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November, 2002

US And Israel: Rogue States With Weapons Of Mass Distruction

By Jim Scanlon

The two nations most dangerous to the world today are the United States of America and Israel. Both states are in possession of massive arsenal's of weapons of varying degrees of lethality, from those that merely incapacitate, to those designed to destroy the largest cities on earth, indiscriminately killing everyone and making ordinary life impossible for centuries to come.

The US military deploys thousands of nuclear weapons and has until recently deployed poisonous gases. It is, so far, the only country to have used nuclear weapons, "to save lives." Although never officially acknowledged, a succession of Israeli governments secretly developed a large number of nuclear weapons of unknown size, with the ability to deliver them accurately anywhere in the world. Nuclear material was deceptively diverted from the country's sole reactor in the Negev desert despite denials of such diversions and surveillance visits by US inspectors.

Both states support massive research programs to develop ever newer, more advanced weapons to use in their large standing armed forces, and also market and sell weapons to selected countries of their choosing. To whom to sell their weapons is the only apparent area in which the military establishments of the two partners occasionally disagree publicly.

Weapons industries are an important part of the economies of both countries and military officials from the armed forces of each frequently take lucrative positions as officials and consultants to their weapons industries when they retire, being thus in good positions to influence their former subordinates and friends they left behind-until their turn comes. Occasionally, but not apparently often, officials in the US will enter the weapons industry or military establishment of Israel with no apparent conflict.

It is well known that all US governments since the Second World War have encouraged, as well as given financial and military support to military dictatorships throughout the world, the preference being for monarchies, but lacking a king, oligarchs, dictators and military men, in that order, were acceptable.

Since 1967, when Israeli armed forces, in a series of well executed, extremely rapid military moves, seized control of all of Palestine, a former Turkish province and a former British colony, and all of the Sinai Peninsula, all US administrations have approved billions of dollars in Military and economic aid to Israel such as has never been lavished on any other country-ever. Loans are rarely paid back, usually being forgiven by congress. This aid does not include enormous sums donated and invested by US and other Jews living outside Israel.

Many of these donations are tax deductible and therefore ultimately a liability on the US tax system. Some of these funds, including billions of dollars in US loan guarantees have financed housing developments in colonized land in Judea and Samaria, also known as "The West Bank" and "The Occupied Territories." Many, if not all of these "settlements" are in reality colonies which are in violation of international law and against long standing official US policy.

Some of the settlements close to pre 1967 Jerusalem make sense as permanent colonization, but others, involve very small groups of Jewish religious fanatics who live in modern housing guarded by the Israeli Army, among very large populations of Arabs. These kind of settlements make sense only as "strategic hamlets" a la Vietnam, a means of militarily controlling all of Palestine indefinitely. There is not now, nor has there ever been any plan on what to do with the millions of Arabs that live among the settlers.

Successive Israeli governments have disclaimed any intention of colonizing the land conquered within the borders of British Mandate Palestine, but all of them have continuously encroached, to a greater of lesser extent, nibbling away, so to speak, on those lands, until now the native population is restricted to reservations scattered in a checkerboard fashion throughout the conquered area. Living under harsh military rule almost continuously for 35 years, the three and a half million residents lead extremely chaotic, restricted lives under constant threat of violence.

Paradoxically the very different governments of Iran (fundamentalist Islam) and Iraq (secular dictatorship), both hostile to the state of Israel for different reasons, are now able to easily discomfit, annoy and threaten Israeli citizens with small investments in Palestinian terrorism. (In all times and in all places, men are easily induced to kill if given the resources by the powerful.)

The Israeli Likud party which currently runs the government was led originally by two rehabilitated terrorists, Menachem Begin and Itzak Shamir whose organizations killed British soldiers and Arab opponents. Ariel Sharon, the current leader is a highly successful military general and "partially responsible"-war criminal-he was found by the Israeli Supreme Court to be "partially responsible" for the massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by Christian armed forces supporting the Israeli invasion of that country. That invasion resulted in the military occupation of a large area of the southern part of the country for 25 years. No apologies, no agreements, the army moves in, the army moves out, as it pleases.

