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October, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 10

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New York Is In Deep Trouble And May Be Dying - By Jim Scanlon
  I had been warned not to go to the World Trade Center site on the anniversary of its destruction: "The place will be a zoo" (i.e., very crowded) and it was hinted more than once that "Something might happen," but I went very early hoping to beat the crush if there was one.
Supe Kinsey and County Undercut Endangered Species Protections - By Louis Nuyens
On 10 September 2002, Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey led the way as the Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) proposed, and the Board of Supervisors approved, an ordinance that segments and weakens Countywide Plan (CWP) provisions for protections of habitat that support Coho salmon and Steelhead trout.
The Troubling New Face of America - By President Jimmy Carter
Fundamental changes are taking place in the historical policies of the United States with regard to human rights, our role in the community of nations and the Middle East peace process -- largely without definitive debates (except, at times, within the administration). Some new approaches have understandably evolved from quick and well-advised reactions by President Bush to the tragedy of Sept. 11, but others seem to be developing from a core group of conservatives who are trying to realize long-pent-up ambitions under the cover of the proclaimed war against terrorism.
Woolsey Says No War
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey has declared adamant opposition to President George W. Bush's drive for war with Iraq. The Marin County representative's position was articulated in response to Bush seeking congressional approval for a resolution authorizing the use of American military force in Iraq and possibly extending into the entire the Middle East.
Grand Jury to Investigate County Political Favoritism - By Elena Belsky
According to documents recently acquired by the Coastal Post, written by Peter Brekhus, attorney for longtime Rancher and West Marin Sanitary Landfill owner LeRoy Martinelli, there is evidence to support claims of political favoritism by Marin County departments and supervisors towards "connected" ranchers in West Marin.
County AIDS Budget Cut Process Still Simmering - By Karen Nakamura
Cuts made last month in the Marin AIDS services budget are still holding. The 2002-2003 allotment for direct services, (vitamin and acupuncture vouchers), were cut by about $16,000. At the same time, approximately $19,000 was allotted to the Marin Treatment Center business office to buy computer upgrades. The problem was the Marin AIDS Commission (MAC), an umbrella organization of patients, agencies and service providers, was not fully informed of cuts until after the fact. Adding fuel to the fire, the business supervisor at the Marin Treatment Center (MTC), which received the $19,000, was rumored to be one of two who made decisions on the budget cuts.
Killing Is the Only Answer, But Class Warfare Rates Right Up There - By Carol Sterritt
In a nasty spate of orgiastic war-mongering, headlines blare Bush's quest for war. Over the last ten days, George W has asked America's senior statesmen and women for their ideas regarding the attack on Iraq. They nixed it. Then he turned to the United Nations, also not pleased with the notion of all-out attack. His solution: to denounce the UN as "not willing to deal with the problem..." As I compose this on September 20, the media announces that Bush has held the war plans for Iraq since middle of August.
Double Ozone Holes Appear For First Time - By Jim Scanlon
During the last week of September the Antarctic Ozone Hole elongated, stretched out and spit into two. As the Coastal Post goes to press, the northernmost hole is rotating slowly to the east and will soon pass over a large portion of South America much higher, or further north, than it ever has. The other hole is due south of the Cape of Good Hope and moving over the Indian Ocean where it should pass over part of New Zealand.
It's Getting Easier To Be Green - By Paul Reffell, Marshall
What had the local Progressives at the Pt. Reyes Dance Palace excited and leaping out of their Birkenstocks on September 12th? An appearance by Peter Miguel Camejo, the Green Party candidate for Governor.
How To Know You Are Brainwashed
How To Know If You Are Brainwashed: If You Believe...
That you are well informed by reading a newspaper other than the Coastal Post, plus a magazine or two and maybe listen to NPR. You have no idea who owns the media source you consume and what other companies they own or have investments in. You think that the bigger the headline the more important the story, and that the facts are usually correct in a story unless it's a subject you consider yourself an expert in. Then you consider writing in a huffy letter informing them how ignorant they are in that area.
Caveman Declares War On Smoking Guns - By Jim Scanlon
Report From The Front Lines For many years now, a battered, exhausted CAVEMAN has been in the trenches fighting a long desperate linguistic war against the widespread misuse of violent metaphors, like combat, battle war, brawl, Crusade and jihad, his only weapon a word processor and the Coastal Post: his ammunition, previously limited to quality publications, has now been vastly increased by The "Crusade Against Violent Metaphors Euphemisms and Nouns" (CAVEMAN) is now entering its decisive battle, Good against the Pure Evil of mediocrity and lax habits of mind. The situation, although basically hopeless, does not appear serious as light now seems to be appearing at the end of the barrel of the gun.
Patient Rights Advocate Shaw To Run For Health Care District Board
"All the Marin County patients who have been poorly treated came to me for help, whether they are medical marijuana users or not. That has been my job all along, supporting persons with illnesses who need a paralegal advocate. There have been many complaints about the hospital administration and their policies, from patients, their caregivers, their nurses, even their doctors. I am well versed on the subject, that is for sure," state Lynnette Shaw, who filed Friday, Aug. 9, the deadline to run for a seat on the Marin Healthcare District Director's Board.
Drakes Pageant-Re-enactment "Punta de los Reyes"
Please join us on October 18 at noon, on Drakes Beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore, as Mother Lode Musical Theatre, PRNS, and the students of Miller Creek School (appearing as native Miwoks) will welcome for the fifth consecutive year, Captain-General Francis Drake as he first sets foot on what is now known as Drakes Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore. Admission is free.
California's New Water Wars: Let's Act Now to Head Off Looming Water Crisis - By: Jeff Loux
If you hated last year's energy crisis, think how much worse life will be if California doesn't have enough water. Water supply is California's next "crisis." Water affects every family and industry. Farming, tourism, fisheries, and human health all depend on adequate water. While we fret over a terrorist attack on our water storage system, the greater threat probably comes from runaway growth outstripping supply. Failure to link growth and water supply has placed us on the edge of a serious water crisis. Will there be enough wet stuff for fish, farms and families as California continues to grow?
Letters To The Editor

