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MAY 2002

The Judeo-Christian Menace

By Frank Scott

We are supposedly in a struggle with an Islamic world bent on taking over "the west." This, according to pundits, government figures, and other bigots who use the worst racial and religious slanders, reducing more than a billion human beings to hordes of terrorist madmen. But where does the madness originate, and which religious doctrines are at the root of the savagery that grips our world?

It is the political economics of capital that drive the global engines of the market, and power its killing machines. But religion plays an important supporting role, by preaching divine goodness to rationalize earthly evil. Individual words of Judeo-Christian piety and love, spoken by sincere believers, rarely match its institutional deeds of greed and hate, practiced on millions of people under its rule. Calling Islam a threat to this kind of "western civilization" is a charge empty of context, and full of bigotry.

Influenced by our mind managers, many accept that "they" are evil, and that "we" are good. Of course, most humans are inherently decent, if given the chance to act that way. But it is Judeo-Christianity, propelled by its western capitalist motor, that is the worst killer, molester and polluter the world has ever known. Islam, in its most extreme forms, is the equivalent of a mob armed with pistols, while the Judeo-Christians are the Crusades, World Wars, nuclear and biological weapons, colonialism and racism, all rolled into one.

The Koran is cited by those who condemn all Muslims for the excesses of some, but it is the older Bible that contains the seeds from which the murderous policies of the west take root. Rejecting the moral message of justice that some find in its scriptures, its institutional lust has been to dominate, slaughter and pollute, while depicting itself as superior, divinely chosen, and when aggrieved, righteously vengeful in acting on the will of god. Who are the real fanatics?

The present horror in Israel-Palestine is an example of this religious bigotry. Palestinians are deemed fanatic when they are driven to suicidal despair by their plight, and blow themselves apart to kill their invaders. But the brutal, colonial power of Israel is depicted as a nation of persecuted souls, seeking shelter and besieged by suicidal madmen corrupted by their evil parents. It is as if rich young Palestinians loll about on chaise lounges, and suddenly their wicked parents say "go blow yourselves up, and kill some innocent Jews." The lack of context given these bloody actions could lead simpletons to conclude that Arabs hijacked four airplanes, killed themselves and thousands of Americans , because Western women hide their identities behind cosmetics and hair coloring, instead of burquas and chadors.

In the wholesale terror of Judeo-Christian war and the retail terror of Islamic retaliation, victims are mostly innocent, and tragically so . They are pawns of policy, and complicit only through ignorance and subjection to propaganda . Despite tales of how misinformed "they" are, it would be hard to find people more confused about the material world than "we" are. The corporate west has the most powerful weapons of mass destruction ever created, but it also has media weapons of mass confusion. It uses both, and without mercy.

The tongue-tied twit in the White House, who makes Reagan look quick witted by comparison, is transformed by media into a bold, wise wartime leader. Congress follows this line and alternates between being lap dogs and boot lickers. Whether snuggling at his crotch or groveling at the Israeli lobby's feet, this disgraceful mob of bought and paid for politicos has defamed democracy. With few exceptions, it praises the occupying military force in Palestine, and supports our war on everything labeled terrorist. It demands that the world treat the USA as chosen people of the planet, above the rule of any law, save that of its own Judeo-Christian interpretation.

Our commissars of consciousness identify social realities only in caricatured individuals. Whether these are ancient religious icons, as in the Moses or Jesus legends, or contemporary figures, as in a heroic Bill Clinton or Eli Weisel or a demonized Yasir Arafat or Ariel Sharon, they misrepresent the material world, oversimplify complex issues, and distort the humanity at the core of most religious belief.

We meddle in the lives of millions who never invited us into their world. We disrespect their cultures, empower their dictators, and murder them at will, all to maintain an energy system that endangers the planet. Religious fables about people returning to a place where they've never been, to collect real estate given them by god, and of a virgin giving birth to god's son, blend with political fables about democratic societies protecting the world from terror. These are myths which serve to cover for the global domination of corporate capital, and nothing more.

Judeo-Christians who work for peace and justice can cite scripture for the source of their moral ideals. But they are outnumbered by the Judeo- Christians who practice war and injustice, citing the same scriptures for their murderous beliefs. The outcome of a struggle between these two groups is important for the future of humanity. The west can and must help save the world, not because it's superior, but because it bears responsibility for threatening the world in the first place.

The international movement for democracy and peace is a hopeful sign, but for it to succeed it must not only stand against injustice and the power of corporate capital. It must also understand that Islam did not create the polluting economy, the weapons of mass destruction, nor the racist practices that still curse humanity. The Islamic world is hardly perfect, but it carries no major responsibility for the ugly mess that is material reality. The religion of corporate capitals states, armies, banks and industries , is Judeo-Christian. And until it is transformed, that is the religious menace to humanity, not Islam.




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