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September, 2002

The World Trade Center Collapse and the Mafia

An engineer ... was recently quoted in The New Yorker saying of the mineral spray fireproofing: "If you knock it, that spray-on protection will fall off".

This distinction regarding fireproofing is an important consideration in the collapse, because it is said that most fire professionals at the scene expected the buildings to withstand a heavy fire load for a much longer period... But if the steel was exposed because the fireproofing came off on impact, or had been subject to years of deterioration, it would stretch as soon as it reached 1200 degrees. (The matter is further complicated by the fact that there had been years of litigation between the company that made the fireproofing and the Port Authority.

It was also alleged that Louis DiBono, the head of another company that was contracted to apply the fireproofing was a member of the crime family of John Gotti. DiBono was gunned down in1990, allegedly on the orders of Gotti himself, and his body was found filled with a multitude of bullet wounds in the garage of the World Trade Center.)

From "Report from Ground Zero" by Dennis Smith, Viking Books, pages 187-188.


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