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June 2002

God Said No

By Edward W. Miller

A few weekends ago, as thousands of supporters of Israel who had gathered in Washington in support of Sharon's policies were being addressed by Bush's right-wing hawk and Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, this Assistant Secretary of Defense just happened to point out that: "innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying as well as Israelis." Immediately a roar of disapproval, accompanied by hissing and name-calling from the crowd, interrupted his speech and, unable to continue, Wolfowitz was forced to withdraw in embarrassment.

As Columbia's Professor Edward Said recently stated in a column on the internet ( May 19), "American Jewish support for Israel simply does not tolerate any allowance for the existence of an actual Palestinian people, except in the context of terrorism, violence, evil and fanaticism... To judge by the recent anti-war demonstrations of 60,000 people in Tel Aviv, the increasing number of Reservists who refuse service in the Occupied Territories... some of the polls show a majority of Israelis willing to withdraw in return for peace... but NOT in the United States." Said says American Jews have been taught "that Palestine was empty, that it was liberated from Britain, that the natives ran away because their leaders told them to, that, in effect, the Palestinians didn't exist except recently as terrorists, that all Arabs are anti-Semitic and want to kill Jews."

American Jewish support for Zionist policies is being reinforced by our Religious Right, a southern coalition of religious fanatics, who are blindly lead by such zealots as Pat Robertson. Largely ignorant of history, they accept the Bible text as the "word of God." The Zionists as well as the Christian Right like to refer to Genesis 15:18: "In the same day, the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt, unto the great river, the river Euphrates." The fact that the Euphrates River is mentioned helps explain why American Zionists not only support Sharon but push for our military occupation of Iraq, wherein runs most of the Euphrates.

As any reader of history knows, calling on God as landlord to justify colonial expansion has been a scam repeated throughout the centuries. When ancient Greeks wanted to get their hands on Persia's Empire just across the Adriatic, they marched to Delphi to the Temple of Apollo where their Delphic Oracle, wise to the politics of the time, announced amid the clanging of gongs and the smoke of incense that "the Gods approved adding Persia to their Grecian Empire." Some centuries later, as the Roman Empire was expanding, their emperors, accompanied by priests, would approach the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, a rotund building in their Forum. There the head Virgin, Pythia, was induced into a trance by the smoke from a sacrificed goat, whereupon the priests would interpret her mutterings, saying, "the Gods have said Greater Carthage will be added to our Empire," and so it goes. Americans may remember those brave Conquistadors from the Empire of Spain and Portugal as they waded ashore on the Americas were always accompanied by Franciscan Friars holding aloft crosses to acknowledge their God was adding the Indians and their land and gold to His congregation.

A present danger in the Bush Administration is our President's attraction to and political dependence on this Religious Right. Only a religious nut would, as Bush did last week, characterize Sharon as a "man of peace." The only non-Jews who have experienced peace at the hands of this Jewish monster are the dead.

I cannot outline in the space available for this column the details of Sharon's violent criminal career, but I refer those interested to the Internet where under ( by zooming down to ARIEL SHARON: PROFILE OF AN UNREPENTANT WAR CRIMINAL, details of this man's violence are outlined.

Briefly, Ariel Sharon, Israel's Prime Minister, at the age of 14 joined the militant Haganah and in 1948 helped drive some 350,000 Palestinians from their homes. In 1953, Sharon formed the secret "Unit 101" which attacked the unarmed Arab village of Qibya in the demilitarized zone, blowing up 42 houses and killing more than 60 residents trapped inside. The US joined in a UN condemnation and temporarily suspended aid to Israel. Sharon excelled in landing paratrooper brigades across the Jordan, Egyptian, West Bank and Gaza borders to murder and destroy and in October 1956 killed 83 civilians in the town of Qalqilya. He constantly lobbied for increasing illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land and, to weaken the political strength of the PLO, used Jewish funds to support and arm a division of Hamas.

As General, on June 6, 1982, Sharon initiated the savage invasion of Lebanon, the details and extent of which he purposely withheld from the Knesset. He was responsible for the killing of over 12,000 Palestinians and Lebanese, and the destruction of Beirut. A great many refugee camps, Lebanese towns and villages were destroyed. Massacres at the Sabra and Shatilla Camps followed.

Sharon's alliance with another active Zionist, Netanyhu, countered attempts by the then Prime Minister Rabin to negotiate land for peace with Arafat. Sharon's campaign with its appeal to the Jewish Radical right resulted in Rabin's assassination.

Sharon intends to so completely destroy the infrastructure of the West Bank's towns and villages as well as Gaza's that a military sweep by Israel (for which he has called up thousands of reserves) can push the dismantled Palestinian population into Jordan. He is busy implementing the so-called "Alon Plan," which builds illegal Jewish settlements so located between Arab towns that no political cohesion of a Palestinian state will ever be possible should his massive population transfer fail.

It was the division of this already-fragmented landscape into four bantustands that Arafat and his staff wisely rejected at Camp David where he met with Barak and Clinton. Professor Said commented that Clinton, "always had been an opportunist first, a Zionist second, and a clumsy politician third" (Media Monitors Network, Al Ahram 2001). Barak's "generous offer" was a ridiculous lie.

This last week saw Israeli terrorism continued throughout the West Bank towns, the final release of Arafat from servile confinement, end of the military stand-off at the Church of the Nativity (a grotesque and brutal Jewish pageant angrily condemned by Pope John Paul II and leaders of the Christian world), and the total and mindless destruction of the Jenin refugee camp finally revealed to an international press which could report on the killing of hundreds buried in their massively crushed and bombed homes.

A senior UN official ( May 6) estimated Israel's military offensive in the West Bank caused between $300-$400 million in damage to Palestinian property. Members of the EU community are understandably furious since much of the Palestinian's infrastructure had been funded by generous European donations. Israel's offensive launched March 29 occupied six of the West Bank's eight main towns. At least 70 Palestinians were killed in Nablus alone. Government buildings were destroyed, electric and water and even sewage facilities severely damaged.

Reporter Uri Avnery (Monitor Network 04/28/02) said Sharon's plan is to "break" the backbone of the Palestinian people, crush their governmental institutions and turn them into human wreckage." He reports the damage to Ramallah's Palestinian Ministery of Education included safes blown open, computers torn apart and hard drives stolen, furniture smashed, important files carried away, pupil and teacher lists, the whole logistics of their school system removed. In Nablus, the population registry and passport office were destroyed.

The world has not watched Sharon's barbarism and Bush's complicity in silence. Thousands of Palestinians marched in Washington, while over 60,000 Jews protested in the streets of Tel Aviv against Sharon's savagery. On May 18, over 50,000 rallied in London supporting the Palestinians.

A recent poll of over 3,000 Germans, French, British and Spaniards by Der Spiegal Magazine reports that only 15 percent consider Bush as "competent." There is such anti-US and anti-Bush sentiment now present in Germany that Chancellor Schroeder is calling out 10,000 police plus over 600 security guards to handle the protests projected for President Bush's May 22 visit to Berlin.



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