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June 2002

Letters To The Editor

Keep Up Good Work

Keep up the good work. You guys are Champions of the First Amendment at a time when it is desperately needed. So some of the opinions are intemperate? So what!? You don't have to share them all to see the value in giving them a public forum. It's an old and honorable tradition. Voltaire Forever! Take care. Best to you all.

Pat Tunnard

The Lowest Ebb

I was disappointed and somewhat alarmed that such an anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli bias could be written in any American newspaper in 2002. I think you brought small town journalism to its lowest ebb.

Lawrence H. Wanetick, M.D.

San Francisco

Telling Kids the Truth

According to the Washington Post, Graydolf met with a group of fourth grade children at the State Capitol in mid-April. The Governor asked the children what they wanted to do when they grew up. One 10-year-old girl answered: "I want to overthrow the government." The kid was the daughter of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty.

It would have been a reckless statement for a kid to make if she did not have a whole lot of why supporting it. To me, it was very refreshing to see evidence that some parents out there are being responsible enough to teach their children about the evil of today's despicably corrupt government. At the other end of the spectrum those parents who are part of the corrupted machine are such vermin they have no qualms about subjecting their own children to the wearing of shame, although indirectly.

Every responsible, decent parent in this country should be sitting their kids down and telling them the truth; the most corrupt government ever to disgrace this nation is now in place and growing ever more malignant at a fast pace. There are a whole pack of such corrupt vermin right there in the Marin County Civic Center and this letter is dedicated to them.

James Samuel Kor


Israel-US Collusion

The collusion between Israel and the US is well documented and as old as the state of Israel. Washington and the Pentagon have allowed Israel liberties that would be construed as acts of war by any other group or nation.

The attack on the S.S. Liberty by Israeli jets in 1967 that killed American sailors.

The tons of weapons-grade plutonium stolen from various transports and areas.

Now we have serious questions about advance warnings of the 9/11 attacks.

Frank Owens


Anybody's Better Than Davis

A key mark of the good leader is one who willingly accepts less than his share of the credit and more than his share of the blame, who carefully weighs pro and cons before making decisions, whose primary efforts are for the good of the people whom he governs, and who follows the Harry Truman credo that the buck stops at his desk.

We have a governor who ignored early advice, then panicked, jumping blindly into the fiasco of an exorbitant energy contract, braying how he'd saved California. Later, learning his action had helped turn the state's handsome $7 billion surplus into a $25 billion deficit, he now frantically seeks scapegoats to accept the buck at a lower level for his mismanagement, all the while indulging in his primary activity -- non-stop fund raising, seeking large checks from industries who might wish his help.

That's the same governor, known as a micro manager, again dodging blame, claming no knowledge of the witless $95 million no-bid contract with Oracle to buy vastly more software licenses than the state has employees to issue them to, another fiasco that happened on his watch.

Election message for November: "Anybody's better than David."

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Gap Between Rich and Poor to Diminish

Thanks to a new Bill passed by Congress, the "rich getting richer while the poor get poorer" may be a thing of the past.

Senator Robert Beterworld (D. Vermont) has drafted legislation that creates a "salary cap" for all individuals and corporations. All monies received over the "cap" would revert back to the lowest paid workers in the form of yearly bonuses.

There has been fierce opposition to this bill by the private sector but preliminary poles show that over seventy percent of Americans are in favor of "narrowing the gap" between the have and the have nots.

Currently ninety percent of the country's wealth is held by ten percent of the population. If this bill passes, more than half of the nation would receive a bonus each year.

The Bill, often called the "Middle Class Bill" was designed to bring back the vanishing middle class in a country that originally had its foundations built on the "work hard, get ahead" concept of life.

In recent years, however, this motto has changed to "work hard and barely get by" for most Americans. The young people now entering the work force can no longer imagine the new house with a two car garage and a college education for their children.

The idea that all men are created equal may soon refer to the bottom line as well as the soul. There is now a real hope that this inherent equality, reinforced by higher standards of living for over half the nation will have lasting positive affects.

