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August 2002

Road Trip: The Eastern Shore

By Aaron Wiley

I'm bringing this article back to it's focus which is the lone ranger riding a mountain bike across the eastern shores. In the last article Ethan was riding through the state of Virginia. He peddled up the coast towards Maine. He faces many close calls including getting hit by a truck. He is fine but his bike bag

suffered irreversible damage. Ethan has a soul to survive and face every element with his head held high and nose to the wind. He called me one evening from the garden city of New Jersey. His spirits were lifted and he seemed content with his findings. He was amazed at the difference between what he heard and what he saw.

He found an abundance of blueberries which to Ethan is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. He is meeting kind strangers who offer money and the sanctity of their homes. I talked to Ethan for about two hours as we shared stories of updated life. He is still very positive and has every intention to

finish what he started on Jan 1, 2002. He is currently visiting family in Massachusetts. I've noticed throughout this trip, Ethan has taken on many accents. When he left he had a Californian accent. He got to Texas and all of a sudden he was a cowboy.

He arrived in Louisiana and he was taking on the swamp talk and ecstatic by the sight of southern culture. He arrived in New Jersey and I heard a lot of caws. I assume now that he's in Massachusetts he's got the fine tuned "R." Ethan's Mother, father and sister will be visiting him on the east coast. I believe

both Ethan and family need the opportunity to re-acquaint themselves. Ethan is a changed man. He is changed for the better. He needed an adventure and something larger than what he was doing in Bolinas.

The aspect I love about this road trip is how it started out with one meaning and morphed into something new and different. It started out being about riding across the country. It's now a man's pursuit to soul seek and adventure every precious day of his existence. He is growing more everyday and I look forward the result when all is said and done. He has already surpassed what I believed he was capable of. Truly amazing how a quest can bring an inner peace that the person is seeking.

In conclusion we all search for what we believe in and we never expect what we get out of it. Once you open the door to truth and let go of fear, there is no stopping what the soul can succeed. Ethan has now made it to the other side of the country and he's a changed individual. I am proud to have him in my life and be sharing this adventure with him, in spirit. This experience has been beneficial for all parties involved. I called this the year of change on Jan 1, 2002. I never knew those words would bring so much correctness to many lives. By the time this article comes out Ethan will be miles from where he began. At his pace he is conquering the US in his own way. Congratulations Ethan, you have five months left and the door on this trip is wide open. From my world to yours, I wish all the best. See you next month.


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