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MAY 2002


Mill Valley Spy Ring Suspected: Israeli Espionage Artists

By Stephan Simac

Downtown Mill Valley is a place where hackeysackers, chess and backgammon players, coffee drinkers, yuppie kids in strollers and weekend mountain bikers congregate. Last year it may also have been a contact site for a nationwide spy ring of "Art Students."

Over several weekends in late spring of 2001 a group of young men and women set up displays of mediocre art prints for sale. They said they were art students from Israel selling their fellow students' prints trying to raise money for their school, kind of a foreign travel bake sale adventure.

The art wasn't very good, mainly imitations of or "in the style of" well known impressionist masters and the prints were poorly done. Their displays were casually laid out on the concrete and sales were slow. Financially it didn't make sense, the cost of traveling to California, staying in hotels and eating out could hardly be covered by tepid sales, much less make any profit.

The Mill Valley group may have been part of a massive spy ring last year detailed in a leaked government document about espionage activity by Israeli military personnel posing as "art students" in America. They were caught infiltrating and surveilling government offices, military bases and private homes of DEA officials.

Asset Forfeiture Pays Off

The Drug Enforcement Agency is hardly a paragon of efficiency or effectiveness. The recipient of hundreds of billions of tax dollars over the last three decades to fight the "War on Drugs" has greedily spent every penny and demanded more. In inverse proportion to its ever expanding budgets the amount and purity of hard drugs imported into this country have increased while the street costs have decreased. The number of users has also increased so by any standards the DEA is among the most wasteful of government agencies. In spite of their ineptitude it was the DEA, not the FBI, CIA or any of dozens of other US intelligence agencies which discovered and reported on the scores of "art students" they detained for espionage activities. This was probably because the Israelis were both spying on DEA officials and also importing and dealing MDMA or Ecstasy to finance their cells activities.

The DEA initially became suspicious of these art student spies when they attempted to "sell their artwork" to high level DEA officials at their private homes. These door to door sellers were observed by several of these officials to behave suspiciously by only approaching the official's homes in upscale neighborhoods, being more interested in gaining access inside the house than art, and not knowing very much about the prints they were pushing. Other "art students" were caught inside government buildings with blue prints of the building in hand, wandering around secured areas, near military bases, as well as spying on the INS, the BATF, the FBI, the Federal Protective Service and state and federal courthouses in 40 states. After arresting and questioning these spies they eventually detained 125 "art students."

There's A Bug In Your Latte

The DEA did not arrest any spies in Mill Valley or northern California although they did bust teams in southern California. There don't seem to be likely targets for spying on in downtown Mill Valley, and it's possible that this group was unrelated to the nationwide spy ring, although unlikely. Possibly they were taking R&R or selling drugs, or doing both.

The DEA investigation of these "students" showed they were not enrolled in the Israeli art schools they claimed and never had been. The prints were cheap Chinese knockoffs and not produced by Israeli art students, spies or otherwise. Those detained were actually in the Israeli military, serving in electronic intercept, explosive ordnance and intelligence units.

The Israelis included adult children of high ranking Israeli officials. They also detained Israeli spies selling helicopter toys in shopping mall kiosks. The 125 spies detained were deported for visa irregularities, not espionage activities between January and July 2001. They were not tried and imprisoned although many had been caught red handed in criminal offenses.

The official DEA report of their findings was 62 pages long and was never released publicly. Needless to say if it had been any other "Middle Eastern" country, Russians or Chinese spying on US officials and government sites, while dealing drugs to support their espionage activities this would have been front page news for weeks.

Middle Eastern Terroists

Any nationality other than Israelis caught spying after 9/11 and the passage of the unconstitutional "Patriot" Act, and John Ashcroft would have fronted a press conference announcing their incommunicado detention, waiting to bring them up for death sentences before a hooded tribunal.

Few Americans know that 80 Israeli spies have been detained since 9/11. Many were caught with even more damning evidence of their fifth column activities in the US than the Muslims arrested so far. Many Muslims are still in jail with no evidence, while most of the Israelis caught red-handed have been quietly deported.

While the Muslim terrorist angle for 9/11 was the immediate response of the media, only a few news articles revealed that the first people arrested by the FBI in connection with the Twin Towers destruction were five Israelis in New Jersey. They were seen videotaping the damage from a rooftop while cheering and dancing after the jets made direct hits that morning.

Suspicious neighbors called the police who arrested them and handed them over to the FBI. The FBI questioned them for days and reportedly used "physical pressure" as the Israelis call their torture of Palestinians. Papers in Israel were irate about their treatment but kept it low key, because of the dancing part or their detention.

They were supposedly employees of an Israeli owned "moving company", but were found to be working for Israeli military and intelligence agencies. The moving company was discovered to be one of a group of trucking company false fronts for another Israeli spying operation.

