the 72nd Heavy Tank Battalion.

These people are trying to evict him based n what amounts to a pack of lies and innuendoes. Charges brought by a resident who has been proven to be untruthful, divisive and violent, as well as bigoted.

So much for protecting our Veterans and the disabled!

(Charles Dickens lives!)

Patricia Geiger


American Rage is Real

From Yemen Times, Nov. 4 through Nov. 10, 2002:

Regarding "Has America learned a lesson", I would like to say that, other than President George Bush, I have never heard one American ask, "Why do they hate us?" Muslim extremists have been killing and kidnapping our civilians for 30 years, so no one here was surprised on September 11 that Muslims were behind it. Europeans have been trying to put together a rival superpower for some time so again, no surprises there that we have received almost total opposition from them. I will shed some light on the way most Americans I know are feeling right now: Our government gives more humanitarian aid to developing countries than any other in the world: $10.9 billion dollars, $1.3 billion of which goes to the Middle East. Americans contribute roughly $34 billion of their own money to foreign charities each year and perform an average of six hours per week in unpaid, charitable service.

We are constantly being called upon by the world to send our sons and daughters to die in UN mandated "peace-keeping" missions and often have to pay the bill. We are then expected to spend more of our money to help re-build the nation we have defeated. In addition, the US provides 27 percent of the UN budget. All for the privilege of seeing Egyptians and Palestinians dance in the streets when the World Trade Center came down on US citizens.

Our tax dollars supply $800 million a year to feed Egypt's poor.

The question has never been, "Why do they hate us?" The question is, "Why do we keep sending them money?"

The Bush administration is submitting a budget for Fiscal 2003 which drastically reduces the amount of humanitarian aid to developing countries in order to fund Homeland Defense. It has received overwhelming popular support.

Yes, I would say the Americans have learned many valuable lessons. We have learned that some people will never be your friends no matter what you do. We have learned that we are the only people that no one is obliged to respect or understand, but we are expected to bow away to the feelings of others. We have learned that we are the only nation that is not allowed to act in its own self-interest without being criticized, insulted, robbed and even killed.

We have learned that whenever we make any move that is critical of any Muslim group or nation the so-called "Arab street" can simply fall back on its fabled "Muslim rage" as its knee-jerk reaction.

Muslims are not the only ones who feel rage, Americans feel it too. It is a quiet, simmering rage that has been building for years and is expressing itself in burgeoning support for Israel, for war in Iraq, for stricter immigration laws, for decreased humanitarian aid in favor of military spending.

American rage is real and it is growing and it is no less lethal for its restrained nature.

Paula Coviello

[email protected]




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