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July 2002

Road Trip: Life's Twists and Turns

By Aaron Wiley

Jason Rodgers has returned home to Bolinas in case some of you haven't seen him around.

The next change is me, I am now in culture shock. I am centralized in Arizona's 100-plus degree weather in the city of Tucson. There was a voice inside myself telling me for years to take control and find what you want out there, I finally listened!

Back to Jason Rodgers, there is no failure in a bike trip like he did. He sweat, he persisted, he shouted, he gave it his all and came home. There comes a time in everybody's life where they have to back down. He persisted from California to Florida. That's no easy task.

Some people never leave the area they're accustomed to. Thank the world for the adventurer's because without us, stories would be dull and flaccid. I commend Jason on the distance he rode as well as the adventure he had. For some bizarre coincidence he arrived two weeks before I made my departure for Tucson. It's funny how things work out sometimes. Before I forget, anyone who would like to contact me can do so at <[email protected]>. I would love to hear your responses! Now off to the soldier on the east coast. Ethan gallantly peddled his mountain bike away from Jason's departure and headed to Georgia.

He rested his tired bones for two to three weeks before heading out again. He is currently on route to Massachusetts and by the time this article comes out. he'll probably be there and gone. He's currently in Virginia. It was tough on both Ethan and Jason because of the differing levels of riding experience. Ethan was prepared mentally and physically, Jason was prepared mentally which is half the battle. Ethan still has food on his mind and as his older brother, he's always had food on his mind! He can eat more than I've seen most eat. He's got a metabolism where the food goes in but he remains the same size.

Just think, last December, three close friends laughing together and now we're all on opposite sides of the coasts. Jason's content to be back home in Bolinas, I'm happy with my new and exciting life in Tucson, and Ethan is pursuing his dream. I don't mean to quote a Jennifer Lopez song but it fits the sentiment: "Ain't it funny how a moment can just change your life?" Well Jennifer Lopez is rich and extremely sexy. We are all rich in our own ways and sexy is a state of mind. Ethan is racing like a jet towards the eastern shores and I've never been so proud of him as I am right now. I am also proud of Jason, as one door closes, one to many follow it.

Thank you Don Deane for giving me my chance at being published. I see many milestones to come in the form of stories, movies, articles, songs and especially romantic poetry. The moral of this month is whatever brings you happiness, seize it and achieve it! Be honest with yourself and open up your mind. I'm not there in Bolinas but I can sense that people are smiling as they read this. Take care unforgotten town in the west, see you next month with more on this evolutionary quest, the road trip and my own evolution, love to all, the man with the plan Aaron.



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