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MAY 2002

Shalom, Asalaam - World Peace Through Music

By Jim Fox

Music is the one thing everyone in the world has in common. I am having translated and re-recorded the song "Shalom, Asalaam" (Peace in Hebrew & Arabic) by the group, "Lost At Last," into every major language of the world. A project like this has never been done before. If we get everyone in the world singing The World Peace Song together, in their native languages, there has to be an effect on unity.

Love is stronger than hate. Peace is stronger than war. It is just that hate and war are much easier than love and peace.

Play the World Peace Song Game and go to and click on Play All Tracks and try to guess which language you are listening to. All languages start sounding the same, as we are all the same. Japanese sounds like Polish. Only with very careful listening can you tell the slight differences. At the MP3 site you can support the World Peace Song Project and buy a CD.

I am just an ant in this situation, and want to show that an ant can make a difference. You to can to make a difference. Promotion of this song is needed. Ambassadors all around the world have to be contacted and sent CDs and press packages, not to mention UN people, radio stations and press all around the world. This takes time and money, both of which I am very limited. I still need to make 25 music videos, which is not as hard as it sounds.

I have already sent copies to the PLO, Sharon & Bush and have good response so far.

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