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September, 2002

Road Trip: Rest And Relaxation
By Aaron Wiley

Last month I left off with Ethan traveling through New Jersey. He peddled through a city that he assumed was dirty and unlivable. He found out that New Jersey is a beautiful state filled with one of his interests, gardens. He peddled on July 1st to the state of Massachusetts. Ethan's dad's relatives live there and he was immersed in family for the duration of the month.

He also hurt his knee while riding and was forced to take it easy for over a month. During the month of July he flew to Las Vegas to see a friend get married at no cost to him. Before his unfortunate knee problems he rode to the Aberdeen proving grounds to get a photo of a tiger tank for a relative. He was disappointed with army security pointing him in the other direction. His past two months have tested his body as well as mind; he suffered bleeding feet and a knee injury as well as getting hit by a truck. His travel bag suffered more damage than he did. Happy for that!

Ethan's proud statement of the past month is that he's been traveling for 8 months now and he's seen a total of 20 states, up close and personal. That's quite an accomplishment in itself. After settling down with family in Massachusetts, Ethan got the opportunity to visit with family from California which he had been missing for months. He needed that re-connection. As he travels through the east coast he notices the stigma between the east coast and the south and how differing opinions from both locations are tainted.

What's next for our local hero?, Will he return?, the answer is yes and next he is heading towards the beautiful state of Maine, heading north. He will be heading through the north woods of New Hampshire where he awaits the encounter with Bears, moose, pheasants and mosquitoes. After that he will be turning his sights towards the leg home, back to where this journey began, a new man with an adventure to tell. As the next months go by, he will getting closer to home which will be putting the final phases of my year long article. What a year for everyone I know. Ethan I'm proud of you and look forward to hearing about the finalization of this trip in the coming months. See everyone next month and from blazing hot Arizona, Y'all have a good journey yourself ya hear!



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