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April 2002

Smoke Screens Meant To Hide Grim Reality

By Karen Nakamura

Smoke screens are diversions used to obscure what's really going on. They are meant to deflect attention from the actual propose of an action, whether it concerns love, war or politics. These unfair power plays tend to emanate from Machiavellian types who see ethical conduct as a weakness. They have no compunction about toppling anyone who stands in their way. They also have absolutely no intention of following the rules unless they wrote them.

One common smoke screen is the fancy dance politicians do as they slip something nasty over on the average citizen. The War on Terrorism is seen by a growing number of Americans as a smoke screen used by some to destroy democracy and install a form of secret dictatorship.

Within the Israeli administration is an element that sees a greater Israel as the goal and Palestine as the obstruction. These Jews see Palestinians as vermin in much the same way as Nazis viewed Jews during World War II. This manifests itself in several ways; such as always deflecting blame to Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat for actions they themselves have set in action.

An example is the assassinations of prominent Palestinian officials four or five days before implementation of a peace effort. When Palestinians react they get the blame and Israel get the laughs. If this reporter believed her intuitions she might suspect Israeli agent provocateurs operating in certain militant Arab organizations. They work so well together to destroy any chance of peace and a good night's sleep for the babies. Layer upon layer of smoke screens could be suggested and are, perhaps, true, especially if you looking from the population's perspective.

Vice President Dick Cheney's humphing and grimacing about how he's straightening out the Middle East situation is, according to some, a puff of smoke meant to obscure his real intent. The possible nasty being tossed about on the grapevine is he wants to continue awarding the Military-Industrial complex with war profits and gobble up as many countries that have oil reserves as he can. If it takes bombing babies worldwide, so be it. Up to this point, he's shown no compunction to examine the ultimate consequences of his actions on civilians.

In the past two years America has turned from nominally seeking peace to stepping up a military presence, invading or threatening to invade too many countries. As excellent investigative reporting shows, these actions are "smoke-screened" as defending democracy. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Columbia, now Peru, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, the Philippines, Indonesia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and North Korea are only this month's round-up.

However, each of these places is a pawn leading towards the Queen in "The Great Game" of world domination. If they capitulate, Columbia, Afghanistan Georgia, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea and others are good for pipeline crossings. North Korea would make a great East Asia port. In the past year, we've established a military presence (smoke-screened as fighting terrorists) in countries surrounding the Caspian Sea with its oil and gas reserves. The Philippines has control over South Asia shipping lanes. Many of these countries hem in China and intrude on countries under traditional Russian influence.

Despite the obvious rejection by the world community of Cheney's plan to invade Iraq, he continues planning. During his recent trip to the Middle East, his entourage of talking heads were all over the airwaves spinning his rejection by saying that if the United States goes it alone, and it looks like it'll have to, the rest of the world will goose step in unison behind us. Are they so out of touch they believe this? Is the world trying to tell us something? Why aren't we listening?

One of the great denials in the history of US intelligence is the spin Kurds want the CIA to join in overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Ridiculous! In the 90s, Kurds were lured by the CIA into overthrowing Saddam Hussein. They were encouraged to go into battle with an overwhelmingly superior army and then abandoned at the last moment by the same CIA and left to the slaughter. What Kurd could believe CIA motives after that?

The most frightening aspect of the sleight of hand is US troops becoming "protectors and peace keepers" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rather than UN led troops. With an American administration that doesn't refer to the legitimate democracy of Palestine and continues to infer that Palestinians are terrorist, one must consider what kind of protection gung-ho, Special Forces will show to any Palestinian.

But the greatest deception of all is the implication that Palestinians have no right to self-defense. Of course they do! Who's trying to kid who? Sharon wants Arafat to jump through his hoop and the Palestinians to play dead so he can run over them. He destroys their population because they won't just give in to death and total annihilation. Hasn't this reached the level of War Crimes yet?

To counterbalance this horror, over 300 Israeli soldiers have refused to serve in the occupied territories. Jewish/Palestinian peace organizations are re-grouping. The world community is more than ever standing up to the forces of institutionalized terror and Americans are starting to emerge from the dream state induced by smoke and mirrors.

In the meantime, our little Bethlehem has been raped and plundered again and again since last we met. Its ancient streets have been violated. Even more of its citizens have been murdered in the night. An especially poignant and telling photo was the one of the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus in the Square of the Nativity, her sweet expression shattered by bullet holes smattered across her face and her demure garments torn and shredded by the Masters of War.


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