Dozens of Israelis have been detained after 9/11 under suspicious circumstances including carrying blue prints for nuclear power plants, dumping videotapes of the Sears Tower, and of course with boxcutters. Only Fox news reported on their arrests in a series of news stories about Israeli spying last fall, but then quickly removed the stories from their website even though they featured many scoops.

Calling Texas Through Tel Aviv

Fox News reporter Carl Cameron quoted an anonymous, "highly placed investigator" who claimed that there was evidence linking Israel with the 9/11 hijacked jet bombs, but it "was classified information." He told the American public that an Israeli company, Comverse Infosys actually provides the wiretapping services for US law enforcement.

That is scandalous enough but in 1997 an investigation into Israeli Mafia narcoterrorists by the DEA, FBI, Secret Service and the LA police department was "compromised" because of this arrangement. (The Israeli wiretapping company tipped off the Israeli narco mobsters.)

The series also reported that another Israeli company, Amdocs, handles most of the phone call records and billing in the US. This company has also been investigated by the FBI for spying on the FBI, the CIA and its ties to the Israeli Mafia. An official in this company also bailed out a Texas based cell of arrested "art students."

The Fox series also mentioned that another Israeli spy ring had been arrested before 9/11 without details about its "art student" cover. The ground breaking stories were ignored by the mainstream media, even though it should have won a Pulitzer Prize.

At least that spy news was reported if briefly. The DEA report on the "art students" was wrapped up tighter than dogshit in a Coastal Post. However even sealed in Ziploc bags leaks happen and this was too volatile to be contained for long.

Predictably the news broke first on a website, several actually, with breaking information from the report last November. A Paris based site, Intelligence Online published the actual report. It spread to other websites including the Daily Planet and Creative Loafing but not to the mainstream US media except to deny its validity.

Urban Myth That Israel Is America's Friend

The Internet reports were attacked as conspiracy fantasies by rabid pro-Israeli lapdogs, the usual presstitutes who chant repeatedly that Israel is America's true friend and ally. Because this is so Israel must be supported with billions in arms and financial aid from US taxpayers every year.

The only coverage of this report in the mainstream American media, was to claim that it is an "urban myth", or the "art students" were merely spying on the Arab 9/11 hijackers.

Undoubtedly the "art students" were also spying on Muslims, more effectively than US intelligence services, as well as on US government officials and installations. At least one of the Israeli cells was living a few blocks away from where Mohammed Atta's group was in Hollywood, Florida. Other cells were also living nearby or in the same cities as the alleged hijackers over the last year.

The Israelis evidently knew of the hijacking plans well before the attack. Some Israeli citizens in the Word Trade Centers were warned with instant messaging from an Israeli company Odigo, to evacuate two hours before the attack. Only one Israeli citizen was killed in the Twin Towers.

However, their main surveillance targets were American government officials, buildings and installations while selling drugs and art prints on the side. For that information you have to search the Internet or read it here in the Coastal Post.

American Intelligence agencies probably spy on Israel, the difference is American taxpayers subsidize Israel with billions in aid every year. Basically we are paying for them to spy on us. Even more humiliating to Americans, Israeli spying is so much more effective than US intelligence that we could save billions by turning the whole shebang over to them.

High level government officials anonymously allege that Israel and its double agents inside our government have so compromised American security that it would make no difference in our ability to keep secrets from them. They claim that the executive branch, the state department, the defense department, and virtually every agency are penetrated by Israeli double agents. These sources are afraid to go public because they believe they will be demoted or fired with their reports buried. They claim that anything written, telephoned or even spoken above a whisper about Israel or its interests is quickly transmitted to Tel Aviv. Only the Arab press reported Sharon's statement in Hebrew, "we don't have to worry about America, we control America." While there's debate about whether he actually said it, there's no debate about whether it's true.

Pardon Pollard Or Else

The most famous example of Israeli spying is Jonathan Pollard, an American with dual citizenship in Israel who worked in US intelligence in the 80's. He was caught after stealing a half million pages of top secret pages on nuclear security and giving it to Israel. They sent it on to the Soviet Union, the "Evil Empire" at the time, in exchange for allowing millions of their Jewish citizens to emigrate to Israel.

Israel is still pressuring US politicians to pardon him and release him from his life sentence so he can be given a hero's welcome there. Even Bill Clinton wouldn't go for that, but he did pardon Marc Rich, tax fraud and gun runner at Israel's insistence.

The Monica Lewinski mess, Mata Hari with a T back G-string, which derailed his Middle East peace efforts when he was pushing Israel to abandon their illegal settlements, taught him not to go against Israel's wishes. Of course if he hadn't been thinking with his schlong, there might have been peace in the Middle East.

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