Adult and Senior Groups at JFCS In Marin
The following nonsectarian groups and workshops will be held at Jewish Family and Children's Services, 600 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901.
Vote? Yes! - By Frank Scott
When Iraq agreed to allow weapons inspectors back in, it briefly spoiled the bloody plans of the American government's serial killers. But ridiculous reasons to disregard Iraqi attempts at reason are being created every day. Before we hear that Saddam plans to molest our children at day care centers, spread pancake syrup on our highways and put chewing gum in all our cash registers, we need to consider that in just a month, we will be asked to participate in what has become the most hypocritical process of electoral democracy ever devised.
No Thank You, Mr. President By Lev Grinberg
Following end of the '67 battles, the Israeli government decided to knock down the barriers separating Eastern Jerusalem and annex the eastern Palestinian neighborhoods. Expecting immediate American pressure to withdraw from the conquered territories, the government rushed in and took control. The pressure never came.
Saddam's Ace
The message sent by Iraq's Foreign Minister to the UN's Kofi Annan announcing his Country's immediate acceptance of "unfettered" inspections by the UN team set the Washington establishment temporarily back on its heels. Bush's first response was to publicly doubt the sincerity of Saddam's gesture while reiterating the ever-present danger Iraq's president presented to the world, thus suggesting again that only a regime change in Baghdad would meet Washington's stipulations.
Spinning Media Gears For A Faraway War - By Norman Solomon
BAGHDAD -- From the 12th floor of the Al-Rashid Hotel, the view is much like the panorama of any large metropolis. Along wide streets, cars are in constant motion. The cityscape is filled with tall buildings and residential neighborhoods. Nothing seems out of the ordinary -- except that if all goes according to plan, my tax dollars will help to turn much of this city into hell.
A Skeptic's Journal - By Jeanette Pontacq
Raise your hand if you believe the Multinational Corporations consider the long-term consequences of what they produce and how they market them. Keep your hand raised if you believe that our government is independent of these corporations and puts the well being, economic stability and health of US citizens in the forefront of any regulatory decisions. To those of you who have arms proudly raised, I offer you a choice of either a bridge in Brooklyn or one spanning the Golden Gate that I will sell you cheap.
Fending Off The Threat Of Peace - By Norman Solomon
To fend off the threat of peace, determination is necessary. Elected officials and high-level appointees must work effectively with reporters and pundits. This is no time for the US government to risk taking "yes" for an answer from Iraq. Guarding against the danger of peace, the Bush administration has moved the goal posts, quickly pounding them into the ground.
Letters To The ditor Part 2

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