Please voice your support for this new Bill.

Kordell Banks


Oppose AB 2224

Marin's voters have twice rejected a sales tax to pay for a commuter railway. Assemblyman Joe Nation now has crafted AB 2224 in a sly scheme to circumvent those votes by creating a joint Marin-Sonoma rail transit taxing district to fund rail transit.

Marin United Taxpayers and Sonoma County Taxpayers Associations sent a joint letter to the Assembly Appropriations Committee opposing AB 2224 for many reasons, including:

¥ addition of a costly extra layer of bureaucracy between State and County;

¥ huge population difference (Marin 247,200 -- Sonoma twice that at 486,600) would leave Marin voters at mercy of more populous Sonoma County;

¥ heavy costs of rail roadbed repair and maintenance;

¥ deficit cost of operation, requiring taxpayer subsidy, while bus and ferry systems already require subsidies to keep operating;

¥ severe adverse impact on downtown San Rafael east-west traffic, especially in commute hours, with trains, at street level (no overpass), every 15 minutes crossing all east-west streets of downtown San Rafael;

¥ diesel locomotive pollution of the environment;

¥ failure to ameliorate biggest part of our traffic problem -- traffic within Marin;

¥ failure to benefit those who commute to San Francisco;

¥ studies repeatedly show train would have no significant impact on reducing Highway 101 congestion;

¥ tax could be passed by Sonoma even if Marin strongly rejected it;

¥ taxpayers of West Marin and towns south of San Rafael get no benefit though still having to pay the tax.

San Rafael's City Council, apparently indifferent to those reasons, have endorsed AB 2224. MUTA has requested the City Council to reconsider its endorsement and withdraw support from AB 2224. It's time to try less costly, environmentally friendly busways, together with reintroduction of school buses, to better meet the needs identified by the many expensive traffic studies.

Fielding Greaves

MUTA Secretary

P.S. The Appropriations Committee passed AB 2226 by a vote of 16 to 4.

No Room For Terrorism In Islam

I am the manager of a big advisory company in Istanbul, TURKEY. As a Muslim, I strongly denounce terrorism. I wish this blood flowing will end, as a faithful Muslim. Below, there is an article which I want to share with you. I have transferred it from a web site in which the real view of Quran to terrorism is explained. The article also expresses my views very well. The terrorist attacks on two major cities of the United States of America on September 11, 2001, propelled the important issue of the true source of terrorism to the top of the world agenda. Thus, it has been announced to the entire world that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that summons individuals to compassion and justice. Many world leaders, leading media organizations, television and radio stations said that true Islam forbids violence, and encourages peace between people and between nations. The Western circles that have come to a full grasp of the religion of Islam and are well-informed about Islam as commanded by God in the Quran noted clearly that the words "Islam" and "terror" cannot stand side by side, and that no divine religion permits violence.

The source of the terror is definitely not from a divine religion, and that there is no room for terrorism in Islam. This is made clear in the Quran, the main source of Islam, and in the practices of all true Muslim rulers, the Prophet Muhammad being the foremost of them. This book reveals, in the light of the verses of the Quran and with examples from history, that Islam forbids terrorism and aims to bring peace and security to the world.

As is known, for centuries, various acts of terrorism have been carried out in different parts of the world by different groups for a variety of purposes. Sometimes a communist organization, sometimes a fascist group, and sometimes radical and separatist factions assume responsibility for these acts. While countries like America often became the target of attacks by racist and marginal terrorist groups, the European countries have been center stage for violent acts carried out by terrorist groups. 17 November in Greece, RAF (Red Army Faction) and Neo-Nazis in Germany, ETA in Spain, Red Brigades in Italy and many other organizations seek to make their voices heard through terror and violence by killing innocent and defenseless people. The nature of terrorism changes with changing world conditions and increases its impact and power with the new means made possible by developing technology. In particular, mass communication tools such as the Internet extend the scope and influence of the terrorist activities considerably.

