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June 2002

Western Weekend

By Judy Borello

Well, Western Weekend is here again and it sure as hell isn't what it used to be! Compared to years gone by, it is a lot tamer, much less rowdy, and significantly smaller in size and stature. It usually is held on the first weekend in June, commemorating the town's ties to agriculture. On Saturday, the young ranchers show their animals and livestock and they are judged in their separate categories. On Sunday at High Noon, the parade commences and usually lasts about an hour and a half. Then it's up to the Red Barn for a chicken barbecue and then back down to the Western Saloon for dancing to western swing.

In yester-years, it was like a West Marin Mardi Gras, with way more spirit, even raucous, and full of bravado. The Queen Contest had at least four or five girls running for the crown, and the parade was much more interesting, longer, and creative with thousands of people watching it along the sidelines of the Main Street.

Some of my very favorites in the parade were the Nave Patrola, Chi Chi Giambastiani and his vintage car, and the Tomales High School Band.

The Nave Italian Army Patrola was, I believe, the favorite of many people with their zany antics of shooting each other, marching out of step and crashing into each other, and singing "El Deuche." After the parade, they would march into the Old Western Saloon and at the loud whistle of either Bob Nave Sr. or Rich Nave, they would climb onto the bar marching and singing while I held my breath. This was the one day out of the year that you would see many of the locals that you didn't see all year long who would come to the parade, as well as many of the locals that had moved out of town who would head back into Point Reyes for that memorial Sunday where they all smiled and frolicked as they did in years before-in the warmth of genteel company and spirited camaraderie.

One Western Weekend when streaking was the fad, a local lady streaked the parade and everybody clapped because it was so in vogue at that time. Of course, her husband didn't think of her as a trend setter and she ended up with a black eye. The ranchers comprised a lot of the Lions Club members back then and they were devoted to Western Weekend. I remember Scotty Mendoza, Jean Kehoe, Frank Truttman, Toby, Ralph, Waldo and Rita Giacomini and so many more that if I started naming all of them it would fill the entire page, tirelessly working all weekend long to pull this off without a hitch (except for the horses). By the time you read this, Western Weekend will have happened and I'm sure that many of you will have run into old friends and acquaintances and had a jolly good time.

* * * * *

What has happened around here to "honor"? When the environmental leadership, who point their fingers at other people (sometimes bashing them falsely) don't play by the very same rules they are holding everyone else to, they are committing environmental treason.

Some of these environmental zealots who point the finger at everybody else and turn them in to County or State regulators are doing the same or worse. Rumor Control has it that they have built onto their homes illegally and put in illegal septic systems.

All I can say is very hypocritical! They have caused many a person in our community a great amount of pain and then skipped down the yellow brick road while leaving broken businesses, hearts and pocketbooks in their wake.

Believing that they are the environmental gurus of West Marin, they pay no mind to the hardships they have caused many other people here. Now it has come to light that they, the environmental SS of West Marin, have been caught breaking the very rules that they themselves have reported other people (sometimes falsely) for breaking!

PS Spring has sprung and the old adage is: if you made it through the mattress, you'll make it into the spring!



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