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July 2002

Killing Americans For Oil And Israel

By Edward W. Miller

The media is full these days of accusations, recriminations, congressional hearings and much political jazz, aimed at either deflecting criticism from Washington's failure to warn us of September 11th or suggestions regarding revamping our so-called Intelligence Establishment. While the embarrassed CIA and FBI sit as humbly as possible through endless "hearings" our bubble-head President is erecting a Department of "National Security" which will, he promises, bind together over 100 Federal offices with their personnel and expertise thus guaranteeing that in the future, every bit of intelligence information which may drift into this monolith will receive its proper scrutiny and dispatch.

The Department will have a budget of $37.5 billion, and employ some 169,000 employees. Washington has not explained why the CIA and FBI are excluded, but Bush will perhaps straighten this out once the two cease their infighting.

Washington has been addressing its "terrorist threats" in much the same manner as Tel Aviv, by focusing attention and resources on protection and security rather than addressing the underlying causes. Since her 1967 war of aggression, Israel experienced at her borders and recently at home, violent responses from neighbors she invaded and tried to subjugate: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza. Here in the United States, until that memorable September 11th, we had been punished for our criminal behavior toward both the Iraqis and Palestinians only at the periphery of our so-called field of interest, first in Lebanon, then Africa, and Yemen.

Israel negotiated safe borders for herself with both Egypt and Jordan, under Prime ministers less addicted to violence than Sharon. The hate and distrust she created in Lebanon, however, made it too expensive in terms of Jewish lives, and despite the Israeli farmers' interest in stealing Litani River water for irrigation, she withdrew. The Jews though, are still carting away truckloads of rich Lebanese topsoil from border areas Israel pretends to dispute. The reluctance to make peace with Syria has to do with the avarice of Israel's Russian immigrant farmers (kibbutzim) who, having displaced 120,000 Syrian farming families from their rich turf in the Golan, have the political strength in the Knesset to keep Israel from returning the Golan. The West Bank and Gaza are targets of the Jewish Religious Right with their dreams of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel). Their almost daily thefts of Palestinian land by Jews from Detroit, New York and southern California who receive cheap loans, low mortgage rates and tax relief on their stolen property will continue so long as American Jewry dictates to Washington.

Since the early days of Israel's fascist expansionism Washington's tacit and often active support of the Jewish State has been costing American lives.

During Sharon's bloody 1982 invasion of Lebanon our Ronald Reagan killed the citizens of Beirut with shells from our USS New Jersey, stampeding some 600,000 into the mountains east of their city. As a punishment for this criminal act, we lost some 241 US Marines, plus an uncounted (by Washington) number of sailors from Reagan's Battleship, as the Lebanese retaliated, bombing our military barracks in Lebanon as well as the French military barracks at the Beirut National Airport. Our lack of consideration for their religion, when our military failed to leave the Saudi Kingdom after the Gulf War as promised, resulted in a bomb which in 1996 killed six American soldiers bivouacked in the Saudi City of Khobar, and injuring some 400, mostly Saudis.

Washington has always been a slow learner. On May 28th, 1998, reporter John Miller interviewed Osama Bin Laden in his mountain headquarters in Afghanistan. In this detailed exchange available to the world via ABC News, Osama threw down the Muslim gauntlet to Washington, saying: " Your situation with the Muslims in Palestine is shameful.. and testimony of relief workers in Iraq, the American-led sanctions have resulted in the death of over a million Iraqi children. All of this was done in the name of American interests. We believe that the biggest thieves in the world and the terrorists are the Americans. The only ways for us to fend off these assaults is to use similar means... It is a punishment that fits the crime. American accuse our children in Palestine of being terrorists, children who have no weapons and have not even reached maturity. At the same time they (Israelis) defend a country with airplanes and tanks."

Though Osama's words resonated with over 1.2 billion Muslims across the world., Washington paid no heed to the message. Our embargo of Iraq and our illegal bombing and overflights continued while Clinton tacitly supported Israel's repression and expansionism in Palestine.

On August 7th, 1998 our embassies in both Tanzania and then, Kenya were destroyed by bombs, killing a total of over 224 civilians including 12 Americans. Clinton, in a knee-jerk response sent missiles into Afghanistan, missing Ben Laden, but killing 19 young Muslim students studying in their madrassa. Clinton's missiles then destroyed the Sudanese pharmaceutical plant in Khartum, wiping out African's only access to drugs for sleeping sickness, malaria and Dengue Fever. The plant was NOT producing biological weapons.

