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June 2002

It Now Costs $ To Recycling E-Waste;
You May Qualify For a Free Lunch!

You waited too long to get rid of those old computers, monitors, scanners and printers that cost you so much that you couldn't bear to throw them away! Now you will have to pay to get rid of them.

The bad news is that it will cost you to get rid of your e-waste. The good news is that if you take it to a responsible non profit recycler you can write off the cost as well as the (much reduced) value of your old equipment and deduct the total on your next income tax filing.

The Marin County Computer Recycling Center (415-883-1428) in Ignacio is a responsible non profit recycler of computers and accessories that does not ship waste to third world countries and pollute the environment there.

Usable equipment is refurbished for use by non profit agencies and for use in on site training of students.

It costs $12 to get rid of a that old monitor and $10 for that old Pentium or X86. If you have a G-3 or G-4 laptop that you want to give away (and you are willing to sign a statement that you are in good mental health) contact the Coastal Post for a personalized pick up and a free lunch.


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