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June 2002

What Did They Know, When And What Did They Do About It?
9/11 Warnings: Connect The Dots For Dummies

By Stephen Simac

After eight months of ignoring the flatfoodedness of American intelligence agencies, the administration, and the airlines for the events of 9/11, the major media has suddenly jerked awake with a start. Due to a leaked report they're 'shocked, shocked' that the President did have some advance, if vague warnings about possible hijackings by Muslim terrorists. They are now baying like confused hounds on a snipe hunt. For the record, a snipe hunt is an old southern term, (Operation Snipe is the apt name for a recent British special forces search for Al Quaeda members in the Afghani mountains, when not a "bullet was fired in anger") that good ol' boys used when they wanted to go out drinking in the woods. They told their womenfolk they were going on a snipe hunt.

Just as no Al Quaeda members and especially Osama were expected to be caught, neither were any snipe, that mythical creature, the perfect alibi for getting out in the woods with your buddies and doing Deliverance or whatever.

Higher Math And American Intel

We can understand the Texas Kid not being able to connect the dots, we're happy if he can dot his i's. But even the most charitable must wonder how could Georgie stay in that classroom reading after "watching the first plane hit on TV" "on that fateful morning"? He said he thought it was only "a really terrible pilot" but with these warnings setting off alarm bells, why wasn't he immediately on the horn to command the defense.

If all those alphabet intelligence agencies and the Republic administration at the reins failed to connect the dots, why blame Texas? The major media has been unable to connect the dots that there were even more previous warnings, far more specific.

The mainstream media may suffer from senile dementia because many of these reports of other warnings were reported in major newspapers or on televised interviews last fall.

The inability of American "intelligence" to prevent this tightly coordinated, risky attack by poorly trained terrorists should have heads rolling. Instead these impotent leaders have been given the ability to ramp the world up into WW III. Charge to Afghanistan, next through Iraq, up through the Philippines, across all the Stans. But if 9/11 was how they respond to credible warnings, now we are really in trouble.

Only if citizens demand an open investigation with sworn testimony , and maybe not even then will we know if there was foreknowledge or complicity by either the administration and/or intelligence agencies in the attack on America.

Threat Spikes Not Warnings

Let's start with advance warnings, since that is what woke up the media. Forget about the "very generalized, not very specific, threat spikes" that Condoleeza Rice alluded to while pulling off a Clintonian denial that "it would be very hard to characterize this as a warning," and we "couldn't imagine" what that "chatter" meant.

I thought she was the smart one. Then fire the head of the Failed Imagination department, at least. No it wasn't having 'sex', but it was as close as was needed to figure out that the hijackers might want to use the planes as bombs. Warner Brothers even made a movie with that plot, don't you ever get out?

Without an investigation we'll probably never even read what was actually in these reports which have gotten the media so excited. If they included details of what foreign governments and individuals have said they warned the US to expect, it would be time to fire many officials for incompetence and imprison some for complicity.

Who Didn't Warn Us?

The major media has ignored news reports that Germany, Russia, Israel and Egypt and several individuals warned top US intelligence officials and even George Bush, about Al Quaeda terrorist hijackers planning attacks. Specific warnings of terrorists training as pilots, intending to use loaded jets, to attack NY city and Washington, even to the WTC and the week.

Somehow their intelligence agencies were able to discern these specific, accurate threats while American agencies, with funding which dwarves all of these foreign agencies together, was unable to connect the dots. Solution? Pour more money into the black hole of American intel, without finding out how they fuck up so badly.

The Philippines in '96 told the US of specific plans by an Al Quaeda terrorist to hijack a plane and crash it into Washington. A loony for sure, but he could imagine it, why can't our guys? Well that info was buried in a long report about terrorism profiles and no one read it, just fed it to the "stovepipe."

A conspiracy fact based site has links to several prior warnings of 9/11 given to the US.

Bush's new buddy, Prez Putin, in an MSNBC interview on Sept. 15 said that he told his intelligence agency in August to warn the US of an imminent assault. Russian intelligence reportedly told US intelligence agencies in June that 25 suicide pilots were going to hijack commercial airlines and attack NYC and Washington.

