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October, 2002

Drakes Pageant-Re-enactment "Punta de los Reyes"

Please join us on October 18 at noon, on Drakes Beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore, as Mother Lode Musical Theatre, PRNS, and the students of Miller Creek School (appearing as native Miwoks) will welcome for the fifth consecutive year, Captain-General Francis Drake as he first sets foot on what is now known as Drakes Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore. Admission is free.

Robert Currier, director of Marin Shakespeare Company, portrays Drake, William Neil, bass, appears as captured Portuguese pilot Senor Morena, drama teacher and NEH Shakespeare fellowship recipient Gene Ptak is Chaplain Francis Fletcher, and Lawrence Venza, baritone, is sailor John Gallawaye.

Miwok elder Lanny Pinola presides over the performance, as interpretive ranger Carlos Porrata narrates the creation of earth according to Coyote, Susie Montijo-Moore leads authentic Miwok dances, and paleotechnician Tamara Wilder teaches native crafts.

Band teacher Mark Nemoynten conducts a student performance of Elizabethan brass ensembles and choral director Shelly Urquhart's a cappella choir presents Miwok songs and Elizabethan sea chanteys and aires.

In the morning, eight different workshops on the beach will be offered, furthering the truly interdisciplinary and educational day-long experience for the students.

Dr. Steve Shane, Miller Creek science teacher and former diver for National Geographic magazine, will conduct an ocean archaeology workshop, Elena Belsky, Marin County environmentalist, will teach clamshell bead making, and social studies teacher Janai Meschery and her students will explore Elizabethan culture and European interaction, competition and their struggle for fortune and power. Other workshops offered include photography with art teacher Susan Johannsen, poetry, music, drama, and Spanish.

Beginning next year, this program will be available to middle schools across Marin and Sonoma Counties. For more information, please contact Corinne Swall, founder and director, at (415) 461-0313 or [email protected]


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