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July 2002

Free And Low Cost Medical Care Available

Patient Assistance Network has just published a new booklet, "Free & Low Cost Medical Care." The booklet includes information on a how and where to get free and low cost medical care under the Federal Hill-Burton program in the San Francisco area.

The Hill-Burton program has been in effect for over 50 years providing more than 35 billion dollars in free and low cost care to qualified participants. The program was established in 1946 to assist in the construction and modernization of hospitals and medical care facilities. Nearly six million dollars in grants and loans were given to 7,000 facilities in over 4,000 communities. In exchange, the facilities agreed to provide a reasonable amount of services to persons residing in the San Francisco community who are unable to pay their bill.

"There are currently 687 facilities that provide free or low cost medical care, but there is rarely any publicity to let the public know about this program," says Jim Surasak, the researcher at Patient Assistance Network. "A step by step outline guides consumers through the process of finding a participating facility, and applying to determine their eligibility for free or low cost care. Consumers can apply before or after receiving care from a participating facility.:

Patient Assistance Network is an organization established by volunteers dedicated to helping people who cannot afford medical care or prescription medication. The primary purposes of Patient Assistance Network are to inform potentially qualified applicants about the patient assistance programs for which they appear eligible and assist them in the enrollment process.

Consumers can receive a copy by sending $5 to cover the cost of printing, postage and handling to: Patient Assistance Network, Free & Low Cost Medical Care Booklet, Dept. MCB-0605, P.O. Box 60382, Washington, Dc 20039-0382.



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