Despite Osama's warnings plus angry protests at the UN, Washington again displayed no interest in debating or even questioning its policy. The US carefully-designated embargo against Iraq arranged at the UN still forbade some 600 items Saddam's people required to provide potable water for their children dying daily of water-born diseases from sewage poured into their Euphrates Rive, and. with Washington's tacit OK Israel continued its violent harassment of the Palestinians, stealing their land. with illegal settlements. Over 2,000 Palestinian families had by this time been turned out homeless into the streets, their houses bulldozed., often on a few moments notice.

On the 13th of October our USS Cole, quietly moored in Yemen's port, experienced a sudden explosion killing some 18 of its crew and blowing a huge hole in its port side. Again, no sign that Washington cared one iota for the lives of either its own citizens as our media daily demonized Osama Bin Laden while our FBI sent its investigating teams into Yemen.

Our mistreatment of Iraqis and Palestinians continued unabated soon September 11th as New York's citizens were enjoying clear skies and a warm autumn breeze, their famous Twin Towers suddenly exploded in a volcano of smoke and debris while in Washington our Pentagon staff watched in awe as a third passenger jet slammed into their concrete fortress, killing some 200 .

With three thousand dead in Manhattan plus some 220 in Washington there was still no move by our President, Congress or State Department to re-examine a foreign policy that was killing more and more Americans. Targeting Osama Bin Laden, the US now demanded Afghanistan's Mohammed Mar, head of the Taliban, deliver Osama to a US court. The Taliban government, however, remembering Washington's corrupt "Star Chamber" trials afforded Noriega and then, Sheik Abdel Omar Rahman, demurred, offering Osama instead to an International court.

As the Bush-UNOCAL negotiations over oil-pipeline access in Afghanistan had become frustratingly slow, our President seized on this moment, and casting aside any more efforts at diplomacy, declared the Taliban to be supporters of Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda. Without significant Congressional debate, and with a hastily-constructed "War Powers Act" Bush was given the go-ahead to begin military actions against Afghanistan's Taliban and essentially, against the Afghan people.

By late June 2002 Bush's Afghan War had degenerated into skirmishes with invisible Al Qaeda who could strike at any moment. Though US and British "Special Forces" had been bombing one cave after another, some containing ammunition left over from the Soviet years, few Al Qaeda had been found though the killing of civilians had hopefully lessened.

Afghans naturally protect their own, so Taliban's and Al Qaeda like their Pashtuns and Tajiks, just disappear into the Afghan crowd. The fact that US command headquarters remains in Florida continues to create blunders killing Afghans as well as some of our Canadian buddies. Washington wants to forget that though the Soviets conquered Kabul in 24 hours and controlled most Afghan cities within the following three days, they never had a moment of peace and after nine long years, with some 19,000 dead and the loss of 425 expensive helicopters, they left.

As for the Mideast, Sharon's wanton killing of civilians plus his physical destruction of West Bank cities, including the Jenin Refugee Camp, the pathetic and demeaning imprisonment of Arafat in his Ramallah headquarters, the mindless and unnecessary stand-off in the Church of the Nativity by a Jewish military openly contemptuous of the Christian World, plus the successful effort by an Israeli-controlled media in this country to portray the essentially-unarmed Palestinians, backed against the wall by the world's fifth largest military, as " THE TERRORISTS," is provoking more and more anti-Israeli and so anti-Semitic feeling across the intelligent world, as well as anti-Sharon sentiment in Israel itself..

The ongoing campaign against Saddam Hussein, lead in this country by such Zionist Jews as Bill Kristol, William Saffire, Jeffrey Kent, Richard Perle and Senator Lieberman and reinforced by presidential-hopeful Senator McCain, may sidetrack any efforts at Mideast peace. The president of Iraq's impoverished country, despite our media's almost daily onslaught, presents no danger to anybody. The UN's International atomic inspection team recently gave Saddam a clean slate and Scott Ritter, former UN Chief inspector says Saddam is no threat. Not a single Arab neighbor approves of Bush's proposed strike against Saddam, while our Washington Chiefs of Staff argue strongly against it. Again, it is only Israel and our Jewish lobby that is urging that Americans continue to die for Zionism..

Charlie Reese, once columnist for the Orlando Sentinel recently described Bush as a ventriloquist's dummy, sitting on the lap of Israel's Sharon. In reality our President's focus on the Mideast, including both Iraq and the Palestinians is distorted, first, by his abysmal ignorance of history, by his emotional bonding with a Religious Right which supports Sharon's expansionist dreams and finally, by the awesome power of Jewish money, best exemplified by AIPAC with tentacles which reach into both the political and media spheres. Just how Bush will circumnavigate these dangerous waters is anyone's guess.

Speaking to a sold-out Berkeley audience June 20th world-famous columnist Robert Fisk said it clearly: "The safety of America depends on its behavior overseas."



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