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MAY 2002

Road Trip: Southern Hospitality

By Aaron Wiley

As you know I started an article last month on the adventure of Ethan Funk and Jason Rodgers. First I must make a correction, Chris Rossi's KWMR radio show is on Sundays 10-12:00 p.m., sorry Chris for the mix up on time. Now we head to the confines of Texas, where the guys are currently in Beaumont having the time of their lives. Hardship has began to take it's toll as the two face water moccasins, brutal headwinds and most of all, themselves. Before they departed on the trip everyone told them," Don't go to Texas, the people are rude and the weather sucks!" Their experience has been quite the opposite.

They found the people to be genuine, living at a different pace than Californians. The biggest battle right now is can they survive themselves. I quote Jason from his road journal as saying," It's trying to kill me, the road is trying to kill me, every day there's something new out there just trying to take me out!" This shows how hard this journey really is. The main sentiment of my brother Ethan is," They make a barbecue like I've never tasted." They faced a magical thunder and lightning storm a week ago and still are courageous, like wolves in the wind.

It's tough to imagine what they are going through out there but in extreme situations, survival gets tested, friendships get stretched and the ultimate question becomes how much can you handle? Everyone they've met so far has been so kind, letting them stay in their home and teaching them the ways of Texas. They worked on a hay farm for a while and found that life to be interesting. The roughest battle is yet to come as they head for the swamps of Louisiana. Being a Californian and hearing about this adventure has opened up my own eyes to some things. This is in no way to insult people from California but it sounds like people get friendlier outside of the gates of California. I will possibly be moving to Tucson, Arizona within the next two months and will still be running this article, just from a different location.

For the people who didn't like Texas, maybe it just wasn't for you and believe me there's plenty of places for people who can't stand Texas! The guys are out doing something they believe in and in this world of luniness, these two are acquiring knowledge that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. We live in a negative toned world and when individuals can do something positive, all I can do is smile about it. The guys are thinking of each and everyone of you and it's onto the deep south they go. Here's where I expect the wild stories to occur. As of April 14th they seem to be in good spirits and are pushing ahead, though at times each one of them has pondered the idea of turning back. My compliments to you for pushing through the tough trek. Until next time, take care and try to be a little nicer to one another.


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