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Sept, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 9

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Nineeleven, War, Death and Destruction - By Jim Scanlon
  As the dismal anniversary of the attacks of September 11 approaches, planning is advancing throughout the US to commemorate the date with solemn ceremonies, speeches by elected officials, religious leaders and non stop television coverage. Since the most visible, dramatic damage occurred in New York, the mayor of that city and the governor of that state, will be prominently featured. The mood of many media commentators and of our nation's leaders seems to be one of unquestioned, overwhelming hostility towards Iraq and a barely suppressed need to attack and destroy something, anything. It remains to be seen whether the intense feelings of hurt stirred by the memorials to September 11th will lead to a more overtly violent war.
The World Trade Center Collapse and the Mafia
An engineer ... was recently quoted in The New Yorker saying of the mineral spray fireproofing: "If you knock it, that spray-on protection will fall off".
Looking Through The Looking Glass At 911 - By Stephen Simac
It's been a year since the 9/11 attacks on America and the public still has very little factual information about what happened that day or the events leading up to it. Verifiable details have been buried under "national security" secrecy as deeply as the victims of the Twin Towers under the rubble and dust of the collapsed World Trade Center (WTC).
County Plays Games Over Access To Public Files - By Elena Belsky
As an investigative reporter, one usually pursues another person's story or cause with objectivity and detachment, providing a valuable, independent view. But every so often, a reporter will get hopelessly tangled in events, and become part of the story. At this point, the focus must necessarily switch to a more personal commentary and description - as with my experiences in the following story.
Urgency County Ordinance Could Be a Facade - By Louis Nuyens
The "Interim Urgency Ordinance for the Stream Conservation Area (SCA)," originally passed for 45 days on 4 June 2002 (Ord. 3346), was extended by the Marin Board of Supervisors for another ten months and 15 days as of 23 July 2002 (Ord. 3349).
Sorting Out The Pandemonium Of A Massacre - By Carol Sterritt
The events of one year ago shifted the consciousness of all Americans. Before the attacks of September 11th, 2001, we were a nation that viewed threats as coming from abroad. When the three jets loaded with aviation fuel slammed into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, an era ended.
AIDS Patient Funding Cut But Money For Computers Kept - By Karen Nakamura
As of July 1, those with HIV/AIDS in Marin have been denied part of a step in the complex medical regiment that keeps them alive. Many of them are among the longest survivors of a disease ravaging the world. The survival of these human guinea pigs gives hope to millions.
Investigations Multiply Around Deceased Cop's Dismissal - By Jim Scanlon
Several agencies have opened, or reopened, investigations into a variety of charges including harassment, lying, negligence, incompetence, retaliation and discrimination on the basis of national origin directed towards Ric Alvillar ("the nicest cop in Fairfax") who died suddenly at the climax of dismissal proceedings against him by the Town of Fairfax last March.
Marin General Hospital Update - By Norman Carrigg, M.D.
Although Marin General Hospital was built for and paid for by the residents of the Marin Healthcare District (all of Marin except Novato), many residents still have the notion that it's their local hospital. It was, in fact, until it was quietly privatized in 1985.
Road Trip: Rest And Relaxation - By Aaron Wiley
Last month I left off with Ethan traveling through New Jersey. He peddled through a city that he assumed was dirty and unlivable. He found out that New Jersey is a beautiful state filled with one of his interests, gardens. He peddled on July 1st to the state of Massachusetts. Ethan's dad's relatives live there and he was immersed in family for the duration of the month.
Letter From Europe - Jim Scanlon
The seaport town of Bod¿ is at the end of the Norwegian State Rail line, and at 67¡ N, is well above the Arctic Circle. So even though it was mid July I was surprised and irritated that it was so hot. I was soaked with sweat as I carried my bag to my hotel. It was 8 PM, and the sun, which would not set that night, was shining right in my face. I was told the temperature had reached 32¡ C or 89.6¡ F! One townsman said it was the hottest ever. Another said it had been that hot in 1871.
Bush Pushes To Exonerate Dow Chemical For 28,000 Dead In Bhopal - Edited By Stephenie Hendricks
On August 15, Diane Wilson will be on day 29 of her hunger strike in Seadrift, Texas, against Union Carbide (Dow Chemical), to bring attention to the situation now in Bhopal, India, where courts are hearing arguments by that company to drop reparations to the victims of the 1984 chemical spill that killed 8,000 outright, 20,000 total, leaving over 200,000 with chronic health problems including cancer. George Bush has sent an emissary to pressure India Courts into dropping charges.
