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September, 2002

Looking Through The Looking Glass At 911
By Stephen Simac

"The horror of that moment," the King went on, " I shall never, never forget!"

"You will though", the Queen said, "if you don't make a memorandum of it."

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

It's been a year since the 9/11 attacks on America and the public still has very little factual information about what happened that day or the events leading up to it. Verifiable details have been buried under "national security" secrecy as deeply as the victims of the Twin Towers under the rubble and dust of the collapsed World Trade Center (WTC).

The single biggest failure of "intelligence" and homeland protection in US history happened that day, and to date there has been no one blamed or fired for it. Several officials have resigned but bore no responsibility for screwing up. Instead the culpable agencies were rewarded with larger budgets.

The only congressional investigation that was opened has been half hearted and conducted in closed sessions. The representatives chairing the hearings are contaminated by their involvement in the events. It's foolish to expect them to want to get to the bottom of this mess.

Twas Brillig And The Slithy Toves

"Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas-only I don't exactly know what they are! However, somebody killed something: that's clear at any rate"

If we really want to know what happened we will have to demand an open, televised investigation with subpoena powers conducted by a committee without intelligence agency ties.

Americans got their fill of OJ's double murders, but haven't demanded the same coverage for this case of 3,000 murders. Nevertheless independent investigators have dug out an enormous amount of information as steadily as bones and body parts have been pulled out of the wreckage of the Twin Towers.

Very little of it supports the official story line. We know that the "failure to connect the dots" explanation is as lame as a two legged dog. Prior knowledge of Al Qaeda terrorists' plans to hijack commercial airliners and crash one of them into the Pentagon was revealed over five years ago from an arrest in the Philippines. The FBI was aware that suspicious middle easterners were training to fly in the US and ignored it. There were specific warnings from foreign governments to US agencies that terrorists were planning to hijack jets and use them to bomb the WTC and the Pentagon but no special precautions were taken. There were even prior warnings detailing the week and even the day the attacks were going to happen but the airlines were given only vague warnings. Why was the NRO, a subsidiary department of the CIA, rehearsing evacuation protocol for a plane hitting their building in Virginia the very morning of Sept. 11?

"I generally hit everything I can see- when I get really excited." " And I hit everything within reach," cried Tweedledum, "whether I can see it or not."

At least $30 billion a year is spent on 26 US intelligence agencies, although the exact figure is not known "for security reasons". If the most expensive intelligence agencies in the world were unable to connect the dots provided to them by foreign agencies and their own agents, then the officials of the top layers of the myriad agencies should resign or be fired en masse.

The official line that the 19 terrorists named by the FBI within days of the hijackings were highly trained, secretive and operated in unconnected cells has been proven false. Since their names and faces have gone out on the wires and media there have been more reports of their high profile, suspicious behavior before 9/11 than that of Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination.

Mohammed Atta twice applied for loans from one US Department of Agriculture official pretending to be different people. One request was for low interest loans to buy crop dusting planes. He apparently needed no loans to spend wads of cash in numerous strip bars and gambling casinos around the country, or to fly in and out of the states without a valid visa, or to pay cash for several flying schools where he distinguished himself only for his suspicious activity not his flying skills. His partner and he even left a Cessna parked in the middle of the Miami airport runway when they couldn't figure out how to take off. There was a warrant out for his arrest for that caper.

Several of the named hijackers even lived at US military bases, presumably receiving flying lessons. Others were on terrorist watch lists but evidently not watched very closely. And they were reported to have made a group flight as first class passengers where they acted suspiciously enough to make fellow passenger, James Wood the actor, alert the FBI.

They flew frequently around the country and in and out of the states, sometimes with visa violations. They usually paid cash for one way tickets and carried little luggage as they were reported to do on the day of the attacks. It's common for many passengers doing this to be detained on suspicion of being a drug dealer and all their cash seized, but these guys were never even arrested when Atta was pulled over for speeding with a warrant out for his arrest.

The government admits they have no proof that Mohammed Atta was a member of Al Qaeda or was directed by Osama bin Laden but there is documented evidence that he was funded by Pakistan, which has had extremely close ties with our CIA for decades.

The chief of the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency, General Ahmad wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta only a month before the attacks. The ISI was the driver behind the Taliban's rise to power in Afghanistan and had close ties with Osama bin Laden, as did our CIA. The two "intelligence" agencies worked in tandem to create the Muslim jihad against the Soviet Union that gave birth to the Frankenstein monster the Taliban and Al Qaeda turned out to be.

This general who directly funded one of the suspected hijackers came to Washington and met with the head of the CIA, George Tenet, Secretary of State Colin Powell, other top State officials and Sen. Biden in the week before 9/11.

At the time of the attacks he was meeting with Sen. Graham and Congressman Peter Goss. These same Senators, both from Florida, with long ties to intelligence agencies, are the joint-committee chairs of the Joint-Congressional Intelligence Committee. They are directing the two house panel secretively holding hearings "investigating" 9-11.

