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November, 2002

USrael Vs Democracy
By Frank Scott

This is written before election day, but it can be assumed that a fanatic minority of judeochristians still control their rogue government, USrael, while a fanatic minority of muslims still control their rogue non-government, Al Quaida. These two fundamentalist groups threaten all of humanity, but it's important to understand that the government is the greater threat, and is in fact the creator of its NGO enemy .

While both are founded on old testament patriarchal beliefs, too often worshipped and acted out in "modern" society, their political goals are different. Still, they make democracy a metaphysical concept, like their religion, while murdering in its name. Again, we need to understand that the anti-democratic force of USrael is the greater threat , and is responsible for creating its fundamentalist counter-force .

Having misplaced Osama bin Forgotten, mind control recently focused our attention on Saddam Hussein. This pitifully weak dictator of Iraq is opposed by the would be dictator of the planet, with president pinhead blustering about getting the guy who "tried to kill my dad." That assassination story, by the way, is as false as most other tales of Saddam's terror exploits. This national megalomaniac has been transformed into a global menace, by a merciless assault on American consciousness. But millions have been able to see through the lies , and therein lies the hope of democracy.

The one party US system makes it a nearly foregone conclusion that mass murder will be committed-again-in Iraq, with only the timetable of slaughter to be worked out. The cowardly opposition (?) leadership was unable to stop a strong vote against the pending assault, but that vote happened only when the voice of the people ordered that minority to stand up and speak out against the rush to imperial homicide .

The people should be proud that they forced their will on at least some of our animal house congress, where the dinosaurs and jellyfish were contested by more than one hundred men and women whose arguments may have often been morally squeaky, but just as often spoke for democracy at a time when our regime treats the constitution as if it were a roll of toilet paper .

Those who speak out against our policies have reason for hope, and not only because of their affect on congress. Whatever the election outcome, democracy won victories in Arizona and Maine , where more than half the candidates were publicly financed and owed nothing to private wealth. The public demand that electoral control be taken away from the private sector, and the fact that a grass roots movement against imperial America has developed so swiftly, are heartening signs of a people demanding to be heard and obeyed by their representatives.

A growing democratic peace movement has done wonders organizing demonstrations, but is still silent in the electoral arena, where the greatest number assemble, however infrequently. It may be time for minority parties to see that the more they stand apart , the less they gain power. The Greens, the New Party, the Labor Party and other progressive groups would benefit themselves and the nation if they joined forces to create a unified political voice.

And the Democrats who broke with their shameful leadership also need to think seriously about gaining control of their party, or helping to create a new one. Such a party could become a reality more quickly, with the help of their political experience and electoral base . And if that party worked to overcome personal or group egos and create programs that resonate with the alienated Americans who never vote, it could soon become a majority party.

Instead of standing outside and complaining about what these groups lack, those who are fed up with the politics of finance and who wish to see a different world need to join and lend their support. They can help create the political means to change the nation and the world, instead of just wishing for that change. It will take such an electoral force to stop the imperial plan of the present Washington regime, whose policy is not much different from previous regimes, but only more blatant in its manic quest for world domination .

And this at a time when the nation is dangerously overextended and deeply divided. It can hardly control a planetary empire, when it has little control of its political economy. That economy is ravaging workers, investors, consumers and the natural environment, but is hardly being questioned in the rush to imperial murder.

Most important; in our quest for democracy, we need to understand that most of humanity is not christian, jewish, or white, yet its lives are controlled and its world threatened by a judeochristian white minority. For most of that world, the difference between being killed by a christian or a jew is like arguing about whether your rapist was circumcised or not; It means little to the victims, but only matters in the fantasies of their victimizers as to which mythology has more legendary meaning, and which cult speaks for the cosmic corporation with an invisible monotheist CEO.

The organized judeochristian government with rules of war, insuring a legal and proper way to slaughter, is a greater threat to humanity than the disorganized terrorists, whose murderous rational is religious retaliation. Calling a society "civilized" when it commits mass murders from the sky destroys language and logic, as well as life. It cannot be civilized to bash people's brains in with a bible, but savagery to do it with a koran. A pox on both fundamentalist houses, but the most dangerous house is the one we live in. It shelters the worst rogues and must be subdued, by the democratic power of its people. We need to do that before the world has to step in, over us, to save itself, from us.



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