If one is looking for the cause of an act of terrorism, one must look for its source in anti-religious ideologies. Religion enjoins love, compassion, forgiveness, peace and living according to high moral standards. Terrorism, on the other hand, is on the side of cruelty and violence, causing pain, bloodshed and committing murder.

Besides the Western organizations, there are also other terror organizations of Middle East origin. Terrorist attacks are carried out by these groups in all corners of the world. Sadly, the fact that the perpetrators of various terrorist acts carry Christian, Muslim or Jewish identities cause some people to put forward claims which do not concur with divine religions. The truth is that even if terrorists have Muslim identities, the terror they perpetrate cannot be labeled "Islamic terror", just as it could not be called "Jewish terror" if the perpetrators were Jews or "Christian terror" if they were Christians. That is because, as will be examined in the following pages, murdering innocent people in the name of a divine religion is unacceptable. We need to keep in mind that, among those who were killed in New York and Washington, there were people who loved the Prophet Jesus (Christians), the Prophet Moses (Jews) and the Prophet Muhammad (Muslims). Unless forgiven by God, murdering innocent people is a great sin that leads to torment in Hell. No one who is religious and fears God would do such a thing.

The aggressors can commit such violence only with the intention of attacking religion itself. It may well be that those who carried out this violence did so to present religion as evil in the eyes of people, to divorce people from religion and to generate hatred towards those who are religiously inclined. Consequently, every attack on American citizens or other innocent people having a religious facade is actually an attack made against religion.

Religion commands love, mercy and peace. Terror, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion; it is cruel, merciless and demands bloodshed and misery. This being the case, the origins of a terrorist act should be sought in disbelief rather than in religion. People with a fascist, communist, racist or materialist outlook on life should be suspected as potential perpetrators. The name or the identity of the triggerman is not important. If he can kill innocent people without blinking an eye, then he is a non-believer, not a believer. He is a murderer with no fear of God, whose main ambition is to shed blood and to cause harm. For this reason, "Islamic terror" is an erroneous concept which contradicts the message of Islam. The religion of Islam can by no means countenance terrorism. On the contrary, terror (i.e. murder of innocent people) in Islam is a great sin, and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world.


[email protected]

Bush & Enron (Little known facts with huge implications)

On the day the Enron scandal was revealed President Bush denied that he even knew Kenneth Lay very well. When asked he said "Ken who?" Upon further questioning Bush said "Heck, he backed my opponent for Governor, Ann Richards," even though Bush knew Lay formally endorsed him and gave him more than three times the money he had given Ms. Richards! Now the White House is refusing to relinquish the transcripts of Mr. Bush, Mr. Chaney and Kenneth Lay's meetings prior to Enron's implosion. The following is a list of just how well President Bush knew Mr. Lay and his cronies at Enron. Make sure you're sitting down when you read this list.

1. Mr. Bush and Mr. Chaney flew around America in a luxurious Enron Company jet to all the primaries and campaign stops in the 2000 election. The jet was supplied each time by Kenneth Lay for the price of a first class ticket!

2. It is common knowledge in Washington D.C. and Texas that Bush affectionately refers to Mr. Lay as "Kenny Boy."

3. Mr. Bush interrupted an important campaign trip in April, 2000, to fly back to Houston for the Astros opening day at the new Enron Field where K. Lay threw out the first pitch.

4. The new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Harvey Pitt- a former attorney for Arthur Anderson, now looking over the stock markets!

5. Enron and Halliburton received the giant contracts to "rebuilt" Kuwait after the Gulf War under former President Bush. Vice-President Chaney was CEO of Halliburton in between Bush administrations!

6. Lawrence Lindsey the chief economic advisor to the President was a former advisor to Enron.

7. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill was the former CEO of Alcoa which used the law firm of Vinson & Elkins,(which was the #3 contributor to the G. Bush campaign). Vinson & Elkins is the law firm representing Enron ! By the way Alcoa is also the top polluter in Texas, and that's saying a lot!

