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June 2002

West Marin Stagecoach Starts June 10

By Dave O'Connor

Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey has announced the June 10 start date for the new West Marin Stagecoach, operating passenger buses on two routes connecting the West with the commercial and service centers to the East of the County. The Northern route runs from the Inverness-Pt. Reyes area to San Anselmo; the Southern route runs from the Bolinas-Stinson Beach area to Mill Valley and Marin City. There will be four round-trip services per day on each route, Monday through Friday, with numerous marked stops along the routes.

"This is a banner day for many citizens of the villages in the West of the County," said Kinsey, "especially the disabled, the elderly and many teens, all of whom either cannot drive or have no access to a car. This will actually change a lot of people's lifestyle and they are really excited about it."

The fare will be only $1.50, and the routes connect with Golden Gate Transit services at San Anselmo or Marin City, where passengers receive a free transfer to anywhere in the County. Disable, seniors and under-18 will travel for half-fare. Nicknamed The Stage, the buses carry thirteen passengers and have both wheel-chair lifts and bike racks.

"This is a two-year demonstration program that we have worked on for several years, and it is ours to win or lose," Kinsey emphasized. "So I suggest that we all adopt an attitude of use it or lose it! We need to see the villages take this service under their wings, help people access it, see that it is used by all," he added. He urged everyone to try to think of just one kind of trip they can take on the bus.

"We plan to watch what happens very carefully," John Loll, County transit manager commented, "and make adjustments as needed. We had a challenge getting enough drivers who live there in the West, because that will insure better service. But now our final drivers are just completing training. We are mailing the schedule to everyone in West Marin, our bus signs are up, and we are ready to go."


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