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August, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 8

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County Releases New Medical Marijuana Policy - By Louis Nuyens
  A new set of policies released by the County District Attorney's office may greatly reduce the tension between local law enforcement agencies and medical marijuana advocates in Marin.
Elder Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against County - By Terri Alvillar
A lawsuit has been filed against the County of Marin, Adult Protective Services (APS), and APS social worker, Winifred "Winnie" Lau Casino, claiming multiple violations of elder abuse statutes, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and infliction of emotional distress. San Francisco attorney, Barbara A. Jagiello, filed the suit on behalf of Thomas D. Abernathy, conservator of 87-year old Lillian M. Abernathy ("Conservatee") whose story was featured in the March 2002 issue of the Coastal Post (County Fails to Protect Frail Elderly,
Will Corporate America Approve Medical Marijuana's Legal Victory - By Carol Sterritt
Amidst all the gloom and doom of the current economic downturn ("can you say 'treachery,' boys and girls?") came one bit of cheery news. On Thursday, July 18th, a most important State of California Supreme Court decision came about. This decision upholds the rights of medical marijuana patients to use their chosen medicine without disturbance.
Say A Little Prayer For Our constitution And Bill Of Rights - By Stephen Simac
It would have been hard to find a congressperson last month that wasn't risking sunstroke on the steps of the nations Capitol reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Under God and the blazing sun. Senators were busy pledging indoors for TV. The only ones who weren't standing with their hands over their hearts were hiding in the atheists' closet.
County Attempt at SCA Ordinance Falls Short - By Elena Belsky
Whether public relations move, or a laudable attempt to protect endangered salmonid species and their habitat from harmful development on Marin streams, County Planners and Supervisors recently implemented an interim urgency ordinance (a building and grading moratorium) and drafted a new Amendment to the Development Code.
What is a Stream Conservation Area? Marin Countywide Plan, Environmental Quality Element
Policy EQ-2.3- Definition of Stream Conservation Areas. A Stream Conservation Area (SCA) should be designated along all natural watercourses shown as a solid or dashed blue line on the most recent appropriate USGS quad sheet, or along all watercourses supporting riparian vegetation for a length of 100 feet or more.
Battening Down The Hatches For Marin's Soft Economy - By Karen Nakamura
While the stock market is reeling with scandal and prices are plunging at a rate comparable to the market crash of 1929, Marin County, like so many other counties across the nation, is facing its own monetary crisis. However, those of us who consciously patronize locally owned businesses may be less vulnerable to the current collapse of big business than other areas. Communities who have structured their tax revenues around the Enrons and Andersons of the world are now facing loss of revenues and high unemployment. So where are the chips falling in Marin?
White House Cooks The Books On Indian Trust Accounts
In stark contrast to President Bush's urgent call for "corporate responsibility," and to stop the scandals rocking Wall Street, The White House along with Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General are seeking legislation to obstruct the ability of the United States District Court in the landmark Indian trust lawsuit, Cobell v. Norton, to uncover the full scope of malfeasance in the government's mismanagement of billions of dollars of assets held in trust for 500,000 individual Indian trust beneficiaries.
Green Party Opposes US Attack On Iraq
Green Party USA spokesperson Mitchel Cohen charged last month that George Bush's warmongering threats make him a far greater danger to world peace than Saddam Hussein. "I'm no Saddam hugger, but if we want someone to step down from office," Cohen said, "the world would benefit if George W. Bush would do so."
Corporate Scandals Pale in Comparison to Government Fraud
IRVINE, CA - "The current frenzy over corporate accounting scandals is not a reaction to fraud--it's an attack on business and capitalism," said Robert Tracinski, a senior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute.
Keep Tim Horvath in Law School! - By Alex Horvath
In an effort to help further the education of my younger brother, Tim Horvath, we are preparing a benefit Saturday, August 10, 5 PM, at the Bolinas Community Center. It will feature a Jamaican style dinner prepared by our own Trevor Willis who will make his Jamaican jerk Chicken. Also pastries and the like made by Marcella Robinson-Olivencia. Donated art will be auctioned in addition to services and goods from community members.
Volunteer Advocates Needed
The Marin CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Program is looking for men and women who would like an opportunity to work within the Juvenile Court System to affect the outcome of a child's life.
Road Trip: The Eastern Shore - By Aaron Wiley
I'm bringing this article back to it's focus which is the lone ranger riding a mountain bike across the eastern shores. In the last article Ethan was riding through the state of Virginia. He peddled up the coast towards Maine. He faces many close calls including getting hit by a truck. He is fine but his bike bag suffered irreversible damage. Ethan has a soul to survive and face every element with his head held high and nose to the wind. He called me one evening from the garden city of New Jersey. His spirits were lifted and he seemed content with his findings. He was amazed at the difference between what he heard and what he saw.

Information Submissions
Selective Service Linked To Driver's Licenses
Another World Is Necessary - By Frank Scott
In America , God fearing patriotism-the kind that supports war-has always dominated god loving patriotism-the kind that supports peace- and recent hysteria over pledging allegiance to the god of fear only indicates once again that we have big problems. Unfortunately, they aren't simply our rituals of regimentation, but more the actions of our disabled political economy. The rituals serve to take our minds off that reality, and aid controllers of consciousness who rely on a confused public unable to think critically, or act democratically.
I'll Take My Dollies Home - By Edward W. Miller
Like the insecure bully that it is, all last week Washington argued with its 14 colleagues in the UN Security Council over the new International Criminal Court (ICC), threatening to withdraw all of its soldiers involved in the NATO "peacekeeping:" forces in Bosnia. After hours of intense and often recriminating negotiations, our UN Ambassador, John Negoponte reluctantly agreed to accept the compromise offered by Britain and France, to defer any investigation of an American peacekeeper for 12 months, and allow the US to take any accused soldier home. The United States has threatened to pull out of all UN peacekeeping operations if it doesn't get immunity and even stop paying its 25% share of the UN peacekeeping bill.
MOO TOWN NEWS - By Judy Borello
Writing a column some years ago about Eureka Valley where I was born and raised was a hoot to write and there were so many stories to tell that even then I decided to write another column on the subject of Life in Eureka Valley in the Fifties. There were so many characters that comprised the colorful tapestry that it is hard to cram them all into a small narrative, but I'll try.
Letters To The Editor

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