Only occasionally have there been public differences between governments of the US and Israel, the most serious being the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 war in which 32 American sailors were killed and the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was convicted. The former was mostly ignored and is now mostly forgotten, the latter, the Pollard case, is a mystery. Despite intense pressure from successive Israeli governments and Jewish American organizations to release Pollard the US military establishment has unaccountably fiercely resisted and even President Clinton backed off Pollard's release when he pardoned various Jewish criminals on his way out.

Prior to 1967, in 1956, the US government of Dwight W. Eisenhower, pressured Israel, France and the UK to withdraw their forces after they invaded Egypt and occupied the Suez Canal which had been taken over by the Egyptian government. They did not seek the US as a "coalition partner" and suffered for it. In more recent times Israeli governments have continuously engaged in outrageous activities that, at best, have resulted in only mild verbal rebukes from US officials.

No other country in the world has ever used modern military technology to suppress an insurrection by a conquered and occupied population. Thousands of "suspects", i.e. young men, are taken into custody by soldiers and held in detention indefinitely to be "interrogated," which may mean torture, or to have "moderate pressure" as Israeli courts permit, applied to obtain intelligence information. "Wanted" persons are ordered to be killed by undercover operatives with bombs, booby traps or with US supplied F-16s or US supplied Apache helicopters, extremely expensive weapons systems designed to fight the most modern type of warfare, not basically defenseless people armed with home made light weapons and stones.

It is a slow motion war with slow motion ethnic cleansing. If and when Iraq is attacked and the Middle East thrown into turmoil both processes will no doubt accelerate.

The US military and the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization now imitate Israeli practices including unlimited detention without charges and interrogation of suspects "for useful information." Where does "moderate pressure" end and torture begin. Lately one commonly hears in the US, justification for, and advocacy of, torture and murder-meant, or course, in the best possible way!

The present US government rightly investigates, condemns and has punished Irish charities that supported Irish terrorists and Islamic charities for their financial support of foreign organizations that kill innocent people for political ends, intimidation or even out of spite or revenge for perceived wrongs. But this same US government directly provides unconditional aid and comfort directly to the Likud government of Israel to commit similar atrocities using US weapons! Every death squad assassination by the Likud government is justified as self defense. The US president, his spokesman and other members of his inner circle of advisors declare, "Israel has a right to defend herself." The question is "Where does Israel begin and end?" and "Can the non Jewish natives of Palestine exist in a state defined as Jewish?"

John Walker Lind, the "American Taliban" received twenty years in prison for fighting as a foot solder with Islamic fanatics whose leaders supported terrorist activities. Had he converted to Judaism and joined a cult settlement in Judea and walked around with a loaded M-16, nothing would have happened to him. Had he converted to Islam, gone to Yemen and then gone to Kosovo and fought with the KLA, nothing would have happened to him in the USA even if he, perhaps, terrorized Serbs living in the heart of ancient Serbia.

Men with dual US/Israeli citizenship serve as reservists in the Israeli armed forces. This does not seem to offer any conceivable benefit to the US and indeed offers some risks and is inconsistent with our relationship with other countries, for example Ireland.

It would seem to be long past time for the US to reconsider its excessively close ties to Israel, the excessive influence in Congress of the Israel American Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Israel Centric bias of American Jews in influential positions in the US Defense Department and other high governmental positions. This last point seems reasonable in view the actions of Jonathan Jay Pollard and his supporters and apologists here and abroad.

It is a disgusting absurdity to see the most potent military and economic power on earth, led by a man who can barely express himself in his native language, enmeshed in the tribal affairs of a client state in Bibleland pleading with angry violent men in yarmulkes to please behave while the US forces attack Iraq.


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