Evidently the FBI believed it, they had Ashcroft stop flying commercial and leasing chartered jets by July of last summer. The other cabinet members weren't even warned about flying commercial and are still doing so. They must feel expendable.

On Sept. 14th the German intelligence agency, the BND, told German news that in June they warned both US and Israel that terrorists were going to "hijack commercial airliners to attack important symbols in American and Israeli culture." What were they thinking, at least protect Mickey D's because there's enough cops already at Duncan Donuts. The BND reported they learned about it from Echelon the satellite spy system which listens to all telecommunication on the planet, run by an American intelligence agency, the NSA. German police also reported they listened in as an Iranian prisoner of theirs called American intelligence agencies last summer and warned that the WTC was going to be bombed in the week of Sept. 9.

Even More Warnings

Another site has links to these warnings and others that are just as damning to a failure of intelligence. Some even point to an active obstruction of successful investigations going forward against the planners of 9/11 last summer and before.

Egypt warned Bush prior to the Genoa conference in June that based on an Osama videotape there was a credible threat that he planned to crash a jet laden with explosives into the conference. They brought out the anti-aircraft guns for Genoa, but not NYC or Washington.

Bush didn't even order an intercept jet from any of the nearby military airbases to protect restricted airspace for an hour after the first hijacking. It wasn't his job, because standard operating procedure is that fighter jets take action within minutes of a plane going off course. Either some pilots need to stand on their swords, or there were standdown orders from higher up.

The Mossad was reported in the London Sunday Telegraph as having relayed warnings to US intelligence agencies that followers of Osama were slipping into the country to prepare an attack on large scale targets. Mossad also said they warned the US that Osama had told his mother on Sept. 9 that something huge was going to happen two days later. An Israeli instant messaging company, Odigo warned some of it's employees in the WTC to evacuate hours before the first attack, but only relayed that info to US authorities after the first crash.

The FBI knew that Zacarias was eager to learn how to fly, but not land or take off in the North woods and that a group of Dumb and Dumber Middle Easterners were acting suspiciously at flight schools in the Southwest. The FBI was investigating evidence since 1996 "that international terrorists were attending US flight schools to learn how to fly jumbo jets."

It's difficult to understand how the FBI couldn't put those dots together. They may all need ritalin. This is the same agency that within days came up with names and photos of 19 Muslim men, although none of them were on the official passenger lists. The FBI continues to insist they were all the hijackers even though 6 of them are still alive, and one died a year before the attack.

We know Al Quaeda members are supposed to be slippery devils, but that's amazing.

Loonies On The Grassy Knoll

Meanwhile all of Osama's telephone calls have been monitored with their encryption broken at least since 1998, including talking with his mother. Mohammed Atta was under surveillance by the FBI since 2000 for stockpiling explosives, but was allowed to come back into the country in January, May and July with a visa violation.

These dots blow denials out of the tree like fictional snipe, but neither the American media nor Congress, except for Cynthia McKinney, seem capable of connecting them. Two weeks before the media stopped snoring about prior warnings, Cynthia was accused of being a "loony" and in "the grassy knoll society" for asking what they knew and when. Now she doesn't even get an apology or even mentioned by the media in their rush for the snipe.

Masquerading As Day Traders

Rep. McKinney referred to insider trading in the week before 9/11, specifically the short selling of the airline and insurance company stocks hit hardest by the Twin Towers collapse. The trades indicate foreknowledge of the airlines used and targets chosen by the hijackers. They were made by a still unknown group of wealthy brokers and it wasn't Al Quaeda.

The media has managed to ignore reports made by foreign governments about their warnings, and are oblivious to even more glaring inconsistencies in the official version. Why do Americans accept any of this as journalism, it's not even pseudo -journalism. For other websites which have links to even more documented stories which call into question the official version check out,,,, There are enough dots to paint a wild and woolly picture of who knew what, when and what they did about it.

They might be far out, but the looniest conspiracy theory yet is the one spun out by the official storyline. A bearded madman sat in a cave and plotted the enormous logistics of a coordinated, undetected major terrorist action 5,000 miles away without even using a cellphone. Incompetent pilots flew jumbo jets with military precision after hijacking them with boxcutters. No one on the planes thought to protect themselves with a plastic food tray.


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