8. Thomas White the Secretary of the Army is a former vice-chair of Enron Energy !

9. Robert Zoellick the Federal Trade Representative was a former Enron adviser.

10. Bush has nominated an Enron Attorney for a federal judge position in Texas.

11. The Presidents chair of the Republican Party is a former Enron lobbyist.

12. Two Enron officials are now working for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay!

13. The wife of Texas Senator Phil Gramm sits on Enron's board.

14. Commerce Secretary Don Evans was Bush's campaign finance chairman who worked directly with Enron and their massive contributions.

15. Enron was one of the largest contributor to Bush’s campaign.

It's pretty obvious Bush had nothing to do with Kenneth Lay, yeah right! Where is the Independent Council when we need them ? Maybe we just need to find these Enron people involved in sex between consenting adults in order to investigate them. God help all of us who aren't millionaires.


Marin County, CA.

Shame On You

While I have generally viewed your newspaper with distrust, an article that appeared in the May 1st edition titled "Israeli Espionage Artists Were in Marin" by Stephen Simac has clearly gone too far.

I see with dismay the consistent anti-Israeli bias in your newspaper, and I frankly cannot understand why so many articles are devoted to it. West Marin is 9,000 miles away from that part of the world. There are numerous cases of injustice and strife in every corner of the globe. The amount of articles criticizing Israel that appear in the Coastal Post is so disproportionate that I must question your motives and editorial policy.

But Mr. Simac's article alleging a "spy ring" operating in Mill Valley is so ridiculous that it would be laughable, except that it has the effect of spreading hatred.

I would have no intention of debating the facts with Mr. Simac, as I have come to the conclusion that he is completely inane. He has written many other articles which also support that conclusion.

My comments are directed at the publisher-editor, Mr. Don Deane. Surely you must feel the responsibility as an editor to maintain some sort of journalistic standards. In general, while I feel it is important to have some kind of alternative news sources than the mainstream media provides, your newspaper is squandering it's precious credibility by printing such nonsense that Mr. Simac writes.

Any protestation on your part on behalf of free speech misses the point and absolves you of your responsiblity as an editor. Why not print any bit of fantasy that passes for news? Why not print a story outlining the theory that aliens from outer space have secretly taken over the Marin County Council? As an editor/publisher, don't you feel it necessary to carefully review what is printed? The fact that Mr. Simac's article was in the middle of page one lent it the air of being a bona fide news story, as opposed to the absurd, biased, hate-filled, conspiratorial trash that it really was.

Are you really being fair here? What are your true motives? You have the responsibility as a journalist to spread truth, enlightenment, and understanding, and not inflame the fires of bigotry, intolerance, scapegoating, and hatred.

Shame on you for printing such an article.

Elmo Framas

[email protected]


I'm amazed to see the truth (about Israel) actually being printed!! One would have thought the Republicans would speak out but they're as bad on in some cases of hypocrisy (Mr. Virtue-Bill Bennet-What a two face.) much worse. The Coastal Post is almost a Lech Walesea in this thing. Good Luck!

Tim Elrod

[email protected]

Evidence, Mr. Simac?

In Mr. Simac's recent article, he claims:

"The Israelis evidently knew of the hijacking plans well before the attack. Some Israeli citizens in the Word Trade Centers were warned with instant messaging from an Israeli company Odigo, to evacuate two hours before the attack. Only one Israeli citizen was killed in the Twin Towers."

Does he have any evidence to substantiate this rather bold claim? I do not think one should accept it on face value alone especially given the fact that many Jews were killed at the WTC.

I look forward to your reply.

Jeffrey I. Silberman

[email protected]

The Nightmare Of The Jewish Lobby

Thank you for the Edward Miller article on the Jewish lobby. It is time all Americans woke up to the nightmare being conducted by the Jewish lobby in the US. They care for Israeli interests not American and the sad fact is that our Congress is buying the nonsense.

