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April 2002

Killing Softly With Money

By Edward W. Miller

"We will harass these Palestinian 'til they move like drunk cockroach in a bottle." -Rafael Etan, former Israeli general and head of the rightest Tzomet Party.

The Jerusalem Post on March 6, 2002 reported from its Washington office, "More than 230 members of Congress wrote to US President George W. Bush yesterday, asking him to classify Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's security force and two other groups linked to the PA as terrorist organizations. This would freeze their assets, and authorize denial of visas to members trying to enter the country, and expulsion of those already in the country."

The San Francisco Chronicle on March 19 reported Vice President Cheney on his Mideast tour refused to meet with Chairman Arafat... noting: "If Cheney does meet with Arafat it would enrage the Israelis, who have pressed hard for the West to isolate the Palestinian leader." Such political actions by Washington which support Israel but damage the Palestinian's chance for a State of their own, demonstrate the power of Jewish money.

Marshall Windmiller, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at SF State, recently released a list of Jewish political activity to the web ( Windmiller's 22-page list goes back into the 1980s, and details not only the organizational expertise of American Jewry in their intense political support of Israel, but documents their willingness to subjugate even the PBS media on Israel's behalf. As one example: On September 1, 1989, "forty-five Jewish community leaders launched an Ad Hoc committee to protest KQED's showing a documentary of the Palestinian's first INTAFADA. The Committee's letter to Bay Area Jews state, "If you are a KQED contributor, let the board know that such programming could cause you to withdraw your support." However, on July 16, 1993, the local Jewish community forced KQED, "after a bitter dispute" to air their flagrantly-propagandized five-hour pro-Israel piece.

Thus, and quietly, America's Jewish lobby long ago entered the Mideast conflict on the side of Israel. With Jewish money and its political behind-the-scenes power, the UN's promise to the Palestinians to maintain a homeland, or even survive as a people has been at risk. It is the Jewish lobby and its billions which has made Washington's "honest broker" claim an international joke. For almost a generation, the Mideast world has understood that US' policy regarding their interests was being made, not in Washington, but in Tel Aviv.

Washington's failure to rein in Israel's dogs of war has kept the Mideast pot boiling ever since the United Nations placed its stamp of legitimacy on a Zionist State in 1947. The Jews, lead by the religious right, pay homage to Yahweh, the ancient Hebrew God of war and revenge, whose legacy fills page after page in the Torah (Old Testament). Reincarnated as the God of Zionist terrorism against the British in Palestine, Yahweh rose again as the Jews savagely dispersed the Palestinians from their homeland in the 1948 war, and again in their murderous invasions of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza.

Reliance on violence rather than diplomacy has characterized the Zionist State since its inception. Back in 1956, UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold cautioned Israel's Prime Minister Ben Gurion against his continued barbarity, saying, "You are convinced that the threat of retaliation has a deterrent effect. I am convinced that it is more of an incitement to individual members of the Arab forces than even what has been said by their own governments. You are convinced that acts of retaliation will stop further incidents. I am convinced that they will lead to other incidents... You believe that this way of creating respect for Israel will pave the way for sound coexistence with the Arab peoples. I believe the policy may postpone indefinitely the time for such coexistence. I think the discussion of this question can be considered closed since you, in spite of previous discouraging experiences, have taken the responsibility for large-scale tests of the correctness of your belief." (The Passionate Attachment, George Ball, Page 251)

When ex-terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was to visit the United States, America's Jewish leaders warned the American Jewish community not to support, "this admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority."

The Zionist policy of reprisal was reiterated by Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defense and General during Israel's 1967 war of aggression. Dayan stated, "It is in our power to set a high price on our blood, a price too high for the Arab community, the Arab army, or the Arab government to think it worth paying." In his book, George Ball notes, "Such logic, which justifies collective punishment, was specifically disavowed at the Nuremberg Trials, and is categorically proscribed by the Geneva Convention." A convention to which Israel was a signatory.

Today, Sharon's ongoing mayhem is largely against civilians, as his army, with tanks, helicopters and F-16s brings demolition and savage killing directly into Palestinian villages, a cruel reminder that lives, other than Jewish, have scant value in the eyes of God's Chosen People.

One escape from this seemingly bottomless pit of Israeli killing and the suicidal retaliation by a Palestinian generation born into violence, depravation, and hopelessness, may rest in rescuing American politics from domination by money, especially Jewish money.

Our Jewish lobby, often a formidable and invisible wall between the American voter and his candidate of choice is organized under the label AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). This behemoth directs just how those millions received from hundreds of Jewish PACs (Political Action Committees) shall be spent. AIPAC funds candidates it approves while pouring millions into campaigns which support opponents of politicians whose voting record AIPAC dislikes. Thus, AIPAC has become a lifeline for its devotees and potential political oblivion for any candidate failing its litmus test.

Alert to such massive bribery, Senators and Representatives at both federal and state levels routinely call AIPAC before voting on a bill. Though AIPAC directs millions of soft money to candidates, it refuses to register as a lobby, thus its books which track how money is spent, are closed to the public. To bring this monster under public scrutiny, on January 12, 1989, former Under Secretary of State George Ball, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Akins, and former Illinois Congressman Paul Findley filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, charging AIPAC with failing to register as a political action committee. After almost nine years as AIPAC fought this through the courts, the plaintiffs received a 8-2 favorable verdict in Washington's Circuit Court, only to have the US Supreme Court, to which AIPAC than appealed, toss the decision back to the Federal Election Commission. On December 21, 1990, the Federal Election Commission announced its vote, dismissing the complaint, concluding "there is insufficient evidence to indicate that AIPAC and the respondent PAC's are affiliated." The plaintiffs are appealing this response.

Another possible control of bribery, the McCain-Feingold Bill, just passed by the House awaits Senate debate. The Bill limits soft money at the federal level, but increases contributions to the state elections, a weak first step. McCain, influenced by the media moguls, did not address a candidate's access to free TV and Radio time. Since money is the cash cow of politics and media access the most expensive item on a candidates' list, free media access would markedly reduce campaign costs, shifting much of a candidate's energy away from money-raising toward addressing political issues. Just what the Republican-weighed Senate will do with this Bill is unknown.

In the Washington-enhanced excitement of Bush's "War on Terrorism," our Jewish lobby has embarked on two self-serving and dangerous campaigns: first, to label Arafat and his political cronies as "terrorists," a public-relations ploy to hide the ongoing blatant terrorism of Sharon and his military barbarism in the Palestinian townships. The second, to maneuver Washington into attacking two of Israel's perceived enemies, Iraq and Iran, countries which pose no threat to the US but might interfere with the Zionist dream of Eretz Israel or compete with Israel's economic future.

Our Jewish lobby has marshaled its first-line troops for this campaign of lies and vilification. On C-Span, CNN, the Lehrer News Hour, such Zionists as Senator Lieberman, Jeffrey Kemp, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, William Saffire, and Bill Cristol, repeatedly vilify the leaders of Iran and Iraq. Though our FBI finds no threat from Saddam, and Scott Ritter, ex-UN Chief Inspector, testifies there are "No weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, and though the UN team inspecting signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty recently declared Iraq "nuclear-free," these lying Zionists want us to risk American lives and spend American money to destroy Israel's perceived enemies.

In 1796, George Washington in his farewell address warned his people that "a passionate attachment of one nation to another produces a variety of evils." Today, the whole world sees us as increasingly corrupted by a small but dangerous parasite, Israel. The sooner we break this bond, the better for both countries. Israel would be forced to stop its militant expansionism and we as a nation might regain some of our national pride.



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