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December, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 12

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John Walker: Traitor, Heretic, Sacrificial Lamb? - By Jim Scanlon
  Over the past twenty years, a succession of men have grievously betrayed the United States of America by stealing highly secret information for agents of foreign powers. Invariably they plead guilty to one or two of a list of charges, after negotiating arrangements with the Justice Department in secret, out of public view.
Baghdad Before - By Tim Llewellyn
Baghdad, Nov. 30. Special report to the Coastal Post.
The Iraqis are awaiting a solution, however it may be delivered, from out of whatever alien landscape. The Iraqi people have no control over any function of their lives except that of sheer survival. They can no more organize themselves to rid the nation of Saddam Hussein and the extraordinary network of power and solidarity he has built for himself over 34 painstaking and brutal years than they can appeal to the better nature of the new Imperium in Washington and ask to be considered as members of a deserving human race.
Insects' Revenge: World Population To Shrink - By Carol Sterritt
On November 11th, the environmental community in the Bay Area received a rare treat: that of a visit from noted scientist/researcher Warren Porter, Ph.D. Against a backdrop of incredible edibles at Larkspur's renowned restaurant Roxanne's", local activists heard Porter deliver a remarkable detailing of his knowledge of pesticides.
Septic Fear and Loathing: Complicated Septic Laws Fuel Property Owner's Fears
By Elena Belsky
How much will this cost me? Will I be able to stay in my home? What rights of appeal do I have? Why is this necessary? The fear is hitting home╔literally.
New Septic Policies Are a Paper Tiger - By Louis Nuyens
It was a very swift turn-about. Property owners across West Marin had been reaching to guard their pocketbooks and their homes after hearing of the County's presentation in Bolinas on proposed changes to Marin County septic system policies.
Harry Pothead Becomes a Republican - By Stephen Simac
I wasn't surprised that it was a telemarketer when I answered the phone, I was eating dinner. I was surprised to hear Harry Pothead's voice. I hadn't seen him since I'd hung out with him and Professor Nostrildamus, the estimated prophet last winter in Florida. The last I heard he'd headed back to New England.
SMART Rail - Frivolous Fast-Track to Rapid Growth - By Louis Nuyens
For many years, pro-growth interests have been pushing for transportation projects that would hasten development of Marin and Sonoma. As you read this, the Sonoma and Marin County Boards of Supervisors are fast-tracking just such a project. It is expensive, awkward, and unnecessary, and it will be coming after local pocketbooks.
Harold Pinter Takes The Cause of Iraqi Children
A Recent Speech In The House Of Commons
There's an old story about Oliver Cromwell. After he had taken the town of Drogheda the citizens were brought to the main square. Cromwell announced to his Lieutenants: "Right! Kill all the women and rape all the men." One of his aides said: "Excuse me General. Isn't it the other way around?" A voice from the crowd called out: "Mr. Cromwell knows what he's doing!"
Letter from Magallanes; Part I - By Jim Scanlon
Over the years, my trips to Chile have gotten easier, and so enjoyable that they verge on something I have never had - vacations. Eight trips, from 5- 6 weeks each, over an 11 year period have given me almost a different life, in a different place, climate, culture, language, with a different set of friends, mostly in Magallanes far to the south on the windy, cold Strait of Magellan.
Walt Stewart Passes - By Jennifer M. Dawson
Two weeks before Walt Stewart's death last Wednesday, friends were invited to an impromptu pot-luck at the artist's home in Bolinas to celebrate the life of this West Marin luminary who was diagnosed two years ago with a terminal illness.
Iraq: A Worst-Case Scenario Not Considered - By Karen Nakamura
Despite endless commentary on the United States invasion of Iraq, one scenario is almost entirely ignored. What if the Arabs fight back? What if they fight for their hereditary homelands, the right to their own oil, for their honor and holy sites and freedom from foreign domination?
Barometers And Thermometers Can Kill
Evangelista Torricelli invented the first liquid barometer in 1643, and it could have contributed to his death in 1647 at age 39. Because of its physical properties, Torricelli used liquid mercury in a 32-inch long tube to indicate air pressure, and all liquid barometers have been made virtually the same since.
Record Number Of Coho Rescued In 2002 From Drying Creeks
Marin County, CA-SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, reported today that a record number of juvenile coho salmon were rescued from drying creeks this year in the San Geronimo Valley, located in west Marin County. SPAWN staff and more than 50 volunteers, rescued and released 2,043 baby coho and 571 steelhead trout from drying pools in six tributaries of San Geronimo Creek, bringing the total rescued in the past four years to more than 6,000 fish.
The California Room Digital Archive: Marin County's Memory
Plans are afoot to better share Marin's rich historical resources with County residents. The California Room, located at the Civic Center branch of the Marin County Free Library, is working to create a digital archive showcasing its extensive collection of photographs, oral histories, and ephemera.
9th Annual Holiday Wreath Sale To Benefit Marin AIDS Project

Inverness Garden Club Thanks
The Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund is currently supporting twenty-one West Marin students at various colleges around the country, seven of whom are from Bolinas, seven from Inverness/Point Reyes, and seven from throughout West Marin.
Deck the Malls With Bloody Folly - By Frank Scott
We arrive at the season of over-consumption earlier each year. Where Thanksgiving was once the signal to begin the advertising orgy for the holy spending days, we now start at Halloween. Both those holidays are merely preludes to the festival of excess, as the nation's businesses pray for relief in a suffering economy.
Shoreline High Restores An American
September 11, 2002, was a big day for remembrance. That same day, Shoreline Continuation High School students began work on the î59 Rambler American which Dan Bagley and Jim LeFever had delivered to the asphalt slab next to the school, the previous evening.
Poking The Hornet's Nest - By Edward W. Miller
While our Senate haggled over a 484 page Homeland Security Bill which most of them have not even read, and a special three-judge panel, (meeting for the first time since it was created by an act of Congress in 1978) widely-expanded our government's power to use both wire-taps and searches against American citizens, other branches of our government in Washington were even busier, sowing dragon's teeth to create more enemies for us.
Moo Town News - By Judy Borello

What Are You Willing To Do To Save The Constitution? - By Jeanette Pontacq
How are you feeling today? Are you wringing your hands and mumbling to yourself about everything from loss of constitutional freedoms to the move to take Iraq's oil? Or are you jazzed that our country gets to kick ass and grab most of the earth's goodies? No matter how you see the world around you, the world around you sees you as a problem.
Branding New And Improved Wars - By Norman Solomon
Marketing a war is serious business. And no product requires better brand names than one that squanders vast quantities of resources while intentionally killing large numbers of people.
Letters To The Editor

Coastal Post Advertising Representative Needed
The Coastal Post needs a advertising rep for the print publication. Experience is preferred. A genetic predilection for sales is probably a necessity. Half-time to full time position. Call 415-868-0520 or send resume to PO Box 31, Bolinas, CA 94924.

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