George Yazenvich

[email protected]

Judeo-Christian Menace Falacy

I feel I must respond to the piece entitled "The Judeo-Christian." In it the author accuses the Christian churches of facilitating the corporate system and Western dominance of the world as by products of the Churches. He constantly intermingles the west with the Christian churches and even mentions the crusades.

There are some glaring mistakes in his theory however. Let's start with the Crusades, During the Crusades Christian Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox) believers, church officials and symbols of the church were rounded up and killed right alongside their Moslem brothers and sisters. One of histories most hideous destructive events was the sack of Contintanople when the crusaders raped, killed, pillaged and destroyed their way through Constantinople which was the seat of the church of the East. Constantinople was the target of this Crusade not a "target of circumstance."

Today the Palestinian Orthodox are persecuted not only by the Israelis but by angry fanatics claiming to be Moslems. There are also many Palestinian Orthodox who have lost their homes to the Israeli invaders and who are part of the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.

Please don't confuse the actual Religious and Spiritual beliefs with a misinterpretation of those who would corrupt the Spirituality with their own profit or domination in mind. There are many devout and peaceful people and many church, synagogue and mosque structures in the world who follow the actual beliefs of their Religion. Above all Christianity is not only the province of the west but also the east.

Remember the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill" speaks for itself.

Michael Tsongas

[email protected]

You Are An Idiot

Although your paper does not pretend to be even-handed in its editorializing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Stephan Simac's "Israeli Espionage Artists" sets a new low in pseudo-journalism.

The event described in the article NEVER HAPPENED. The massive spy ring of art students from Israel were never caught, they never existed. Check with the Mill Valley Police... spring 2001, there were no arrests of supposed spys. Check with the DEA-there were no "Israeli art students" under surveillance. I challenge Stephan Simac to document these events.

What was the purpose for such an article kill sales of street artists? Then I find the answer... Simac suggests it was really the Israelis involved in the 9/11 attack. Those must have been Israelis posing as Saudis who crashed those suicide planes, those must have been Israelis masquerading as Palestinians who were dancing in the streets in Jenin after the attack. Or maybe the Israelis were cooperating in the attack with the Al Queda! DO YOU THINK WE ARE ALL IDIOTS?!

I thought the article was a satiric joke. Who would ever believe that Mossad (the most effective Intelligence Agency in the world) would stoop to enlisting the children of Israeli diplomats to infiltrate government offices in Mill Valley, of all places...That center of government power.

Stephan Simac-you are an idiot.

Arlene Lewetzow


[email protected]

And From Stephen...

I hesitate to discourage Coastal Post letter writers from venting their feelings. It's a form of therapy for them and an entertainment forum for other readers.

I don't mind being called an idiot, that's mild, however Ms. Lewetzow appears not to have even read my article, which really hurts. She didn't even get through my byline accurately, before she veered off from what I actually wrote.

This puts me in the paradoxical position of defending what ain't mine. The Coastal Post is far more even handed than most American media in our coverage of Israel. Because we criticize Israel's aggressive occupation, funded by Americans to over $3 billion in money each year, we are considered biased.

Yes, Virginia the spy ring did happen, Israeli "art students" were caught red handed, detained, questioned and deported. The DEA has confirmed the accuracy of their own leaked report about this. My article provided numerous ways to research this report for yourself on the web.

It's long I know, kind of a just the facts, ma'am, 62 page description of arrests by the DEA of over 100 Israelis for suspicious activity, which in plain English is spying. It includes their names, Israeli army backgrounds, where they were caught, what they were spying on. If anyone did damage to Israeli art students reputation and future sales it was them.

One comprehensive site for the Israeli spying story is with links to other sites and stories. Ms. Lewetzow chooses to believe what she wants but it's not reality based.

I did not write that the Mill Valley police arrested any Israeli spies. I wrote that a group of "art students" were also selling cheap art in downtown Mill Valley. It's ridiculous to expect the Mill Valley police to crack an international spy ring. If they had they might have found another cell in the DEA documented "art student" ring, since their MO was so similar.