At the very least they should put into the record the conversations they and other government officials held with the General. He was sacked by the ISI shortly after his funding of Mohammed Atta was revealed last fall by the Indian government. No one in the US intelligence community has been fired yet.

Alice remarked, "I can't remember things before they happen".

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

The former German Minister of Technology has estimated that up to $15 billion of insider trading occurred before 9/11. Still unknown stock traders knew what airlines would be hijacked as well as what corporations would be hardest hit by their targets and placed billions in short selling puts on those companies. They also bought heavily in US. Treasury bonds, gold and oil futures which rose in value after the event as could have been expected if the attacks were known about.

DeutscheBank in Germany had the most connections to insider trading including placing the short selling of puts on United and American Airlines used by the hijackers and re-insurance groups covering the Trade Center. DeutscheBank is still keeping their anonymous investors names secret, through special rules called portage. In fact our government investigation has not even asked them for this information.

Their bank in Hamburg held three of the named hijackers bank accounts. One of DeutscheBank's senior investment agents was convicted of money laundering and arms trading for Pakistani and Egyptians just weeks before 9/11. Their global private banking chief resigned on Sept. 12.

The German bank probably has no worries about being investigated by the SEC. They hired away its chief of enforcement and investigation only 20 days after the attacks. They don't have much to worry from the congressional joint committee either; the former head of the banking division that handled the short selling puts was Buzzy Krongard. He's now the number three man in the CIA, appointed by George Bush, president #43.

"I see you're admiring my little box", the Knight said in a friendly tone. "You see I carry it upside down so that the rain can't get in."

"But the things can get out," Alice gently remarked. "Do you know the lids open?"

The National Security Agency, the NSA, a military intelligence agency is the biggest consumer of tax dollars. It is so secretive it is nicknamed No Such Agency. It is run by the military, or runs the military if the lame dog wags the tail or vice versa. The intercept they made of Al Qaeda chatter on Sept. 10 referring to the next day as zero hour, but which wasn't translated until a week later, was leaked to the press by the joint committee. That leak was a pinhole in the secret hearings, but it threw the FBI into such a tizzy that they demanded lie detector tests of all committee members and their aides.

The NSA isn't being investigated by the joint committee, but just in case they are preparing. They have been steadily shredding their mountains of documents and data since 9-11 from their illegal spying on US citizens. No representative or judge has had the balls to tell them to stop, and demand to know what are they hiding.

Because they have shown themselves to be the best shredders by far, the Bush administration wants to put them in charge of all the 25 other American intelligence agencies, including the FBI and CIA. NSA officials also were shredding on the advice of their lawyers just like Arthur Anderson and Enron, but they make those crooks look like amateur shredders.

Maybe the CIA agents working at Enron on unpaid leave for a few months before 9/11 were teaching paper shredding skills. Or maybe they were using all of Enron's missing billions to make insider trades based on their foreknowledge of the attacks, as some conspiracists believe. Yet another creative CIA black bag operation, like those paid for by drug dealing and arms trading.

Bush 43 gets all his intelligence briefings direct from George Tenet, CIA director, every morning after breakfast, orally so there's nothing to shred and he can always swear that he doesn't recall being out of the loop. It worked for his dad during the Iran/Contra hearings.

"He's in prison now, being punished and the trial doesn't even begin until next Wednesday, and of course the crime comes last of all."

While the Bush administration has scrupulously avoided looking inward at intelligence officials for scapegoats they have concentrated on eliminating the Bill of Rights for "suspected" terrorists. Since the attacks and their undeclared War on Terrorism almost anyone from the middle east except Israelis have been suspect.

The Justice Department, under divinely anointed by Crisco John Ashcroft, has rounded up more people than the Palmer Raids before WWI when pacifists, Negroes and anarchists were arrested. Over a thousand "suspected" terrorists were arrested, held incommunicado from lawyers, relatives or the press for the last year. Most have been deported for relatively minor visa violations. They have stripped away civil rights that have been in place since the Magna Carta.

"Besides that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now," said Alice.

The military has been just as complicit in shredding the constitution which they are sworn to uphold, and international laws for holding prisoners of war in Guantanamo, Cuba. To get around that they've named them "enemy combatants." They are setting up our soldiers for similar treatment when they are captured.

Even US citizens have been declared "enemy combatants," a made up term and denied due process of law. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? What are the chances of proving your innocence if you are denied legal counsel, or if nobody knows where you are being held, or even that you are being held?

"They're dreadfully of beheading people around here: the great wonder is there's any one left alive."

Ashcroft is such a Nazi that he has plans to set up internment camps in the states for these "suspected" enemy combatants. We haven't seen that since the Japanese internment camps in WWII and they were just paid reparations. The administration is run by out of control paranoids, yet no one seems to care, until they come for you. Suspicion is a very broad emotion when left unchecked.

There are numerous conspiracy theories about what happened on 9/11 and who was behind it, some based on fact, others on suspicions, but the least plausible of all conspiracy theories is the official one.

