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Fri, May 3Alvarados
Sat, May 4Pollo Enfermo
Sun, May 5Buddy Craig
Fri, May 10Blues Fuse
Sat, May 11Alpha Band
Sun, May 12Buddy Craig
Fri, May 17Single Malt Band
Sat, May 18West By God
Sun, May 19Buddy Craig
Fri, May 24Visitor Jim
Sat, May 25Chrome Johnson
Sun, May 26Open Mike
Fri, May 31Buddy Craig Band

Sat, Jun 1The Motivators
Fri, Jun 7Craig Horton Blues Band
Sat, Jun 8Jerry Hannon Band
May, 2002 - Volume 27, Number 5

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Shalom, Asalaam - World Peace Through Music - By Jim Fox
Music is the one thing everyone in the world has in common. I am having translated and re-recorded the song "Shalom, Asalaam" (Peace in Hebrew & Arabic) by the group, "Lost At Last," into every major language of the world. A project like this has never been done before. If we get everyone in the world singing The World Peace Song together, in their native languages, there has to be an effect on unity.
Parallel Universes And God - By Jim Scanlon
  A woman whose husband died in the World Trade Center conflagration and collapse was asked to comment on the bin Laden video tape found in Afghanistan earlier this year. Her answer was calm and reflective. She said she found it very difficult to understand how anyone could find joy in something that had caused her so much pain and suffering. It was as if they are living in some kind of parallel universe.
Mill Valley Spy Ring Suspected: Israeli Espionage Artists - By Stephan Simac
Downtown Mill Valley is a place where hackeysackers, chess and backgammon players, coffee drinkers, yuppie kids in strollers and weekend mountain bikers congregate. Last year it may also have been a contact site for a nationwide spy ring of "Art Students."
Point Reyes Housing Project Approvals Appealed To Coastal Commission - By Louis Nuyens
Following a slurry of County approvals on 19 March 2002 for the Ecumenical Association for Housing's (EAH) Point Reyes Station (PRS) project, which seemed to guarantee the end of open public hearings on the project, an appeal to the California Coastal Commission (CCC) has been filed that may result in project review beginning again, essentially from scratch.
Fairfax Drops Dead Cop Investigation - By Jim Scanlon
The sudden death in early March of Ric Alveolar, the "nicest cop" in Fairfax, also put an end, it seems, to the controversy over the way charges made against him were handled by the Police Department and the Fairfax Town Administration. Alvillar had allegedly been told by Chief Ken Hughes that he would make a decision on his dismissal on a Friday, but no decision was announced that day, nor on Saturday or Sunday, the day Ric died in his sleep of cardiac dysrythmia.
College Of Marin Busted For Athletic Field - By Elena Belsky
It was a sweetheart of a deal: College of Marin provides the acreage, and Branson School in Kentfield provides the $3 million to renovate and maintain the athletic fields with rights for Branson School use. So, what went wrong?
The Case Against Ariel Sharon - By Karen Nakamura
Hasn't it occurred to the United States that its support of Israel may make it complicit in war crimes?
In the midst of the horrifying clash in the Middle East, the Court of Brussels has been working through a war-crimes case brought against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israelis and Lebanese.
EPA Pushed To Protect Species By Coastal Post Staff
A lawsuit by three California environmental groups has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to begin its first consultations in a decade on the effects pesticides have on endangered salmon and other imperiled species. This is an important step forward in protecting our own waterways in West Marin.
Road Trip: Southern Hospitality - By Aaron Wiley
As you know I started an article last month on the adventure of Ethan Funk and Jason Rodgers. First I must make a correction, Chris Rossi's KWMR radio show is on Sundays 10-12:00 p.m., sorry Chris for the mix up on time. Now we head to the confines of Texas, where the guys are currently in Beaumont having the time of their lives. Hardship has began to take it's toll as the two face water moccasins, brutal headwinds and most of all, themselves. Before they departed on the trip everyone told them," Don't go to Texas, the people are rude and the weather sucks!" Their experience has been quite the opposite.
Survivors Seek Kissinger For Sept. 11, l973, Atrocity in Chile - By Shepherd Bliss
Every Sept. 11th for nearly 30 years now has been a memorial day for me to grieve loved ones lost--in Chile, l973. The United States government supported the military coup on that date that toppled democratically-elected President Salvador Allende, killing him and thousands of people, and installing the dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.
All County Law Libraries Threatened By California Assembly Bill - By Jim Scanlon
Every law library in California might have to close, or drastically curtail hours and services if AB-2648 passes. For the Marin Law Library, located across San Pedro Road North, across from the Civic Center passage of the bill would mean reducing staff to perhaps one librarian and cutting hours of operation from 62 per week to 30.
Landmark Health Spot Moving From Downtown Mill Valley - By Jim Scanlon
The Center for Massage Therapy will be closing its Mill Valley doors on April 30th and moving from, downtown Mill Valley where it has been located for 25 years. "It's just time to go," said Mark Stutzman the manager of the Center who took over from his father Don, a Physical Therapist. Mark was twelve years old in 1976.
First Marin Treasure Hunt For Big Brothers and Sisters
The First Annual Marin Treasure Hunt, a fundraiser sponsored by the Marin Independent Journal benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Marin and Napa Counties, will be held on Tuesday, May 18 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Point Reyes National Seashore Accepting Applications
for Visitor Service Volunteers for 2002
Point Reyes National Seashore is currently accepting applications for Visitor Service Volunteers or VIP's (Volunteers-in-Parks) for summer of 2002. Visitor Service VIP's represent Point Reyes National Seashore and the National Park Service by staffing the park's visitor centers and roving along park trails and beaches. Volunteers orient, provide information, and educate visitors about the natural, cultural and historical features of the park.
News By Submission

The Judeo-Christian Menace - By Frank Scott
We are supposedly in a struggle with an Islamic world bent on taking over "the west." This, according to pundits, government figures, and other bigots who use the worst racial and religious slanders, reducing more than a billion human beings to hordes of terrorist madmen. But where does the madness originate, and which religious doctrines are at the root of the savagery that grips our world?
Fighting Terrorism On The Cheap - By Edward W. Miller
Seven months since September 11th, and Washington's much-trumpeted crusade against "terrorism" stumbles along while the unholy trinity of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld appear regularly on CNN to reassure the faithful. In Afghanistan, UNOCAL's former employee and mediator with the Taliban, Hamid Karzai, appointed under US pressure as interim Prime Minister, shuffles between European and Asian capitals resplendent in his green silk gown, desperately seeking some of the $4.5 billion cash from 30 countries promised him in Tokyo.
The Late & Great "Waldini" - By Judy Borello
Hearing the news this morning from my bartender and cleaning lady Linda that Waldo Giacomini had passed on last night, I was stunned. Not that I hadn't expected it, as I had gotten word from family friends that he was doing poorly and it was just a short matter of time before Waldo would leave us. When the reality hits, even though I'd been forewarned, it still hurts.
The Hazards Of Political Faith - By Norman Solomon
Weeks before the 20th century ended, the pundit Michael Kinsley was uncommonly direct in a Time essay that defended the virtues of the World Trade Organization with these closing words: "But really, the WTO is OK. Do the math. Or take it on faith." Delivered by the flagship magazine of the Time Warner conglomerate (soon to merge with AOL), the message was more overt than usual: We should devoutly accept certain pronouncements as conclusive.
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