I didn't blame Israel for 9/11 but they did have foreknowledge. The first middle easterners caught dancing over the attack were 5 Israelis arrested that day in New Jersey. Suspicious neighbors called the police on them because they were videotaping the wreckage while dancing and cheering.

As for who really hijacked those planes, even the head of the FBI now admits they have no real evidence linking Al Quaeda or any other group with the hijackings. Americans must demand a full investigation into what really happened around 9/11.

Her admiration of Mossad is truly scary. Their motto roughly translates as Liars in the Cause of Victory. Do some basic reading about a history of their actions against America, and you'll agree with friends like that, who needs enemies.

I did not write that the students were Mossad, more likely they were from Israeli army intelligence since that was their background. I wrote some were children of high ranking army officers, not diplomats.

Stephen Simac

Call For Change Of Hypocritical Cuban Policy

There is no valid reason for President Bush not to permit the same diplomatic relation ship to Cuba that the United States provides to other autocratic countries. The following dictatorships and communist countries all have economic and counselor services with the U. S. These are Communist China, Vietnam, Peoples Republic of Laos, Saudi Arabia. Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Kuwait and there are a slew of other quasi Democratic countries like Pakistan where dictators have taken over power with the promise to have elections. The point being that when the US goes to bed with so many countries that violate human rights and discriminate against our own citizens that there is no valid reason why not recognizing Cuba should continue. Our country recognizes Vietnam which has in the recent past been guilty of killing thousands of American. There is no real argument in citing our "human rights" policy since all of the above mentioned dictatorships and Communist countries probably are more serious violators of civil rights . As far as relating the trade embargo to human rights that is also a non starter as compared to many of the countries we trade with. Probably our greatest oil trading partner Saudi Arabia must have the worst Human rights policy which Bush blithely overlooks. Bush is creating many cynics in our country. I urge a change NOW. Bush says "demand freedom" to


ŽmigrŽs but is silent when talking to ŽmigrŽs from all other dictatorships.

Dr. Norman E. Mann

San Diego

Failure To Secure Air Safety

Regardless of what Condolezza Rice declared about the Administration doing all it could to prevent the massacre of 9\11 by Islamist from Saudi Arabia, it did not do all it could do as far as making sure that airliners could not be hijacked or if they were there was no plan for the crew to thwart such a take over. The issue of the taking over a plane by any means is completely overlooked. That was the first necessary step to the greater tragedy.

I blame the National Security Advisor, the Secretary of Transportation, the airlines and the pilots, the relevant House and Senate Air travel and transportation oversight committees for failing to prepare a plan of how to defeat an attempted takeover of an airliner. Had this strategy been in place then there would have been no massacre on September 11.

This doesn't let the FBI and other Security agencies off the hook, but it does place the blame for all of the above mentioned governmental bodies which have as a responsibility of protecting air travelers. The possibility of a plane or planes being taken over was a long recognized threat. I believe that all the agencies both private and public whose concern it is to make the air lanes secure have let the American people down. I don't believe that those same people should be given a second chance after their negligence contributed to the serious neglect which allowed the terrorists to succeed. I also believe that Senator Feinstein should have gone to the public or to the press when she realized that the administration was ignoring her concern about possible terror attacks.

Dr. Norman Mann

San Diego


My Country Has Let Me Down

My wife, Khwanmueang Phutthanu, a citizen of Thailand, was denied a visa today to allow her to accompany me to America to visit my dying mother. This was at the American Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My mother is in the last stage of brain cancer, and is expected to die within a very short period of time, probably no more than a week from now. This is detailed in letters from her Hospice and from my family. It is my mother's dying wish for myself and wife to see her before she passes on.

Last October, I suffered a stroke, which has left my left side partially paralyzed. I can walk a bit now with the aid of a cane, but I only have about 20% use of my left arm and hand. I require constant care from my wife in most of my daily routine, and her physical assistance is required in order for me to travel from Thailand to California to see my mother one last time.

