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April 2002

Riding Off Into The Sunset

By Aaron Wiley

Remember those old western movies where the brave, courageous heroes would mount their horses and ride off into the sunset for months at a time. They were looking for something that guided their hearts and replenished their souls. These men would kiss their loved ones good-bye and shake the hands of their comrades, for they won't be seeing them for awhile. This brings me to a modern day crusade or adventure that recently started out here in the west.

My Brother Ethan Funk, 23 and good friend Jason Rodgers, A.K.A. Argie, 31 left Bolinas on mountain bikes on January 1st, 2002. They are traveling under the pseudonym, T.A.C.T which stands for Tamalpais Area Cycle Tourists, clever Huh! The anticipation was here and the emotions were running high as I watched these two peddle mountain bikes and a years worth of belongings down the road and out of town. They are traveling from coast to coast and back. They plan on returning January 1st, 2003.

Here are two individuals full of energy and the longing for something new. They are peddling the open road with only the worry of where to sleep and what rough weather is ahead. They've rapidly made their way to El Paso, Texas as of March 3rd. These two were able to set up a goal, save money, break routine of Marin and initiate the journey. What better way to experience life's twists and turns than just getting out there into the world. They have a website and would love for you to journey with them via internet. You can post messages, read about the trip and see updated photos of the guys facing the elements. The site is They would love for you to see.

I will be updating everyone whose interested right here in the Coastal Post from time to time. You can also listen in to KWMR in Point Reyes on Sunday nights, 8:00 pm-10:00 pm. MC Chris Rossi will be playing interviews of the guys on the road, check it out if you're so inclined. Ethan and Argie are on the adventure of a lifetime. I await the wondrous stories and memories they shall unveil when they return on January 1, 2003. I'll keep everybody posted so we can in a small way be a part of this adventure with them. Good luck guys.



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