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April 2002

Habitat Restoration Day For Seashore

The Point Reyes National Seashore Habitat Restoration Program will be hosting an overnight Memorial Day Habitat Restoration Weekend in May 2002. We will have workdays on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26. The probable volunteer work projects will be iceplant removal near the Point Reyes Lighthouse, and Cape-ivy removal at Marshall Beach. The workdays will probably start at 9 am and end by 3 p.m. For the convenience of the volunteer participants, HRP has reserved overnight accommodations at the historic Point Reyes Lifeboat Station -- a.k.a. the Boathouse -- on the nights of May 24, 25, 26, and 27. Anyone who stays at the Boathouse will be expected to participate in the workdays. (For those of you not familiar with habitat restoration in general, and the Program here at Point Reyes in particular, please call the HRP hotline at 415-464-5211 or 415-663-8522 x5211 for general information about this vitally important activity.)

For those of you who have not stayed there, the Boathouse, located near Chimney Rock trailhead, sleeps 30, bunk-style in rooms that have anywhere from 2-6 bunks apiece. Volunteers bring their own sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, and food. The facility operates similar to a hostel, except there's no resident manager. As at a hostel, each person is expected to perform a task (sweeping, mopping, putting away chairs and tables, etc.) before leaving, readying the Boathouse for the next group. There is an excellent kitchen, a small dining area, and a small multi-use room. And of course there is the boat bay which houses the one remaining historic lifeboat, and outside there is a small relatively sheltered beach. Excellent seal-watching vantage points and primo wildflower displays are close by. If you would like to reserve one or more nights at the Boathouse, please email or call Tom at [email protected], or 415-464-5195. Be sure to state which nights you wish to have accommodations.


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