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July 2002

Marin County Changes Medical Cannabis Policy

Ever since the police backed off during the attempt to recall DA Kamena, the medical cannabis patients of Marin County have been much less hassled.

We continued to win every patient case in court, and were able to overturn the previous unfair DA guidelines by jury trial, such as when Steven Babich was acquitted for 112 plants. Clearly, DA Kamena's war against medical pot patients had been a total failure and had led to political repercussions in Marin and statewide. Other DAs lost their jobs over Prop. 215 issues in elections last March.

The new Marin County medical marijuana policy is a complete vindication for our position and for Rev. Lynnette Shaw. Every requirement we submitted in negotiations last year were met and incorporated into the new County policy.

Patients will no longer be arrested nor will they lose their plants, according to the agreement. We also required that every Police Chief and the Sheriff sign off recognizing Prop. 215 and the County medical marijuana photo ID, finally. This is all we asked from the very first; to be left alone and not bothered anymore over our medical cannabis.

We hope that this new County policy will provide patient satisfaction, safety and plenty of medical cannabis for their needs. Rev. Shaw has prepared the Medical Marijuana Peace Treaty Initiative in case the new system fails to protect the patients. She will certainly be glad to not have to spend more time legally defending patients over medical cannabis issues that were settled by California voters seven years ago.

The members of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana appreciate the County coming to their senses and adopting Rev. Shaw's recommendations, as she knows what our needs are and has always represented the patients' interests with all of her heart.


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