"That proves his guilt, of course," said the Queen, "So, off with his---"

Our government has admitted they have no documents or proof that Al Qaeda was responsible for the hijackings, yet they blamed Osama immediately. This angry Arab in Afghanistan has been extensively monitored by the NSA for years; even his cell phone calls to his mother were taped. We are supposed to believe that somehow sitting in a cave on the other side of the world he funded and even planned out the logistics of a complicated and coordinated attack yet no evidence exists of this. The crude video they "found" of someone who doesn't even look like Osama claiming responsibility would not hold up as proof.

The military had plans to attack Afghanistan in the works for months before 9/11, reportedly to install a stable enough government to allow installation of a Unocal pipeline and profitable extraction of Afghanistan's mineral wealth. Karzai, the US approved head of the new government was and is a Unocal flunky. Undoubtedly a sideline trade in heroin from the replanted poppies will also provide black market profits for clandestine operations.

"Why sometimes I believed as much as six impossible things before breakfast." The white Queen said.

No one can know what really happened on the hijacked jets or even who hijacked them since everyone on them was burnt to a crisp. What's been reported that was heard from the hijacked jets is scanty and conflicting.

The FBI has seized tapes made of ground air communication, telephone calls made by the passengers and other evidence. The press is only recording what this agency with a long record of lying to them tells them.

The media didn't even question the impossibility of a FBI agent finding one of the hijacker's undamaged passports a few blocks away from the WTC rubble. Nevertheless the media records the Fibbies apocryphal tales as if they were eyewitness testimony.

The FBI named and displayed photos of 19 men they claimed were the hijackers, although none of them appeared on the official passenger lists, and seven of them have since come up with the perfect alibis. Six are still alive living in foreign countries and one was dead a year before the attacks.

I'm afraid I can't put it more clearly," Alice replied, very politely, "for I can't understand it myself, to begin withÉ"

Even the storyline of the hijackings and crashes has been called into question. There's the mysterious collapse of the twin towers, where the second tower hit after the first and less directly, imploded first. It has been said by numerous "experts" that the intense fires, fueled by the jet fuel and paper clutter of the offices weakened the inadequately fireproofed trusses that held the floors to the frame. Never mind that the towers were designed to withstand a direct hit by jets only slightly smaller with more fuel on board. A design failure, or maintenance problem.

It's been claimed that the raging inferno weakened the trusses holding the floors to the steel framework. They gave way and those floors fell and pancaked downwards, crushing the floors below like the domino theory of world communism.

Naturally no real investigation was done to determine whether this was true. Since the same firm which "investigated" the Oklahoma City bombing was conducting this one, that could be expected. In fact most of the metal pulled from the wreckage was sold for recycling before it could be examined for evidence for this theory.

A cursory look at the WTC towers blueprints would show that the floors were held up by rows of 16 inch thick steel girders not merely trusses. Recently tapes have surfaced showing that firefighters reached the stricken floors and reported that the fires were not out of control and could be contained. Not a raging inferno that could have weakened steel beams.

Firefighters and evacuated witnesses reported hearing explosions and witnessing bomb like damage to floors that were not hit by the planes before they escaped. The possibility of planted, timed explosives triggering an implosion is more plausible than the official theory. An expert in demolishing buildings, who said this immediately after the attacks, changed his mind after being awarded a fat government contract.

The Pentagon hit is even more dubious. There are numerous witnesses to some kind of plane executing a fighter jet turn over Washington and plowing directly into the recently reinforced section of that five sided complex.

The best selling French book and website claiming that the damage was actually from a truck bomb or perhaps a guided missile ignores these witnesses. However the photos taken of the crash site shortly after show conclusively that the damage to the building was considerably narrower than the width of the jumbo jet said to have crashed into it. They also show an undamaged lawn even though the jet was said to have scraped along it before hitting the Pentagon. There is almost no visible airplane debris in the official photos except an unsigned section of a fuselage on the undamaged lawn.

Even more curious, considering the amount of security that must protect the Pentagon, the only photos of the attack are from a parking lot monitor a few hundred yards away. No plane is visible in the series of photos taken every few seconds. An explosion is visible but it appears to take place away from the building.

"And what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

Then there's the critical 45 minutes of Bush reading a children's story about a pet goat while Rome burned and no military planes got off the ground to protect domestic air space. Actually there should have been no need for Bush to order jet fighters to intercept and even shoot down planes going off course, especially jets approaching Washington. It's standard operating procedure and some military pilots or their commanding officers should be falling on their swords or seeking asylum in a foreign country for failing to do this.

When Bush was flown across the country to Offut Air Base in Nebraska, surprise, surprise, many of the CEOs of companies located in the Twin Towers were also there. They were attending an early morning "benefit" put on by Warren Buffet.

This article only scratches the surface of the many problems with the official explanation. There are too many unanswered questions that need to be answered by an official investigation which is televised, questions all those involved under sworn testimony, and is conducted by people who are not tainted by their own involvement. We will only receive that if we demand it unconditionally and throw out the bastards who stand in the way.

"That's the effect of living backwards," the Queen said kindly, " it always makes one giddy at first-but there's one great advantage in it, that one's memory works both ways."

Alice remarked, "I can't remember things before they happen."

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards", the Queen remarked.


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