My wife was denied a visa because she couldn't "prove" that she wasn't really planning to stay in America, and because I couldn't "prove" I was really intending to return to live in America. My wife was told by the Visa Officer (American) that he believed that I was, in fact, planning to return to America to live because of my disability, and that her true intention was to stay in America. No matter that we had stated otherwise.

I've been living in Thailand since 1988, and this is my home now. My wife and I have been together for almost seven years, and we had a marriage ceremony almost five years ago. My wife and I have no interest in living in the States. Both of us are just trying to honor my mother's last wishes. My wife and mother are quite close, and my wife is totally shattered by the visa refusal. She also feels responsible for my not being able to visit my mother.

When I called the embassy to get a better explanation, I was told the same thing. If my wife couldn't prove, to the satisfaction of the Visa officer, that we weren't lying to them in our statements and documents, she would automatically be denied a visa. I asked what would be considered proof, and he made some suggestions. One suggestion was bringing wedding photos to show we are really in a relationship. I said that we had that. He replied that these could be faked, so they wouldn't actually be proof. When pressed on this, he admitted there was no sure proof', that it would all depend on the visa officer's subjective opinion. He explained that one out of three Thai people violate the conditions of their visa, so the rules now must very strict.

But, in his effort to weed out fraud, he denied a mother her chance to see her son and daughter-in-law one last time before dying. He also denied her son, an American citizen, the right, in effect, to ever see his mother alive again. I don't think this was his clear intention, but this the clear result.

The thing that sends my head spinning is that, by right of being an American, my legal spouse has an automatic right to live with me in America. If she had applied for immigration to America, under the law, she MUST be allowed, as my legal wife, to accompany me to live in America. But, this process takes at least 6 months for a final okay, but, of course, we have no desire to live in the States.

I've never dealt with the Embassy before, but I told my wife that we just needed to be 100% truthful, and everything would be fine. This was the way I was raised as an America, that the Truth will always be respected, and a lie will always be punished.

But, I see now that I'm pretty naive about such things

My country has let me down when I most needed it. I'd never have thought I'd ever say that.

Sorry, Mom...

Lawrence Wheeler

[email protected]

I live in Thailand, but my hometown is San Rafael. My mother also lives there.

Editor's Note:

Mrs. Wheeler passed on May 23.

Thanks To The Writers

I would like to thank Jim Scanlon, Stephen Simac, Frank Scott & Edward Miller for their well-informed articles.

Jens Schaumburg-Mueller

Gilleleje, Denmark

[email protected]


Fuel Cells: Where To Get The Hydrogen?

This month Paul Hawken really damaged his technical credibility. I absolutely wish he hadn't. We desperately need successful business people like Mr. Hawken standing up for biosphere protection.

In a multi-page article in the latest issue of the Common Ground resource directory, Mr. Hawken writes:

"Before we get a drop of ANWAR oil, we will be driving electric cars powered by fuel cells. These cars, whose emissions are hot water vapor and oxygen, have an extraordinary second use: if the US fleet were powered by fuel cells, it would equal mobile power plants with 5-10 times the total output of all our power plants. Parked cars can feed electricity into the grid, forever eliminating the need for coal-fired and nuclear power plants".

One problem. One very big problem. Automotive fuel cells require hydrogen input in order to produce electricity. And the production of hydrogen requires a quite large power expenditure in the first place.

Ask any fuel cell scientist directly involved in the automotive industry.

BMW makes a wonderful hydrogen fuel cell car - they have built hydrogen gas stations in Germany specifically for these cars. The problem is - it costs a great deal of energy (coal / nuke / windmill electricity-or direct chemical conversion from crude oil) to produce the hydrogen that-in the end-does run these fuel cells. Visit for direct technical information.

Yes Mr. Hawken-at this very moment all the cars in our country (parked or running) are capable of producing 5-10 times more power than all of our power plants, combined.

However, we still-will-have to pay for the fuel - be it fossil or hydrogen. Are you willing to park your car and leave it idling to pour power into the grid? Not me Paul.

My hard earned money - is still hard earned money.

Scott Black

[email protected]




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