Attack on Iraq will violate Logic and the Ethics of Warfare - By Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.
The drum beats for the war against Iraq are getting louder everyday. It is becoming apparent that Washington is getting ready to take some kind of military action against Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein from power. President Bush's desire for a change of regime in Baghdad and its tenuous connection with the war on terror raise several questions that are yet to be discussed and debated in the public sphere. The last time I checked we were still a democracy.
Navy Wins Permission To Kill And Harass Marine Mammals
Despite broad-based public opposition, the National Marine Fisheries Service has granted the US Navy letters of authorization to "take"- meaning kill or harass - marine mammals protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The Navy requires the letters-issued in Washington, DC, on Monday-in order to deploy an extremely loud sonar system that can emit sound levels comparable to a Saturn V rocket used to launch the Space Shuttle. One signal from this system is capable of broadcasting noise over thousands of miles in the sea. The objective is to bombard 80% of the world's oceans with this extremely loud noise.
Iraqi War About Politics Not Security - By Oz Grimes
Many of us have been expecting an "October surprise" from the White House. The fall election campaign is under way and George W. Bush's poll numbers have fallen as a disgusted public learned of corporate corruption scandals, watched stock prices fall and observed massive employee loss of retirement security. What better way to restore Americans' approval of Shrub's job performance than renewal of armed conflict in a new phase of the war on terrorism? And what better target than Iraq?
The Degradation of Democracy - By Frank Scott
The anniversary of 911 nears, and there will be heartfelt memorials commemorating the dreadful day, but productions suitable to terrorism theme parks may be more common. Far deadlier than that one day performance, which will fast be forgotten, is the longer range performance potential of an intellectually disabled regime, presiding over a structurally disabled system.
To Rescue Baghdad - By Edward W. Miller
This last week, our "Bubblehead" Bush seems to be shaking the cage which houses his dogs of war with less vehemence. Whether reason has overcome some of his naive belligerence, or whether his public relations team has warned him to tone it down, only time will tell. There is no doubt, however, that his "anti-Saddam" campaign is subdued. Not only have our European friends publicly warned Bush that an armed assault against Baghdad is unjustified and even foolish, but in quiet but firm diplomatic language, every, every Arab country in the Mideast has refused to assist in this proposed war against the Iraqi people. The Saudi Kingdom announced that the US would not have access to military bases on their soil for war against Iraq, but their foreign minister did acknowledge from Jiddah that, "the long time US ally does not plan to expel American forces from an air base used for flights to monitor Iraq."
Big Trouble For Powers That Be - By Judy Borello
July's issue of the Cornerstone, a newspaper put out by Stewards of the Range based in Meridian, Idaho, ran a front page article I found to be very interesting.
"Private property is the cornerstone of a free society," is their motto and since I'm an advocate of people's private property rights, I subscribe to Stewards of the Range, especially when they fight for the common man whose rights are being trampled by the powers that be.
Fending Off The Threat Of Peace - By Norman Solomon
To fend off the threat of peace, determination is necessary. Elected officials and high-level appointees must work effectively with reporters and pundits.
This is no time for the US government to risk taking "yes" for an answer from Iraq. Guarding against the danger of peace, the Bush administration has moved the goal posts, quickly pounding them into the ground.
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night In Stinson - Reviewed by Jeff Smith
Shakespeare at Stinson is capping its tenth successful season with the hilarious comedy TWELFTH NIGHT.
Snugly sandwiched between the Easkoot riparian refuge and noise sensitive burghers, Shakespeare at Stinson continues to enjoy critically acclaimed artistic, if not commercial, success, thanks to the juggling acts and ventriloquism dauntlessly performed by its mercurial artistic director: Jeffrey Trotter.
20 Things We've Learned Nearly a Year After 9/11 - By Bernard Weiner
As we approach the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it might be useful to see how far an ordinary citizen's knowledge has progressed one year on. So here, in the way of a summing-up, based on journalistic documentation, is a list of things we Americans have learned since last September -- some of which might prove useful in the run-up to the November elections.
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