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June 2002

FBI Field Office Revolt; NineElevenGate Unfolds

By Jim Scanlon

Coleen Rowley, a mother of three children, a long distance runner and General Council to the FBI office in Milwaukee wrote a 13 page letter to Congress charging that the FBI director Robert S. Mueller III was covering up for FBI's failure to prevent the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center last November. This action and others taken by FBI field agents are clear indications of a revolt within the FBI bureaucracy outside Washington. Rowley is apparently aware there might be unpleasant consequences resulting from her criticizing the FBI director and has sought "Whistleblower" status, which apparently does not apply to FBI employees.

The Los Angeles Times reports that David Frasca, the Washington DC based head of the FBI's Radical Fundamentalist Unit, frustrated Milwaukee agents in their efforts to obtain a search warrant to seize the computer of Zacharias Moussaoui, a hostile, incompetent Moroccan- born French citizen who aroused suspicion while taking pilot training in a flight school near Milwaukee. He was not interested in landing or taking off, only flying. He told FBI agents last August, according to the NY Times, that it is "...acceptable to kill civilians who harm Muslims," and "...that he approved of Muslims who died as "martyrs" in such attacks." (It is difficult not to speculate that Moussaoui unconsciously did not want to become a martyr and by calling attention to himself with his idiotic statements, he managed to save his life with the assistance of the FBI.)

The Milwaukee FBI agents were so frustrated that they went around headquarters (a serious, career ending no-no in any large organization) to contact the CIA in Washington and French intelligence in Paris. Rowley accused FBI headquarters of deleting from consideration the information from French intelligence making it impossible to obtain a search warrant until it was too late.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Frasca, the FBI counter terrorism supervisor was also the recipient a memo in July 2001 from an FBI agent in Phoenix expressing concern that terrorists from the Middle East might be training in flight schools in order to hijack commercial aircraft which would then be used as weapons. An FBI source told the LA Times Frasca claims not to have never seen the Phoenix memo. (If Osama bin Laden is alive, he surely sees in this the sure hand of Allah!)

If the above is essentially correct, Frasca will be the scapegoat, Mueller will certainly go, and the FBI will never be the same. This seems to be the basic layout of NineElevenGate.


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