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June 2002

Road Trip. From Texas To Florida

By Aaron Wiley

Time is passing like a tornado as two souls travel with greased lightning speed. The weather is hot and very humid. Ethan and Argie are now in Florida, heading for the Carolinas as of May 3rd. Each journey needs two things, a motivator and a head full of logic. Ethan has stepped up his morale boosting talent as Argie faces the man in the mirror. They need each other to co-exist on this adventure. Ethan's sentiment is purely food related and Argie's on the pursuit of rocks, yes rocks such a small thing to you and I but a world of meaning to him. They traveled out of Texas very rapidly and headed into Louisiana. The weather was too much to bare so they checked out New Orleans and headed towards Georgia.

As the mode of transportation breaks apart, they find themselves utilizing every mile that their mountain bikes will take them. In Texas they saw lots of cattle and snakes, which drastically changed as they passed through Louisiana and Georgia. Now they enter unto Gator territory which only scares the tourists. The locals are very accustomed to them and see them as no threat. We all must look at what these guys are doing and feel truly amazed. Each one in his own way has wanted to quit but perseverance reigns as they continue on like Jedi's drawn to the force. I too have found myself upon an adventure which I can use my talents and skills to further myself. I am moving to Tucson, Arizona in mid June and it's not an easy transition. From the cool temperatures of the coast to the crazy 100 degree desert temperature. I too will face times where I'll want to quit but I am strong willed and I want a new experience.

Ethan looks forward to sharing his longing for food and what he's learned on the road with all of you, well at least the hungry ones. Argie looks forward to drawing this trip to a conclusion with experience and courage under his belt. We can all use what they have learned to better ourselves. When something seems too difficult, the weak fold and the strong use it as a challenge. It changes the way we think, nothing is too difficult to achieve. Just seek it out. Don't worry and do what is necessary to create it. I haven't always been this strong but I've learned from my past and present so the future is limitless.

Argie and Ethan are faced with kind strangers that we sometimes take for granted. We are all human beings and regardless of anything else, the world belongs to us. I can reflect on these journeys we are all going through and see that people are beautiful. I may not travel the US on a mountain bike but I too will takes risks and let my dreams follow me.

Congratulations guys on making it to the other side of the country. You are now almost half done. Ethan, we look forward to your charisma and food for thought. Argie we look forward to your logic and kind hearted wit. We are all behind you guys. This is my last article from beautiful Bolinas. Next month I shall be coming to you straight from The hellish heat desert of Tucson. Good bye people



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